BBC Nature Summer of Wildlife

26 June 2015 Last updated at 12:44

Your Summer of Wildlife

Take part in the Summer of Wildlife season by joining the discussion and sharing your experiences of our native flora and fauna.

Freehay sunsetMussel power: fight to save UK reef

Why plans to restore one of the UK's rarest reefs could save more than horse mussels in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

Juvenile sand lizard releasedUK's rarest lizards return to dunes

Rare sand lizards have been released on sand dunes in North Wales in a bid to revive ailing populations.

ID Guides

  • Rainbow NorfolkSummer folklore

    Five things you didn't know about summer sayings

  • Golden eagle (Pete Cairns/NPL)Describe wildlife

    The different ways to describe the same animal or plant

  • Badger: BBC NatureOdd names

    When is a rabbit a kitten and a worm not a worm?

  • Monarch of the Glen: Sir Edwin LandseerCultural legacy

    Wildlife descriptions have become an integral part of our cultural landscape


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