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24 September 2014
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Derby Day - Sunderland vs Middlesbrough (1970s/colour/sound)
Middlesbrough and Sunderland play a local football derby in the 1970s. (3 minutes ©NRFTA)

Launching a Rig - Rig Building (1980s/colour/sound)
The growth in North Sea oil and gas led to the building and launch of rigs on the Tees and Tyne including this rig built at Smiths' Dock. (50 seconds ©NRFTA)

Preparations & Arrival - Queen's visit to Stockton (1956/b&w/sound)
Teesside prepares for a royal visit including images of crowds, children being brought in by train, soldiers, nurses and civic dignitaries." (5 minutes 58 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

Crowds welcome the Queen - Queen's visit to Stockton (1956/colour/sound)
Crowds welcoming the Queen to Stockton on her 1956 visit to the ICI chemical plant. (2 minutes 16 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

The Queen visits a Chemical Plant - Queen's visit to Stockton (1956/colour/sound)
The Queen opening ICI's Wilton chemical plant on Teesside in the mid 1950s. (3 minutes 30 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

A Tour of Central Europe - The Brown Family Archive (1937/colour/silent)
Wealthy North East family, the Browns, take a grand tour of Europe and witness the beginnings of Nazism." (32 seconds ©NRFTA)

From School to Work - Jobs for the Boys and Girls (1950s/b&w/sound)
One Teesside school boy makes the transition from school to the workplace in this entertaining film made by ICI. (1 minute 50 seconds ©BBC)

Redcar Blast Furnace - Redcar Works (1970s/colour/silent)
The Redcar steel plant in Teesside was a major employer in the 1970s. (1 minute 38 seconds ©NRFTA)

Career Opportunities - Jobs for the Boys and Girls (1947/b&w/sound)
Pupils make some big decisions about their future careers - looking at typing, banking, chemistry and other jobs." (5 minutes 15 seconds ©BBC)

Steam Engines - Marsden Collection (1960s/colour/sound)
Classic rail engines steam through the countryside including the Darlington K1 engine and the Flying Scotsman. (3 minutes 51 seconds ©Marsden Collection)

Women Bus Drivers in Hartlepool - Are Women Drivers Safe? (1970s/b&w/sound)
People in Hartlepool discuss the pros and cons of women bus drivers. (3 minutes 18 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Final Journey - Last Trolley Bus in Middlesbrough (1971/b&w/sound)
The last trolley buses make their final journey between North Ormesby and Southbank on Teesside. (4 minutes 17 seconds ©NRFTA)

Willie Maddren Testimonial Match - Middlesbrough Football Club (1970/colour/sound)
Middlesbrough legend Willie Maddren's Testimonial game against a Scotland XI. (2 minutes ©NRFTA)

Nobby Stiles Signs for Middlesbrough - Middlesbrough Football Club (1971/b&w/sound)
An interview with England World Cup hero Nobby Stiles as he signs up for the Boro and Second Division football. (2 minutes 6 seconds ©NRFTA)

Christmas Eve - The Brown Family Archive (1935/b&w/silent)
Christmas Eve celebrations in the Brown household in Middlesbrough during the mid 1930s. (1 minute 6 seconds ©NRFTA)

Christmas Gifts - The Brown Family Archive (1935/b&w/silent)
The wealthy Brown family in Middlesbrough unwrapping Xmas presents including fur coats. (53 seconds ©NRFTA)

Christmas Dinner - The Brown Family Archive (1935/b&w/silent)
The Brown family from Middlesbrough enjoy Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. (57 seconds ©NRFTA)

Big Day Out - Redcar (1950s/colour/silent)
Redcar had plenty to offer visitors in the 1950s from donkey rides and sun bathing to beauty contests and beach activities. (3 minutes 27 seconds ©NRFTA)

Stockton Theatre Royal - History of Stockton Theatre Royal (1958/b&w/sound)
The history of Stockton Theatre Royal is a colourful one dating back to the golden years of theatre. (3 minutes 20 seconds ©NRFTA)

A Trip Around the Labs - Jobs For the Boys and Girls (1950s/b&w/sound)
Inside ICI's Billingham plant, looking at the labs and products from cement to complex chemicals." (2 minutes 51 seconds ©NRFTA)

Sodium Cyanide Production - The End of a Process (1930s/b&w/sound)
Chemical workers wearing protective masks as they work with sodium for the last time at ICI's Billingham works. (3 minutes 24 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

Apprentices - Just Billingham 24 (1948/b&w/sound)
The apprentices at ICI Billingham take their first steps to a job in the chemical industry. (2 minutes 36 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

The Chemical Plant - Just Billingham 19 (1940s/b&w/sound)
A day in the life of the chemical plant at Billingham in the late 1940s. (6 minutes 43 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

Long Service Awards - Just Billingham 11 (1947/b&w/sound)
Billingham chemical workers getting their long service awards. (1 minute 16 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

Apprentices - The Way Ahead (1947/b&w/sound)
Apprentices at ICI's Billingham Training School try their hand at work in the chemical industry. (3 minutes 36 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

A New Chemical Plant - One for the Road (1950s/b&w/sound)
The journey of a giant truck carrying a huge chemical plant tower to the new Billingham chemical plant. (8 minutes 33 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

Chemical Convoy - One for the Road (1950s/b&w/sound)
Crowds lining the route of a giant truck carrying a massive chemical column to the new chemical factory at Billingham. (3 minutes 17 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

The Factory - Building Billingham (1933/b&w/silent)
The building of the £1/4 million petrol plant at Billingham in the early 1930s. (5 minutes 16 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

Tank Farm - Building Billingham (1933/b&w/silent)
Building the tank farm - the ICI chemical plant comes to Teesside. (1 minute 39 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

The Petrol Plant - Building Billingham (1933/b&w/silent)
Images of trains, cooling towers and men working on the petrol tanks including aerial shots." (2 minutes 23 seconds ©ICI Film Collection)

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