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22 August 2014
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VE Day celebrations
Experience a world at war and join communities under fire. Witness the impact of terrifying bombing raids. Take a holiday at home to forget your troubles. Celebrate the end of war on VE Day..
Soldier dancing with woman (Watch a shot film on wartime recreation) Home Guard soldier (Watch the home guard on manoeuvres) Woman in wartime (See the aftermath of a German bombing raid)

Anniversary Celebrations - The Home Guard (1940s/colour/silent)
The Home Guard display their battle manoeuvres, first aid, and marching skills. (1 minute 17 seconds İNRFTA)

Town Fighting - The Home Guard (1940s/b&w/silent)
The Home Guard prepare for battle with a 'dummy run' of a street fighting manoeuvre. (1 minute 6 seconds İNRFTA)

Vehicle Training - The Home Guard (1940s/colour/silent)
The Home Guard show their expertise out and about on motorcycles, bikes and cars." (1 minute 30 seconds İNRFTA)

Saltwell Park - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Families escape from the gloom of war time Gateshead with a trip to Saltwell Park. (55 seconds İNRFTA)

Sports Day - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
A children's sports day including the sack race and the 100 yards featuring mums and toddlers. (2 minutes 37 seconds İNRFTA)

Dancing on the Green - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Women, children and GIs dance away their troubles during the Second World War in Gateshead's Saltwell Park." (1 minute 30 seconds İNRFTA)

Donkey Rides - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Gateshead's Saltwell Park in 1944 when donkey rides were popular with children and their mums. (50 seconds İNRFTA)

Dancing - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Citizens dance their war worries away at a bop at Gateshead's Saltwell Park. (1 minute 42 seconds İNRFTA)

Street Celebrations - VE Day Celebrations (1945/colour/silent)
VE Day - war finally comes to an end with victory bonfires and street parties on Tyneside. (2 minutes 59 seconds İNRFTA)

Wilkinson's Lemonade Factory Bombing - Bomb Damage in North Shields (1941/b&w/silent)
The aftermath of a direct bomb hit on Wilkinson's Lemonade factory which killed 105 people. (1 minute 32 seconds İNRFTA)

Wellington Street Bombing - Bomb Damage in North Shields (1941/b&w/silent)
The destruction of Wellington Street in North Shields due to German bombing. (57 seconds İNRFTA)

Scorer Street Bombing - Bomb Damage in North Shields (1941/b&w/silent)
The impact of an bomb hit on Scorer Street in North Shields in which four people were killed. (54 seconds İNRFTA)

Clearing Up After a Raid - The ARP in Action (1940s/b&w/silent)
The ARP performing emergency duties during the war. (1 minute 27 seconds İNRFTA)

Rescue Duties - The ARP in Action (1940s/b&w/silent)
The ARP helping the injured from the rubble after a bombing attack on Tyneside (28 seconds İNRFTA)

Children's Fun Day - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
A children's fun day at Gateshead's Saltwell Park during the Second World War. (3 minutes 4 seconds İNRFTA)

Punch and Judy - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
A Punch and Judy show at Saltwell Park in Gateshead during the Second World War. (2 minutes 45 seconds İNRFTA)

Swimming Competition - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
This swimming competition at Shipcote Baths in Gateshead was designed to provide much-needed entertainment and light relief during World War Two. (2 minutes 56 seconds İNRFTA)

Evacuees Return - Wartime Evacuation (1989/colour/sound)
Former evacuees from Tyneside return to Whitehaven where they were evacuated 50 years later. (2 minutes 50 seconds İNRFTA/BBC)

he Air Raid Shelter - Grainger Market (2002/colour/sound)
Inside the air raid shelter at Grainger Market - the entrance hidden under the arcade floor. (20 seconds İBBC)

A Tour of Central Europe - The Brown Family Archive (1937/colour/silent)
Wealthy North East family, the Browns, take a grand tour of Europe and witness the beginnings of Nazism. (32 seconds İNRFTA)

Women at Work - Centenary of Vickers (1918/b&w/sound)
Watch women working in Vickers' Elswick factory in Newcastle during the First World War. (1 minute 28 seconds İNRFTA)

The Depression Years - Centenary of Vickers (1930s/b&w/sound)
Vickers charts its history through the Great Depression and the 1930s. (1 minute 33 seconds İNRFTA)

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