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28 March 2014 Last updated at 17:12

Bony secretsBen Garrod holding a great grey owl

Secrets of Bones presenter, Ben Garrod reveals a few gruesome bony adaptations from the natural world.

Blue screen filming on Hidden KingdomsBlue screen filming

How the Hidden Kingdoms series used blue screen

High speed camera in forestHigh speed filming

How the Hidden Kingdoms series used high speed filming techniques

  • The wolves close in for the kill (c) BBCEpic wolf hunt

    Film makers witness the extraordinary endurance hunting of grey wolves

  • Adelie penguin'Criminal' penguins

    An Adelie penguin is captured on camera stealing stones from its neighbour's nest

  • Polar bears (c) BBC / Jason RobertsCold cameras

    Frozen Planet director Elizabeth White blogs about filming in the polar wilderness

  • Egg collector climbing down cliff face in the ArcticDangerous descent

    Filming egg collectors in the Arctic highlights the differences between modern and traditional climbing techniques

More Behind the Scenes stories from the NHU

Insights from the people making programmes

  • Inside a live broadcast suiteLive producer

    Colin Jackson discusses his role making the BBC One series Planet Earth Live.

  • Underwater shot of Great Barrier ReefSeries producer

    James Brickell tells us about his role in making the BBC Two series Great Barrier Reef.

  • Grizzly bearRemote camera operator

    Tom Hooker discusses the three months he spent on the Alaska peninsular making Great Bear Stakeout.

  • Jeff Wilson in fieldProducer

    Jeff Wilson discusses his role making series such as Frozen Planet, Planet Earth and Natural Worlds.



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