A skunk in a hollow tree

Striped Skunk

Striped skunks are one of the most distinctive animals of North America. Faced with grave danger the skunk will turn around, raise its tail and squirt a fluid from two scent glands. Travelling as far as two to three metres, this foul smelling fluid can cause nausea and burning of the eyes and nose - no wonder they have few natural predators.

Scientific name: Mephitis mephitis

Rank: Species

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Map showing the distribution of the Striped Skunk taxa

Species range provided by WWF's Wildfinder.

The Striped Skunk can be found in a number of locations including: North America. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


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Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web

Conservation Status

Least Concern

  1. EX - Extinct
  2. EW
  3. CR - Threatened
  4. EN - Threatened
  5. VU - Threatened
  6. NT
  7. LC - Least concern

Population trend: Stable

Year assessed: 2008

Classified by: IUCN 3.1


  1. Life
  2. Animals
  3. Vertebrates
  4. Mammals
  5. Carnivora
  6. Mephitidae
  7. Mephitis
  8. Striped Skunk