A carrion crow

Carrion crow

Carrion crows are found in western Europe and throughout Asia. Where distributions of carrion crows and the very closely related hooded crows meet, interbreeding occurs and creates hybrid crows. Carrion crows mate for life and lay five blue eggs each spring. The chicks are brought up on a wholesome diet of maggots and worms. Carrion crows have a strange obsession with fire and, though otherwise known for their intelligence, have been known to carry burning material back to their nests.

Scientific name: Corvus corone

Rank: Species

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Map showing the distribution of the Carrion crow taxa

Species range provided by WWF's Wildfinder.

The Carrion crow can be found in a number of locations including: Asia, China, Europe, Mediterranean, Russia, United Kingdom, Wales. Find out more about these places and what else lives there.


The following habitats are found across the Carrion crow distribution range. Find out more about these environments, what it takes to live there and what else inhabits them.

Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web

Conservation Status

Least Concern

  1. EX - Extinct
  2. EW
  3. CR - Threatened
  4. EN - Threatened
  5. VU - Threatened
  6. NT
  7. LC - Least concern

Year assessed: 2009

Classified by: IUCN 3.1

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