Leaves of a wild cannabis plant

Nettles, elms and hemp

Nettles, elms and hemp form an order of flowering plants that contains a number of well-known, interesting and useful plants. Within the six families are the familiar elm trees and stinging nettles, but also the medicinally important hemp, or cannabis, family. Other notable species are the mulberry, fig, banyan and breadfruit trees. Some of the lesser known plants include the barbeya tree, that's only found in north-eastern Africa. There are thousands of herbs, shrubs, trees and occasionally vines in this globally distributed botanical group.

Scientific name: Urticales

Rank: Order

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Flowering Flowering
Flowering is definitely the most successful plant reproductive strategy and has opened up nearly every habitat on Earth for colonisation. Usually brought on by a change in temperature or daylight, flowering is the reproductive stage of a plant's life cycle.

Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web


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