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24 September 2014
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Sunderland .v. Newcastle Utd - Early Football Derby (1913/b&w/silent)
One of the earliest derby matches between Newcastle United and Sunderland in this rare silent film of the F.A. Cup fourth round replay on March 12, 1913." (3 minutes 18 seconds ©NRFTA)

Evacuees Return - Wartime Evacuation (1989/colour/sound)
Former evacuees from Tyneside return to Whitehaven where they were evacuated 50 years later. (2 minutes 50 seconds ©NRFTA/BBC)

Women at Work - Centenary of Vickers (1918/b&w/sound)
Watch women working in Vickers' Elswick factory in Newcastle during the First World War. (1 minute 28 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Depression Years - Centenary of Vickers (1930s/b&w/sound)
Vickers charts its history through the Great Depression and the 1930s. (1 minute 33 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Air Raid Shelter - Grainger Market (2002/colour/sound)
Inside the air raid shelter at Grainger Market - the entrance hidden under the arcade floor. (20 seconds ©BBC)

Home Movies Advert - Movies for You (1960s/colour/sound)
Bell and Howell Advert for home cine 8 equipment showing projector and family film footage. (5 minutes 21 seconds ©NRFTA)

Inside a Camera Shop - Turners Shop (1947/b&w/silent)
Turner's photographic shop on Pink Lane in Newcastle boasted the latest cameras in the 1940s. (3 minutes 20 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Launch - Building the Big 'Un (1969/b&w/sound)
Princess Anne launches the Esso Northumbria tanker in Wallsend, and toast the achievements of the Tyneside shipbuilders who made the 1350 feet long ship" (2 minutes 56 seconds ©BBC)

We Know Our Onions - French Onion Sellers in Tyneside (1960s/b&w/sound)
French onion growers come to Tyneside in a cultural entente cordiale. (2 minutes 53 seconds ©NRFTA)

Dancing - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Citizens dance their war worries away at a bop at Gateshead's Saltwell Park. (1 minute 42 seconds ©NRFTA)

Saltwell Park - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Families escape from the gloom of war time Gateshead with a trip to Saltwell Park. (55 seconds ©NRFTA)

Sports Day - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
A children's sports day including the sack race and the 100 yards featuring mums and toddlers. (2 minutes 37 seconds ©NRFTA)

Donkey Rides - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Gateshead's Saltwell Park in 1944 when donkey rides were popular with children and their mums. (50 seconds ©NRFTA)

Street Celebrations - VE Day Celebrations (1945/colour/silent)
VE Day - war finally comes to an end with victory bonfires and street parties on Tyneside. (2 minutes 59 seconds ©NRFTA)

Street Party - Queen's Silver Jubilee (1977/colour/silent)
The Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977 including the celebrations at a street party in North Tyneside. (2 minutes 59 seconds ©NRFTA)

A Trip to the Park - Ryton Park (1970/colour/silent)
Kids and their mums enjoy a day out in the park. (55 seconds ©BBC)

Children's Fun Day - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
A children's fun day at Gateshead's Saltwell Park during the Second World War. (3 minutes 4 seconds ©NRFTA)

Punch and Judy - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
A Punch and Judy show at Saltwell Park in Gateshead during the Second World War. (2 minutes 45 seconds ©NRFTA)

Swimming Competition - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
This swimming competition at Shipcote Baths in Gateshead was designed to provide much-needed entertainment and light relief during World War Two. (2 minutes 56 seconds ©NRFTA)

Apprentice Strippers - School for Strippers (1975/b&w/sound)
A new apprentice at Gateshead's school for strippers learns how dirty dancing can help pay off the family bills in hard times after her husband lost his job in the mines following the coal strike. (8 minutes 5 seconds ©BBC)

Wilkinson's Lemonade Factory Bombing - Bomb Damage in North Shields (1941/b&w/silent)
The aftermath of a direct bomb hit on Wilkinson's Lemonade factory which killed 105 people. (1 minute 32 seconds ©NRFTA)

Wellington Street Bombing - Bomb Damage in North Shields (1941/b&w/silent)
The destruction of Wellington Street in North Shields due to German bombing. (57 seconds ©NRFTA)

Scorer Street Bombing - Bomb Damage in North Shields (1941/b&w/silent)
The impact of an bomb hit on Scorer Street in North Shields in which four people were killed. (54 seconds ©NRFTA)

Clearing Up After a Raid - The ARP in Action (1940s/b&w/silent)
The ARP performing emergency duties during the war. (1 minute 27 seconds ©NRFTA)

Rescue Duties - The ARP in Action (1940s/b&w/silent)
The ARP helping the injured from the rubble after a bombing attack on Tyneside (28 seconds ©NRFTA)

Dancing on the Green - Holidays At Home (1944/colour/silent)
Women, children and GIs dance away their troubles during the Second World War in Gateshead's Saltwell Park." (1 minute 30 seconds ©NRFTA)

