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Clive Anderson presents the climax of the series as the winning student performs at Proms in the Park on the Last Night of the Proms. After weeks of hard work, the Maestro winner takes to the stage in London’s Hyde Park to conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra and soloist Lesley Garrett live in front of an audience of 30 thousand people, as well as the millions watching and listening on radio and TV.

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well done bbc, the best programme broadcast for ages, for once I planned my Tuesdays around the offering. And isn’t SP great, let see her study more and do some further conducting, she has the basic talent and so much better than her comedy duo act, sorry Mel, perhaps you can sharpen her baton

Annabel, Bristol
I was glad that Simone conducted a piece but would have liked the camera view to show us more of how she was conducting -so that we could compare to the amateurs.The camera view did not enable us to see much of how she conducted, all we got to look at were the soloists faces, but we wren’t interested in them! Most irritating.

Annabel, Bristol
I loved Maestro - please lets have another series. But can we have more time for the judges comments please? ANd can we see more of the conductors when they conduct their piece - during the Opera episode we saw far too much of the soloists and could hardly see what the conductors were doing. I loved all four judges and thought they were a good mox of different personalities. I especially loved Simone Young - she is fab, can we have her back please? (all four judges back in fact).

Joyce MG Steyning West Sussex
A really wonderful conductor super personality makes a really fantastic show

Natalie Stroud
Fantastic series. I’d have liked to see Sue conducting at the last night.

Irene Dyson Guildford
I would love a DVD about the whole series. It was so exciting I voted for you Sue simply because your performance of Beethoven’s 5th was so wonderful. Well done!!

Debby, Manchester
What a tremendous series - watching the contestants develop so rapidly was remarkable. Goldie was great but Sue was simply marvellous. From her “Simpsons theme” to “the Firebird”, she drew out terrific performances from the musicians. I am so glad she won

Anon Leicester
For all those that have cited the reason Goldie lost the vote for reasons of “minorities”, has anyone pointed out to you that a female, lesbian conductor won who was mentored by an anglo-chinese conductor??!!!! Er….can’t get more minority than that. Sue so deserved to win, Goldie had passion but it was about him not about the music.

Jules, Sheffield
Great series - I’ll miss it! Clive was the perfect host too. Well done Sue, but I think a big part of her sucess was her great mentor. Jason brought in an NLP coach to boost Sue’s confidence, compare that with Kaite Derham’s mentor who hounded her until she cried….

Bryan Smith Perth
The Proms in the Park was brilliant Royal Albert Hall next for Sue Perkins. She is a natural.

Alison, St Helens
I hope the BBC Execs are taking note of all of these comments! For me, Maestro was the best - and best executed - “reality” programme of the year. The best things about it? Firstly, presenting classical music in an accessible way to an audience who may not usually listen, secondly, how nice to have judges making CONSTRUCTIVE and for the most part encouraging comments (and leaving the audiences’ wrath to be directed at those “mean and scary” mentors ;) ), and thirdly for not “dumbing down” and giving some real challenges to the students without patronising them. Worst thing - why was it on so blooming late? Thank heaven for the catch up facility I have, because my 9 and 8 year old loved every minute! Having read the previous comments, the musician in me has to agree that the best way to tell a good conductor is to watch them in rehearsal - I think that if there were to be another series next prom season, rather like X-tra factor, and Big Brother’s Little Brother, could th! ere be a programme running alongside the main competition thus keeping the more technically minded of us happy whilst not disrupting the general flow and showmanship of the main event? Anyway, I completely agreed with the result, and well done Sue, but I think given time that Goldie could have given her a run for her money - I mean, for heaven’s sake, some people NEVER manage to “get” Rachmaninoff and Elgar, let alone Mozart and Beethoven… Encore, Maestro!

Carol Hill
Sue was/is magnificant! The sort of person you really really want to win and usually does not!

Valerie Proudley, St Albans
Great evening of music, well done BBC2 for bring Maestro to our screens. (Only wish the final could have been between Sue Perkins and Jane Asher.)

Anna, Manchester
I loved watching “Maestro” and found the final episode absolutely riveting. I think the right person won, and that was borne out watching Sue conduct tonight. Her communication with the orchestra was wonderful to watch. I thought she did brilliantly. Just one complaint about this website. Whose idea was it to put her in the plunging red satin dress, and take away her glasses for the photo above? Speaking as a professional musician, what you want in a conductor is unflashy, modest clothing. It’s their faces and movements you want to be drawn to, not their wardrobe choice. I thought Sue was dressed perfectly in all the conducting she did, so why the un-Sue -like cover-girl attempt here? I bet it wasn’t her idea! Maestro Interactive Producer Graeme Kay replies: Thanks for your comment, Anna! The red dress was chosen for the initial photocall way back at the beginning of the series, when all of the female students were photographed in dresses in contrasting colours. We felt that, we would continue to use them in the ‘carousel’ of portraits which head the website, for the sake of consistency. There are, of course, lots of shots of Sue on the site in her conducting clothes, as well as casualwear.

