Your pictures: Celebrating UK wildlife


BBC Nature has published its 100th "Photo of the Day" and to mark the occasion, we have created this video using some of your fantastic pictures.

The images have been taken since last autumn and span through the winter into spring of this year. They offer a portrait of the spectacular nature of the UK captured by the public during these seasons.

If you would like to share your images of UK wildlife with us, you can do so via the Springwatch Flickr group.

Produced by Cate Donnegoold. Music track 'Aesthetic' composed by Chris Wells. Music published by Sound Design Music.

Image credits and sources: Red squirrel by Paul Mills / Lake reflections by Jeff Overs / Fungus by Johnson Cameraface / Black-tailed godwit by Alex Berryman / Grey heron silhouette by Ben Andrew / Trees at sunset by Russell Bain / Waxwing eating berry by Kevin Robson / Coal tit perching by Ian White / Short-eared owl on post by Mark Medcalf / Red grouse by Gordon Linton / Juvenile swan bathing by Philip Selby / Sanderlings in flight by Barry Dean / Mountain hare in snow by Andy Howard / Kingfisher by Evan North / Golden eagle by Robin Lee / Brown hare by Steve Ward / Wood mouse by Phil Winter / Pheasant by Mick Erwin / Grey squirrels by Ian Turner / Coot on water by Richard Nicoll / Common frogs by Jerry Lake / Wood ant by Dom Greves / Great crested grebes by Kevin Morgans / Fox by Chaitanya Deshpande / Misty waterfall stream by Steve Waterhouse.

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