The Pensthorpe Reed Warbler

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24th June 2010

Damsel catchers

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The reed warbler chicks are developing fast. Join them in between meals in their reed nest.

17th June 2010

A delicacy of damselflies

The reed warbler chicks are feeding well. They are still receiving 22 feeds per hour. The adults have even managed to snag a damselfly or two, but will they fledge before the end of the day?

Romantic reed warblers

The adult reed warblers have been seen passing the food back and forth between adults again. Is this an encouraging gesture to remind the female to eat too? The chicks definitely aren't missing out. They are looking really healthy.

16th June 2010

Waiter... I'd like it green with many legs

Both adult reed warblers are conducting a foraging frenzy and supplying their hungry chicks with an envious array of caterpillars. We are now up to 12 per hour.

15th June 2010

Crouching cameraman, hidden reed warbler

The female reed warbler sat on her reed nest hammock.

The reed warblers' nest sits like a hammock, concealed within a reed bed on the scrape. It glides effortlessly in the breeze, rocking the whole family to sleep in the sunshine.

Swaying in the breeze

The reed warbler sat on her nest

This morning, the female reed warbler was happily swaying in the breeze in her beautiful reed nest.

14th June 2010

Eyes wide shut

The reed warbler chick being fed by the mother reed warbler

Welcome to the reed warblers' nest. Nestled in the reed beds on the scrape, the adult reed warblers are busily raising their family.


The Pensthorpe Reed Warbler

In 2010 Springwatch followed a panicle of reed warblers who had built their nest in a reed bed on the scrape in Pensthorpe. Follow their story here.

Reed warbler perched on reed stem singing Reed warbler

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