A female northern goshawk flying

Northern goshawk

Northern goshawks are strong, powerful birds of prey that live in mature woodlands. Hunting amongst the trees is easy for these skilled fliers, with their rapid turn of speed and excellent manoeuvrability. No small mammal or bird is safe from these fearless and determined predators as they tear through the vegetation after a meal of rabbit or grouse. Once the considerably larger female has attracted her mate with a dramatic aerial display, the pair stays together for life in a nest they've both built.

Did you know?
Goshawks are highly territorial, breeding pairs' nests are always over 1km apart.

Scientific name: Accipiter gentilis

Rank: Species

Common names:


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Map showing the distribution of the Northern goshawk taxa

Species range provided by WWF's Wildfinder.

The Northern goshawk can be found in a number of locations including: Asia, China, Europe, Mediterranean, North America, Russia, United Kingdom, Wales, Ynys-hir nature reserve. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


The following habitats are found across the Northern goshawk distribution range. Find out more about these environments, what it takes to live there and what else inhabits them.

Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web

Conservation Status

Least Concern

  1. EX - Extinct
  2. EW
  3. CR - Threatened
  4. EN - Threatened
  5. VU - Threatened
  6. NT
  7. LC - Least concern

Year assessed: 2009

Classified by: IUCN 3.1

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