Backlit sycamore maple trees in Karwendel mountain range, Austria

Soapberry, maple and citrus

Soapberry, maple, citrus and their relatives are flowering woody plants with lobed leaves. Most species are trees, vines and shrubs. This diverse botanical order contains a number of agriculturally and commercially important families and species. Alongside the obvious maple and citruses there are tasty fruits like lychees and mangos, as well as cashew and pistachio nuts. Beautiful hardwoods like mahogany can be made into furniture, and some fragrant resins are produced such as frankincense and myrrh. Not so nice is the poison ivy that can cause a nasty itching rash.

Scientific name: Sapindales

Rank: Order

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Flowering Flowering
Flowering is definitely the most successful plant reproductive strategy and has opened up nearly every habitat on Earth for colonisation. Usually brought on by a change in temperature or daylight, flowering is the reproductive stage of a plant's life cycle.

Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web


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