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1 September 2014 Last updated at 12:28

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  • Peacock butterflySummer wildlife

    Get out there and explore the incredible wild neighbours on your doorstep

  • Bee on flowerBrilliant bees

    Showcasing some of the planet's most fascinating - and vital - creatures.

  • Sir David AttenboroughAttenborough's favourites

    Watch Sir David's most memorable moments from an incredible career watching wildlife.

  • Nature's record breakers

    Meet the biggest, the fastest and the deadliest the natural world has to offer.

  • Endangered animals

    Going, going, gone: One third of all known species are under threat - do they have more than a future on film?

Awesome! And there's nothing common about such beauty.

Elaine Bernon on Facebook comments on the trio of common blue butterflies in our Photo of the Day.

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