Four barnacle geese flying

Black geese

Black geese are named for the distinctive areas of black plumage. It is these black (and white) markings that can be used to tell the species apart. They are also the only true geese to have dark coloured legs and feet. There are six species of black goose, including the Canada goose, barnacle goose and brent goose. Most species spend the breeding season in northern parts of America, Europe and Asia, wintering on more southern coasts. The Canada goose is the largest type of black goose, while the nene is the only species which does not migrate.

Scientific name: Branta

Rank: Genus

Common names:

Brent geese

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Coastal Coastal
Coastal cliffs are the rocky land edges that face the sea. These are complex and diverse habitats that lie above the water line, where exposure to salty spray, wind, sun and rain all play their part, as does the type of rock.


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Additional data source: Animal Diversity Web