Net-casting spider's hunting technique filmed in wild


Rarely-seen behaviour of a wild net-casting spider's ambush hunting technique has been captured by a film crew in central America.

The camera used captures 1,000 frames per second, meaning the strike can be studied in detail.

In this clip, the cricket's antenna can be seen touching a trip wire on the spider's web, triggering the split-second strike.

The team filming this event believe this is the first slow-motion footage to show a net-casting spider hunting in the wild.

Insect expert and BBC presenter, Dr George McGavin said: "It was the most exciting thing I've ever seen."

The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World is a BBC/Discovery Channel/Terra Mater co-production to be shown on BBC Two at 21:00 BST on Sunday 29 July and elsewhere at a future date.

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