Great white shark in waters off Australia


Feared as cold, unflinching predators and even as violent maneaters, sharks are unquestionably top of the underwater food chain. Yet, in stark contrast to their reputation, some sharks are gentle giants that harmlessly filter vast quantities of plankton. Others have highly developed senses that allow them to detect prey from tiny signals sent from miles away. Delve below the surface on these pages to find a wealth of video featuring some of the world's best-loved - and feared - sharks, from the fearsome tiger shark, to the bizarre hammerheads and gigantic whale sharks. Video highlights include the glorious slow-motion great white shark strike from Planet Earth.

Did you know?
Sharks range in length from the 13m whale shark to the 20cm dwarf lanternshark.

Scientific name: Selachimorpha

Rank: Superorder

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