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24 September 2014
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Ariel Views of Coalfields - North by Northeast (1975/colour/sound)
Aerial footage of the Durham and Northumberland coal fields including the Lynemouth pit, once one of the most modern of its day." (48 seconds ©NRFTA)

Riders at the Point to Point - Point-to-Point Meeting (1950s/colour/silent)
Crowds enjoy a point-to-point meeting with the riders competing over the fences. (1 minute 57 seconds ©NRFTA)

Trip to the Seaside - Family Day Out (1930s/b&w/silent)
A wealthy North East family enjoy a trip to the beach in this film from the Elma Robinson Collection. (1 minute 48 seconds ©NRFTA)

Picking Rosehips - Roses and Vitamins (1956/colour/sound)
North East school children pick the rose hips that are destined to be made into Rosehip Syrup. (2 minutes 8 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Rosehip Syrup Factory - Roses and Vitamins (1956/colour/sound)
Rosehip Syrup is made inside the factory in North East England. (4 minutes 9 seconds ©NRFTA)

Children's Gala - Ashington Children's sports Association (1954/colour/sound)
Local children singing, dancing and enjoying a sports day in the mid 1950s." (2 minutes 35 seconds ©NRFTA)

All Dressed Up - Morpeth Pageant (1950s/colour/silent)
Children dress up ready for the Morpeth Pageant. (2 minutes 50 seconds ©NRFTA)

Morpeth Pageant - Celebrating Morpeth (1950s/colour/silent)
Morpeth children celebrate the town's history in this annual pageant. (2 minutes 30 seconds ©NRFTA)

Having Fun - Children at Play (1940s/b&w/silent)
Children of a wealthy family enjoy playing traditional games. (2 minutes 47 seconds ©NRFTA)

Family at Play - Children at Play (1950s/b&w/silent)
Children enjoy themselves at play in this film from the Anne Rowan Collection. (34 seconds ©NRFTA)

Puppy Dog Tales - Children at Play (1950s/colour/silent)
Children have a fun time playing with a group of puppy dogs. (2 minutes 41 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Colliery Band - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
Bedlington miner John Gibson talks about the Northumberland Miners' Picnic and explains the brass band contest. (2 minutes 42 seconds ©BBC)

Judging The Brass Bands - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
Northumberland's colliery bands compete to be top brass whilst the beauty queens vie for the beauty crown. (3 minutes 27 seconds ©BBC)

At The Pit - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
Miners toil down the pit for the end of a shift and then head off to meet up with the colliery band. (2 minutes 15 seconds ©BBC)

Band Rehearsal - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
The Pegswood Colliery Band tune up and practice for the Northumberland Miners' Picnic brass band competition. (1 minute 56 seconds ©BBC)

The Picnic - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
A parade of brass bands march down to the picnic field at the Bedlington Miners' Picnic. (3 minutes 27 seconds ©BBC)

Evening Shows - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
The Northumberland Miners' Picnic is in full swing with the miners' families listening to speeches by the politicians and braving a thunderstorm. (1 minute 12 seconds ©BBC)

Miners' Allotments - Ashington Miners (1972/colour/sound)
Ashington miners talk about one of their favourite pastimes - growing leeks. (1 minute 11 seconds ©BBC)

The New Boat - Berwick Fire Boat Launch(b&w/silent)
A fire boat at Berwick demonstrates the power of its spraying equipment. (1 minute 14 seconds ©NRFTA)

Golf Driving - Bobby Jones (1930/b&w/silent)
National Open Golf Champion Bobby Jones gives a golfing demonstration on a rare visit to Northumberland. (1 minute 24 seconds ©NRFTA)

A Local Game - Cricket Match( colour/silent)
A local cricket team goes through its paces with crowds of families and friends looking on. (1 minutes 11 seconds ©NRFTA)

Salmon Fishing - Come With Me'... to Berwick upon Tweed (1960s/b&w/sound)
TV presenter Richard Dimbleby visits Berwick and meets the local fishermen hauling in the nets as they try to catch salmon and crabs. (3 minutes 3 seconds ©NRFTA)

Sandcastles - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
Fun at the seaside including playing leapfrog and digging with spade. (1 minute 22 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Seaside - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
Seaside fun. (1 minute 53 seconds ©NRFTA)

A Trip to the Park - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
People sit on a bench watching a dog and a child drinks from a water fountain. (45 seconds ©NRFTA)

A Day Out - North Seaton Children's Gala (1929/b&w/silent)
Children take part in an annual outing. (5 minutes 7 seconds ©NRFTA)

North Seaton Children's Gala 2 - North Seaton Children's Gala (1929/b&w/silent)
Children sit and eat and adults look on. (1 minute 3 seconds ©NRFTA)

Trapped Cars - Holy Island Crossing (1930s/b&w/silent)
The Causeway at Holy Island catches out drivers who are trapped in high waters and can't make it back to mainland Northumberland. (1 minute 1 second ©NRFTA)

Miners and Pigeon Lofts - Ashington Miners (1972/colour/sound)
Ashington miners talk about their favourite pastimes including pigeon racing. (4 minutes 22 seconds ©BBC)

Down the Pit - Ashington Miners (1972/colour/sound)
Down the pit at Ashington showing conditions at a typical South East Northumberland coal mine. (2 minutes 7 seconds ©BBC)

Down to the Sea - Mining Review 4 (1960s/b&w/sound)
A trip to Blyth to see King coal's port in action. (2 minutes 17 seconds ©NRFTA)

Housing for Miners - New Housing (1970s/b&w/sound)
An ex miner talks about how one Northumberland mining community is facing up to moving into new housing in nearby Amble. (4 minutes 10 seconds ©BBC)

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