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  • Logging slows in African rainforest Deforestation in one of the world's largest rainforests, the Congo Basin in Africa, has slowed, a study suggests.
  • Tree rings show Amazon's rainfall Tree rings from eight cedar trees in Bolivia have helped UK-based researchers unlock the 100-year rainfall history across the Amazon basin.
  • Forests' biodiversity 'declining' Despite having protected status, the biodiversity in a large number of tropical forests is still continuing to decline, a study suggests.
  • Rodent thieves 'forest saviours' Rodents that steal seeds from each other are filling the seed-dispersing role of extinct giant mammals, research suggests.
  • Race to save 'lungs of the world' Time is running out to raise the funding required to develop new sustainable energy programmes that would halt proposed oil drilling in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.
  • Africa's rainforests 'resilient' Tropical forests in Africa may be more resilient to future climate change than the Amazon and other regions, say scientists.
  • 'No substitute' for virgin forest The crucial role that untouched primary forests play in conserving nature is confirmed in a study that spans the tropics.
  • Amazon forest fires 'on the rise' The number of fires destroying Amazon rainforests are increasing, a study has found.
  • Rare Indian wild cats are caught on film India's Eastern Himalayan rainforest could have one of the world's largest number of wild cat species, after seven species were recorded in two years.
  • Enter a lost land of the weird A host of weird and wonderful animals has been discovered by a BBC expedition which ventured deep into some of the world's most remote rainforest.
  • Rainforest is worth more standing The Indonesian rainforest is worth more standing than felled say researchers.
  • Brown's plan to save rainforests A new global deal to protect the world's rainforests has been proposed in a report drawn up for Gordon Brown.
  • Can capitalism save the Amazon? It would be easy to think that the rainforest was saved, or at least, that the destruction of the Amazon rainforest is no longer one of the great crises facing a planet finally reaching consensus on the issue of global warming.
  • The Amazon in graphics The Amazon rainforest is the biggest tropical forest in the world, covering some 40% of the continent of South America, spread across nine countries and 6.6m square kilometres.