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Dinosaur fossil in silhouette The Planet Dinosaur tour is coming to a city near you

More types of dinosaur have been discovered in the last two decades than in the 200 years before.

Many of these discoveries are from places we never realised even had dinosaurs.

The opening up of China, exploration in the Arctic and the Antarctic and prospecting in the Sahara has led to the discovery of a new generation of bigger, badder and more bizarre dinosaurs.

This autumn the BBC will bring these incredible new dinosaurs to life, encouraging audiences to take their own investigative journey into the fascinating world of prehistory and palaeontology.

BBC Learning has joined up with museums and science centres across the UK to embark on a BBC Planet Dinosaur Tour for 56 days throughout October to November.

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  • Discover activities for all ages across the UK run by the BBC and trusted partners including museums and galleries near you

At the dinosaur experience people will be able to build large-scale reproductions of Spinosaurus, the largest ever known land predator.

And learn more about the dinosaurs in the TV series and participate in additional learning activities at each museum.

Everyone is welcome, especially families.

Specifically the Tour aims to encourage people to:

• Understand the role of palaeontologists through scientific enquiry

• Explore the links between Spinosaurus and other dinosaurs

• Learn when dinosaurs lived and how that time-line relates to human evolution

Tour starts on 1st October and travels across the UK as follows:



1st - 9th Oct

Manchester Museum

At the Manchester Museum at the University of Manchester

10th - 16th Oct

Great North Museum

At the Great North Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne

17th - 23rd Oct

Glasgow Science Centre

At the Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow

24th - 30th Oct

Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum, London

1st - 6th Nov

W5, Belfast

At the W5 Interactive Discovery Centre, Belfast

8th - 14th Nov

World Museum, Liverpool

At the World Museum, Liverpool

15th - 20th Nov

Techniquest, Cardiff

At the Techniquest Science Discovery Centre, Cardiff

21st - 27th Nov

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

At the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford

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