Longlure frogfish camouflaged in sponge


Frogfish can jet propel themselves along or use their pelvic fins to walk across the sea floor, inflating like a pufferfish when threatened. These stocky anglerfish have a plump, often brightly coloured, body. The unusual shape and skin texture allows them to blend in with the reefs on which they live.

A modified dorsal fin topped with a wriggling lure is used to attract their prey. This lure resembles a fish, shrimp or worm and can be folded back between the other dorsal fins for protection. If lost or eaten the lure can be regenerated.

Frogfish are carnivores, eating fish, crustaceans and even one another. After mating the smaller male must retreat quickly or risk being eaten.

Scientific name: Antennariidae

Rank: Family

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