About the BBC Pension Scheme

The BBC Pension Scheme

The BBC Pension Scheme is one of the biggest occupational pension schemes in the UK, providing benefits for over 60,000 people, it is closed to new joiners. The BBC believes the Scheme gives members valuable and competitive pension benefits that form a big part of your total reward package from the BBC.

The Trustees and the BBC have a dedicated in-house team at the Pension and Benefits Centre in Cardiff who administer the Scheme and are available to help members with their pension. You can call the pension service line with any questions about your benefits from the Scheme.

Details of the pension service line and how they can help you are set out in the Help and support section.

The Trustees and the BBC believe it is important for you to understand your pension benefits and the Scheme. You will receive regular Scheme communications including an annual summary report and a personalised benefit statement. You can also access online information both through Gateway and this website.

If you have any feedback on the pensions communications you receive from the Scheme, please let us know.

  • Top 100 Investments

    Top equity Investments as at 31 March 2013

  • Trustees

    BBC Pension Trust Limited is the sole Trustee of the Scheme. Its board, commonly referred to as 'the Trustees', consists of nine directors.

  • Responsible Investment Policy

    The Trustees support the Principles of Good Governance and the Code of Best Practice, incorporated in the Combined Code issued by the London Stock Exchange in July 1998 following the recommendations of the Hampel Committee and the Cadbury and Greenbury Reports.

  • How to contact us

    Contacts section

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