The Pensthorpe Wrens

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9th June 2010

Once the chicks have fledged

This morning, one of the adult wrens returned to the nest twice. The first time was to feed but the second time was just to visit.

8th June 2010

Ledging their bets

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Join the family of wrens as they aim for the skies, then settle for a much more achievable ledge close by.

7th June 2010

Chicks away!

The wren chicks have fledged. This morning, the first brave chick hopped out and made it to the specially designed fledge ledge. By 7 am this morning all four chicks had fledged and set up roost on a nearby ledge.

On the edge

The wren chicks were teasing us over the weekend by teetering on the edge of the nest. Tension was building on Sunday as two of the chicks almost fell out of the nest as the female wren was tidying.

3rd June 2010

Spick and span

Mother wren leaving the nest after a springclean

The mother wren has just finished a nest springclean.

Double the trouble

Two plump wren chicks sat in their nest.

It is amazing to think that only three days ago these wren chicks were so small and shy that we only had fleeting glimpses of them. Look at them now!

2nd June 2010

A dome for a home

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Chris explores the facinating home and feeding habits of the wren.

Lunch time

Feeding time at the wren nest

The wren chicks didn't have to wait long for lunch. This morning the mother wren was bringing back 12 food parcels an hour.

Bubbling with confidence

Wren chicks peeking out of nest.

As the days pass the wren chicks are getting more and more confident. This morning they were all huddled around the entrance waiting for mum to return with food.

1st June 2010

Mum's home

Female wren in her nest

The female wren dropping in to feed her chicks.

31st May 2010

Hello world

The wren chicks beaks protruding from the nest.

The wren chicks take their first peek out of the nest.

30th May 2010

Grubs up

The wren chicks are getting lots of attention from mum - 12 food parcels every hour. Hopefully we'll start seeing a little more of these shy chicks.

29th May 2010

All quiet on the wren front

A quiet wren nest in the eaves of a barn

Welcome to the wren's abode. Its all quiet at the moment but mum is out hunting for her hungry chicks. We have spotted two chicks but there may be more.


The Pensthorpe wren chicks in their nest being fed

In 2010 Springwatch followed a musical family of wrens. The male wren spent weeks skillfully constructing a nest in the eaves of a barn, just in time for the arrival of a female who laid 4 eggs. Follow their story here.

The wrens short-unturned tail and demure colouration subtly masks one of the UK's most famous songsters. In preparation of the mating season the male wren will build several nests (up to 6) for the female to choose from. Male wrens are not monogamous and can have a number of nests, active with females and eggs, on his territory at any one time.

Wren perching on a branch (c) Gray Clements Wren

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