Himalayan marmot sitting on hind legs

Himalayan marmot

Himalayan marmots are some of the highest altitude-dwelling mammals in the world. They are widely distributed in the Himalayan mountains at elevations of up to 5,000m or even higher. These marmots dig unusually deep burrows for the colonies to hibernate in for winter, so they prefer alpine meadows and sloping grasslands where the soil can easily be excavated. A thick fur coat helps to keep out the worst of the Himalayan weather.

Scientific name: Marmota himalayana

Rank: Species

Common names:

Tibetan snow pig


The Himalayan marmot can be found in a number of locations including: Asia, Himalayas, Indian subcontinent. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


The following habitats are found across the Himalayan marmot distribution range. Find out more about these environments, what it takes to live there and what else inhabits them.

Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web

Conservation Status

Least Concern

  1. EX - Extinct
  2. EW
  3. CR - Threatened
  4. EN - Threatened
  5. VU - Threatened
  6. NT
  7. LC - Least concern

Population trend: Unknown

Year assessed: 2008

Classified by: IUCN 3.1


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