Bare-headed Rockfowl with fluffed feathers


Rockfowl sport a brightly coloured and patterned bald head with an oversized crow-like beak. With a long neck, tail and muscular legs this perching bird has an unusual appearance. There are only two species of rockfowl: the white-necked of west Africa and the grey-necked of west central Africa. Both prefer to hop and bound along the rainforest floor, foraging amongst the leaf litter for beetles, termites and chasing swarms of army ants.

Rockfowl pair for life, breeding every wet season to produce a couple of eggs laid in a cup-shaped nest of leaves and twigs, stuck together with mud. The nest is usually attached to a cave roof or overhanging rock.

Scientific name: Picathartes

Rank: Genus

Common names:

  • Bald crows,
  • Picathartes

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The Rockfowl can be found in a number of locations including: Africa. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


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Rainforest Rainforest
Rainforests are the world's powerhouses, the most vital habitats on the planet. Characterised by high rainfall, they only cover 6% of the Earth across the tropical regions, but they contain more than half of its plant and animal species.

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