Incredible stories from our world

Discover amazing human stories from around the world through television and radio clips from BBC programmes such as Human Planet, Amazon with Bruce Parry and Tropic of Cancer.

Human Planet Explorer enables you to browse a selection of clips that showcase man's relationship with the natural environment.



Human Planet Live Chat Human Planet Live Chat

Relive the interactive chat with the makers of the series.

Uncontacted tribe Uncontacted tribe

Footage of one of the last uncontacted tribes living in the Brazilian rainforest.

Top clips

  1. Logging dilemma 1

    Logging dilemma

    Logging dilemma
  2. Moving home 2

    Moving home

    Moving home
  3. Walrus hunt 3

    Walrus hunt

    Walrus hunt
  4. Egg collectors 4

    Egg collectors

    Egg collectors

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