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24 September 2014
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Arriving at Camp - Outward Bound Training for Girls (1950s/colour/sound)
Girls on an Outward Bound course to the Lakes. (2 minutes 48 seconds ©NRFTA)

Setting Up Camp - Outward Bound Training for Girls (1950s/colour/sound)
Camping in tents with girls on an Outward Bound course. (2 minutes 1 second ©NRFTA)

Evacuees Return - Wartime Evacuation (1989/colour/sound)
Former evacuees from Tyneside return to Whitehaven where they were evacuated 50 years later. (2 minutes 50 seconds ©NRFTA/BBC)

Rock Climbing and Canoeing - Outward Bound Training for Girls (1950s/colour/sound)
Rock climbing and canoeing on an Outward Bound course. (2 minutes 52 seconds ©NRFTA)

Levens Goes Gay - Queen's Coronation (1953/colour/silent)
The Cumbrian town celebrates the Queen's Coronation in style. (2 minutes 45 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Launch - I Name This Ship Invincible (1977/colour/sound)
Crowds arrive for the launch of the Invincible at Barrow with Her Majesty the Queen. (3 minutes 14 seconds ©NRFTA)

Anniversary Celebrations - The Home Guard (1940s/colour/silent)
The Home Guard display their battle manoeuvres, first aid, and marching skills." (1 minute 17 seconds ©NRFTA)

Town Fighting - The Home Guard (1940s/b&w/silent)
The Home Guard prepare for battle with a 'dummy run' of a street fighting manoeuvre. (1 minute 6 seconds ©NRFTA)

Vehicle Training - The Home Guard (1940s/colour/silent)
The Home Guard show their expertise out and about on motorcycles, bikes and cars." (1 minute 30 seconds ©NRFTA)

Building the Invincible - I Name This Ship Invincible (1977/colour/sound)
The building of the Invincible in Barrow - it was one of the largest ships ever to be built for the Royal Navy. (2 minutes ©NRFTA)

The Swan Hunter Story - Swan Hunter: Tradition of Innovation (1980/b&w/silent)
The story of Swan Hunter's shipbuilding yard during its early days. (1 minute 36 seconds ©NRFTA)

Launch Preperations - Launching a Ship (1970s/colour/sound)
Shipyard workers prepare for the launch of a new ship. (2 minutes 21 seconds ©NRFTA)

Correction Hill Fancy Dress Parade - Queen's Coronation (1953/b&w/silent)
Children don their fancy dress costumes in order to celebrate the Queen's Coronation. (2 minutes 48 seconds ©CORUS Northern Records)

Correction Hill Coronation Party - Queen's Coronation (1953/b&w/sound)
Families hold a party in honour of Her Majesty's Coronation in Cumbria. (1 minute 42 seconds ©BBC)

Crowning the Sedbergh Queen - Queen's Coronation (1953/colour/silent)
The crowning party in Sedbergh as Cumbrians celebrate the Queen's Coronation with their own regal event. (1 minute 12 seconds ©NRFTA)

Kendal's Coronation Carnival - Queen's Coronation (1953/colour/silent)
Celebrations for the Queen's Coronation as local people in Kendal hold a street parade and party. (3 minutes 7 seconds ©NRFTA)

Kendal's Coronation Parade - Queen's Coronation (1953/colour/silent)
Celebrations for the Queen's Coronation with local people in Kendal. (4 minutes 24 seconds ©NRFTA)

The Royal Opening - Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station (1956/b&w/sound)
The Queen opens this new atomic plant, later to be renamed Sellafield." (1 minute 5 seconds ©BBC)

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling - 100th Keswick Games (1954/b&w/sound)
The 100th Keswick Games and the traditional sport of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. (2 minutes 52 seconds ©NRFTA)

Day in the Country - Caravanning (1950s/colour/silent)
A North East family enjoy a caravanning and boating trip to the countryside in a film from the Rowan Collection. (2 minutes 48 seconds ©NRFTA)

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