Giraffe-necked weevil on a leave in Madagascar

Giraffe weevil

The curious-looking giraffe weevil gets its name from its enormously long neck, which is 2-3 times longer in the males. They can use this extended neck to fight for the right to mate with a female. She, on the other hand, uses her smaller neck to roll a leaf tube nest into which a single egg is layed. One of the longest weevil species, male giraffe-necked weevils, as they're also known, grow to around 2.5cm in length. If a long neck and large size aren't enough to make this beetle stand out, its bright red wing covers certainly are. Giraffe weevils live in the warm climate of Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of Africa.

Scientific name: Trachelophorus giraffa

Rank: Species

Common names:

Giraffe-necked weevil

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The Giraffe weevil can be found in a number of locations including: Madagascar. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


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Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web


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