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Katie Derham co-presents the ITV Lunchtime News with Alastair Stewart and is also co-presenter of ITV’s London Tonight.

Katie has hosted the ITV Classical Brits a number of times, in a star-studded ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall, and she presents a weekly radio show for Classic FM.

Katie moved to ITN following four years at the BBC, where she started her journalistic career as a researcher on Radio 4’s “Moneybox”. In 1995 she won the Bradford and Bingley Best Personal Finance Broadcaster Award for her work as a presenter on Radio 5 Live’s “Moneycheck” programme. She also edited Radio 4’s Financial World Tonight programme.

She moved across to BBC television in 1996 as a consumer affairs correspondent and subsequently became a reporter for “Film ‘96” and “Film ‘97”, interviewing many of the top names of American and UK cinema.

Katie was voted New TV Talent of the Year in March 1999 at the Television & Radio Industries Club (TRIC) Awards.

Katie has a BA(Hons) in Economics from Magdalene College, Cambridge. She is married with two children and lives with her family in west London.

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Memorable Quotes

I just want to do it well if I can; I would feel disappointed in myself if I forget the stuff I’ve learned.

I have got to get beyond just beating time and I have got to actually take control.

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