Moth that's been killed by an entomopathogenic fungus


Cordyceps are a group of parasitic fungi containing over 400 described species. Their hosts are ususally insects but they can also infect other fungi. One species parasitizes ants and can change its victim's behaviour. The cordyceps impels the ant to climb up a stem where it dies. From this elevated vantage point the fungus's fruiting body grows out of the victim's body, allowing the spores to be more widely distributed by the wind. Some species, such as the caterpillar fungus, are considered to have medicinal properties in China and Tibet.

Scientific name: Cordyceps

Rank: Genus

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The Cordyceps can be found in a number of locations including: Asia, Australia, China, Europe, North America, Russia. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


  1. Life
  2. Fungi
  3. Ascomycota
  4. Sordariomycetes
  5. Hypocreales
  6. Cordycipitaceae
  7. Cordyceps

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