Hot Pants - Sixties Fashion (1960s/b&w/sound)
Hot pants were a popular fashion choice for women in the 1960s. (1 minute 45 seconds ©NRFTA)

Sixties Catwalk Fashion - Fenwick's Fashion Show (1960s/b&w/sound)
The style setters at Fenwick's fashion show in Newcastle during the swinging Sixties. (1 minute 23 seconds ©NRFTA)

Quayside Market - A River Speaks (1952/colour/silent)
A trip to Newcastle's Quayside Market with its many market traders. (1 minute 57 seconds ©BBC)

Market History - Grainger Market (2002/colour/sound)
The early beginnings of the Grainger Market, showing how this indoor market revolutionised shopping on Tyneside." (1 minute 12 seconds ©BBC)

Fenwick's Extension - Fenwick's New Store (1960s/colour/sound)
The modern Fenwick's takes shape with an extension to Newcastle's famous department store. (2 minutes 2 seconds ©NRFTA)

Clothes Shop Advert - Jacksons The Tailor (1960s/colour/sound)
The Swinging Sixties - a 1960s advert for Jacksons' suits. (59 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Weighhouse - Grainger Market (2002/colour/sound)
History of the Grainger market weigh house - with comments from shoppers. (1 minute 39 seconds ©BBC)

Mini Skirts - Sixties Fashions (1960s/b&w/silent)
Higher hemlines raise eyebrows in the 1960s. (1 minute 37 seconds ©BBC)

Newcastle Fashion Shoot - Sixties Fashions (1960s/b&w/silent)
A fashion shoot on Tyneside. (1 minute 40 seconds ©BBC)

The Big 'Un - Building the Big 'Un (1969/b&w/sound)
The building of one of the first 'supertankers' - the Esso Northumbria - on the river Tyne at Wallsend in the late 1960s. (4 minutes 8 seconds ©BBC)

Shipyard Scenes - Building the Big 'Un (1969/b&w/sound)
The building of the Esso Northumbria super tanker on the river Tyne. (2 minutes 58 seconds ©BBC)

The Women of Wallsend - Building the Big 'Un (1969/b&w/sound)
The women of Wallsend talking about living with shipbuilding, and see the Esso Northumbria super tanker towering over their terraced houses." (2 minutes 56 seconds ©BBC)

The Jewish Community Day Out - These We Have Loved (1937/colour/silent)
A Coronation parade involving the Jewish community celebrates the Queen's ascension. (2 minutes 24 seconds ©NRFTA)

Building the Bridge - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
The early stages of building the Tyne Bridge in the late 1920s. (1 minute 28 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

Working on the Bridge - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Men risking their lives high above the waters of the river Tyne to build the arches of the Tyne Bridge. (1 minute 5 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

The Bridge Takes Shape - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
The Tyne Bridge workers had to have a head for heights as seen in this hair-raising film clip. (1 minute 42 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

The Finishing Touches - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Workmen put the finishing touches to the Tyne Bridge structure. (1 minute 36 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

The Roadway - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Workmen make the Tyne Bridge roadway ready for traffic. (36 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

The Official Opening - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Crowds on Newcastle's Quayside cheer as the King and Queen open the Tyne Bridge. (2 minutes 10 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

Your Tea Madam - The Tea Makers (1939/b&w/sound)
Unique footage of Ringtons, the tea makers, in the earliest sound film and commercial in the Northern Region Television and Film Archive" (2 minutes 39 seconds ©NRFTA)

Rington's Tea Plantations - The Tea Makers (1967/colour/sound)
Ringtons tea plantations in Ceylon as pickers collect the tea that will end up in homes around the UK. (2 minutes 44 seconds ©NRFTA)

From Ceylon to Tyneside - The Tea Makers (1967/colour/sound)
The Ringtons tea man delivers his wares in a van across the North East. (2 minutes 17 seconds ©NRFTA)

Inside a Tea Factory - The Tea Makers (1960/colour/sound)
Tea tasters sample teas after they are scientifically prepared by the technical staff. (2 minutes 43 seconds ©NRFTA)

Blending the Tea - The Tea Makers (1967/colour/sound)
The tea blending and packing process from start to finish, showing the modern automation." (4 minutes 24 seconds ©NRFTA)

Tea Tasters at Ringtons - The Cup That Cheers (1960/colour/sound)
Tea tasters sample teas after they are scientifically prepared by the technical staff. (2 minutes 18 seconds ©NRFTA)

From Factory to Home - The Cup That Cheers (1960/colour/sound)
Tea arriving at Newcastle Quayside docks, and then being taken to Ringtons tea factory." (2 minutes 13 seconds ©NRFTA)

Early Days at the Ministry - DHSS Offices (1940s&50s/b&w/sound)
The earliest days of the DHSS at Longbenton with views of the site where 7,500 staff worked." (2 minutes 32 seconds ©DHSS)

