Deadly dinosaurs

More dinosaurs have been discovered in the last two decades than the past 200 years. Using the latest CGI and cutting-edge research the new series Planet Dinosaur explores the deadly secrets of these dinosaur discoveries. Meet a cast of new dinosaur characters in this video clip collection, along with some old time favourites from the ever popular Walking with Dinosaurs.

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40 video clips in this collection

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Animals in this collection

  • Allosaurus in a dry and sandy landscape Allosaurus

    Allosaurus were big, mean killing machines that reigned supreme during the late Jurassic...

  • Carcharodontosaurus among a group of sauropod dinosaurs Carcharodontosaurus

    Carcharodontosaurus is named after its long sharp teeth with their deadly serrations.

  • A pair of Torosaurus dinosaurs, that are now thought to be a form of triceratops Horned dinosaurs

    Speculation continues over the function of the wicked looking horns and grand neck frill...

  • Daspletosaurus attacking a horned dinosaur Daspletosaurus

    The name Tyrannosaurus rex...

  • A herd of Diplodocus dinosaurs Diplodocus

    Diplodocus was one of the longest animals to have lived on Earth and may have reached...

  • Epidexipteryx on a tree banch with tail feathers spread Epidexipteryx

    For many reasons Epidexipteryx is a remarkable little

  • A pair of Gigantoraptors Gigantoraptor

    In 2005, a Chinese palaeontologist filming

  • Iguanodon with mountains in the background Iguanodons

    Plant-eating Iguanodons were large dinosaurs capable of walking on two legs or on all...

  • Protrait of a Majungasaurus Majungasaurus

    Although tyrannosaurs...

  • Microraptor in flight Microraptor

    Microraptor is a small feathered dinosaur with a big story to tell.

  • Two protoceratops from a group fighting in the desert Protoceratops

    Were the beak and clawed legs of Protoceratops fossil remains the origin of the lion...

  • Pterosaurs catching fish from the sea Pterosaurs

    More commonly known as pterodactyls, pterosaurs were winged reptiles - the first...

  • Sinornithosaurus perched on a branch with wings spread Sinornithosaurus

    When a perfect specimen of Sinornithosaurus, complete with feather impressions was...

  • Spinosaurus crossing a river Spinosaurus

    Spinosaurus may have been the largest

  • A group of stegosaurus dinosaurs with young Stegosaurus

    Although nowhere near the largest of the Jurassic dinosaurs, Stegosaurus were still...

  • Triceratops drinking at a pond Triceratops

    Together with the bony frill behind its extraordinarily large head, the three...

  • A pair of Tyrannosaurus rex in a misty landscape Tyrannosaurs

    The family of tyrannosaurs includes the famous Tyrannosaurus rex as well as other large...

  • Tyrannosaurus rex charging Tyrannosaurus rex

    One of the greatest carnivores - though not the largest - ever to have walked the Earth,...

  • Velociraptor attacking an early ancestor of the birds Velociraptors

    Velociraptors were made famous in the film 'Jurassic Park', though they were a little...

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