A group of grazing Muttaburrasaurus with smaller dinosaurs in the forground and pterosaurs above


A relative of Iguanodon, Muttaburrasaurus had the same spiked thumb and ability to walk either on all fours or on its hind legs. However, it differed in that it may have eaten meat as well as plants. Its name comes from the Australian town where it was first discovered. Muttaburrasaurus had an unusual rounded muzzle with a hollow chamber inside it the purpose of which is unknown. Perhaps it was to improve the sense of smell or to resonate sound and enable Muttaburrasaurus to make loud cries.

Scientific name: Muttaburrasaurus

Rank: Genus

Common names:

Muttaburra lizard


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Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web

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Cretaceous period Cretaceous period
The Cretaceous ended with the most famous mass extinction in history - the one that killed the dinosaurs. Prior to that, it was a warm period with no ice caps at the poles.