A Tour Round the Offices - DHSS Offices (1950s/b&w/sound)
A tour around the largest office complex in Europe in the 1950s, showing how staff handled 29 million national insurance records." (1 minute 23 seconds ©DHSS)

Social Clubs - DHSS Offices (1950-70/colour/sound)
The DHSS provided sports and social clubs for its 12,000 staff in the 1950s and 60s." (41 seconds ©DHSS)

DHSS Expansion - DHSS Offices (1960-70s/colour/sound)
An aerial view of the expanding DHSS buildings at Longbenton in Newcastle. (3 minutes 36 seconds ©DHSS)

The Winning Goal - Fairs Cup Final - Newcastle vs Ujpest Dozsa (1969/b&w/sound)
Newcastle winning the Fairs Cup final against Ujpest Dozsa. (2 minutes 47 seconds ©BBC)

Collecting the Cup - Fairs Cup Final - Newcastle vs Ujpest Dozsa (1969/b&w/sound)
Newcastle receiving the cup after their win against Ujpest Dozsa. (1 minute 52 seconds ©BBC)

North Sea Fishing Limits - Fishermen in North Shields (1970s/b&w/sound)
Fishermen discuss the problems of fishing limits in the North Sea. (4 minutes 4 seconds ©NRFTA)

Out to the Sea in the Afternoon - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
Fishermen of North Shields in North East England as they prepare for a trip out to sea to haul in a large catch. (1 minute 49 seconds ©EAFA)

At the fishing Grounds - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
The drifters of North Shields as they reach the fishing grounds of the North Sea. See the fishermen preparing to haul in the nets. (3 minutes 52 seconds ©EAFA)

Hauling in the Nets - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
On board a fishing boat the men haul in the nets. Hauling was a strenuous job - it often started at 1 am and lasted for five hours. (3 minutes 21 seconds ©EAFA)

Riot Photos - South Shields Yemeni Riots (1930/b&w/sound)
The Yemeni race riot unfolds as Arabs in South Shields were exposed to racial discrimination in the 1930s. (3 minutes 33 seconds ©Shields Gazette)

The Jewish Community Coronation Parade - These We Have Loved (1937/b&w/silent)
Rare film footage of the Jewish community in Tyneside just before the outbreak of the Second World War. (2 minutes 24 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Fairground - Roundabouts: The Hoppings (1970s/colour/sound)
The fair at the Hoppings on Newcastle's Town Moor, showing the Big Dipper." (1 minute 55 seconds ©BBC)

The Wall of Death - Roundabouts: The Hoppings (1970s/colour/sound)
The Wall of Death at Newcastle's Hoppings featuring death-defying motorbike stunts. (1 minute 20 seconds ©BBC)

Seaside Attractions - A Trip to the Seaside (1920s/b&w/silent)
Men and women walk along the promenade, and children play on the beach." (1 minute 3 seconds ©NRFTA)

Inside the Shop - Newcastle's First Sex Shop (1971/b&w/sound)
A campaigner explains how he's trying to get a sex shop closed down, without success." (3 minutes 17 seconds ©BBC)

Getting Ready for a Night Out - Teenagers on the Toon (1970/b&w/silent)
A girl applies lipstick with a brush and puts on a dress in the 1960s. (1 minute 56 seconds ©BBC)

Teenagers on a Night Out - Teenagers on the Toon (1970/b&w/silent)
Teenagers enjoying a night out with live music. (2 minutes ©BBC)

Sledging - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
Kids enjoy tobogganing. (20 seconds ©NRFTA)

At the Fair - The Hoppings (1950s/colour/silent)
The Hoppings was a great day out for the whole family with big dippers, side shows and carousels." (3 minutes 36 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Big Wheel - The Hoppings (1950s/colour/silent)
The Hoppings fun fair gets into full swing on the big wheel. (59 seconds ©NRFTA)

By the Seaside - Cullercoats Beach (1950s/colour/silent)
Sun bathers enjoy a day trip to Cullercoats beach. (2 minutes 23 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Pit - Westoe - Last Pit on Tyneside (1994/colour/sound)
The final days of Westoe pit in South Tyneside which once employed 3,000 men." (1 minute 37 seconds ©NRFTA)

At the Coalface - Westoe - Last Pit on Tyneside (1994/colour/sound)
The miner's cage goes down to the pit face at Westoe Colliery in Tyneside. (1 minute 23 seconds ©NRFTA)

Express Run - Tender Memories (1960s/colour/sound)
The Flying Scotsman breaks another speed record twice in one day. (2 minutes 50 seconds ©Alan Pegler)

The Lakes and Fells Tour - Tender Memories (1960s/colour/sound)
The Flying Scotsman takes a trip to Cumbria and Yorkshire through snowy landscapes.. (3 minutes 27 seconds ©Alan Pegler)

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