Sue, Worcester
Congratulations Sue, A brilliant performance.

John, Morecambe
From now on whenever I listen to Classical music I’ll think of Sue Perkins! Congratulations Sue, you were magnificent.

Lisa, Cardiff
A fantastic performance Sue. I was quite moved by the Pomp and Circumstance. Thank you.

Carreg, Wales
SUE-PERB!!!Last night you were a joy to watch as you smiled your way through what must have been daunting performances for an amateur to face.You were brilliant. Well done!

Mrs Lynda Holloway. Lymington Hants
I think the right person won.Sue demonstrates knowledge, modesty, fun, and a warmth of personality in what she does. I reckon Sue’s career will, justifiably be a long and successful one in whatever she does. I hope to see a lot more of her on TV and Radio in the future. Well done Sue!!

B M James Sutton Coldfield
I really enjoyed the programme, It just did’nt need the public to give the final vote.

Jenny Cook, Humberstone, Leicester
Huge congratulations to the BBC for creating such a brilliant series and to Sue Perkins for a magnificent achievement..just a little plea - do stop insisting women wear dresses (early in Maestro)when they obviously would never choose to.

Emma, London
I am so impressed Sue, congratulations. You are a star.

Gill and Tim Bullivant Guildford, Surrey
At last a truly enjoyable programme superbly compered by Clive Anderson and ‘conducted’ in a wonderful spirit by all the contestants - no bitchiness just sheer commitment and pleasure from everyone. The camaraderie expressed in the final especially was a joy to behold. Well done BBC 2 and everyone involved in such a pleasurable series. P.S. We so approved of the choice of Clive Anderson to host The Last Night of the Proms- a vast improvement on the last few years!!

Anne, Cambridge
Sue was absoultely brilliant. The public vote gave the right result.

Liz Armour, Worthing
Thanks. I have so much enjoyed this. More! More!!

Anon, Saffron Waldon
What an excellent series. An example of the BBC concentrating on the highest quality output as opposed to something bland or mass-market just to win viewing figures. Thank you to whoever conceived the show; I hope you get the credit you deserve and a second series.

M.Kierns, Coatbridge
What a fab show. Sue was terrific to watch and her musicality shone through right from the start. Great to watch all the celebs on their journey throughout the series. A super programme, thoroughly enjoyable. A BBC success. Clive was great too! Hope there is more to come.

M Willis, London
Clive Anderson compounded his unspeakable rudeness to Maxim Vengerov last Tuesday “thank you for that politician’s answer - lots of words but not much meaning” (I paraphrase, but not much) by being rude about the BBC Singers member who took the small part of Spoletta to Bryn Terfel’s Scarpia. Someone should tell Clive that being a smarty-pants doesn’t cut it when introducing classical music, particularly when everyone knows he knows diddly-squat about classical music. He should stick to ‘Whose line is it anyway’ - that’s right, a programme that finished years ago. I turned him off and listened to lovely, enthusiastic and charming Sean Rafferty on Radio 3. Why wasn’t Sean on the telly? :-(

Jenny, Kirkcaldy, Fife
You lifted my spirits so much with your happy performance of Pomp and Circumstance - many thanks!

Brenda., Colchester
What wonderful entertainment Maestro has been - a model for other competitive programmes with each moment of elimination marked by mutual support and congratulations rather than the tears,tantrums and hysteria of other such programmes. Thanks to all the delightful participants for their hard work and good nature, supporting each other all along the way , and to the judges for giving credit to both natural talent and hard work. And how lovely to see them out in force to support Sue at her public debut.

Gillie Harrison - Buckingham
What a wonderful achievement by Sue Perkins - all three pieces conducted with flair and confidence not to mention deep musicality! But if you run the programme for a second series get rid of Clive Anderson - he is quite awful and single handedly has “dumbed down” the programme and the last night of the proms with his unprepared comments, full of limp wit and self regard.

Basia Filipowicz - Nottingham.
Sue - you are fabulous! Just watched you on TV at Hyde Park (would have gone in person but too short notice) and you were brilliant. Being a complete classical thicko (know the Hovis tune and other TV and movie themes - love ‘Brassed Off’ and the music from British Airways’ advert - I am grateful for the insight into ‘proper’ music and the business of conducting it. And Sue in particular has been an inspiration - proving that you can be funny, and intelligent and commited to something that you love too. All qualities I long for in myself. Thanks Beeb 2 - Tuesday nights will never be the samne again.

Clara, Brighton
Well done Sue!!!!!

Rubina Hughes
I wanted Goldie to win but was unable to get through on the voting number. The first time I got line busy then all the other times I tried I got this number has been barred…was Goldie robbed or what?!

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