Toque macaques sitting on an ancient wall

Toque macaque

Toque macaques are so named because of the whorl of hair on their head that resembles a type of hat. These Old World monkeys are unique to the island of Sri Lanka, where troops can be a common sight in some of the ancient temples. These troops have a strict social hierarchy. Inhabiting all types of forest, toque macaques can be as happy on the ground as they are in the trees and when foraging they stuff fruit and leaves into special cheek pouches to eat later. Although they are the smallest macaque species, their tails are one of the longest compared with body size.

Did you know?
Toque macaques are viewed as pests in Sri Lanka because they raid crops and rubbish dumps.

Scientific name: Macaca sinica

Rank: Species


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Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web