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Clive Anderson presents the live grand final of Maestro. The three remaining student conductors must conduct a concerto with world renowned soloists - violonist Tasmin Little, cellist Natalie Clein and pianist Nikolai Demidenko aswell as a piece of orchestral music of their own choosing. The judges - Sir Roger Norrington, Dominic Seldis, Zoe Martlew and guest judge international violin virtuso Maxim Vengerov - will rate their performances before the BBC Concert Orchestra votes one student out. The remaining two contestants will both conduct the 1st movement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The phone lines will then open for the public to decide who will be the ultimate Maestro.

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Suzanne Wilson, Windermere
I missed the Final but recorded it. I deliberately didn’t seek the result before viewing. I thought that Sue was the best conductor by far and was pleasantly surprised to see her win. Goldie was a revelation but Sue was a natural.

Dave Dowson (Weston-super-Mare)
Absolutely fantastic, I was glued to every episode, this is one of the best shows that the BBC has ever produced. It will help to give classical music a more “down to Earth” appeal. The whole process was fascinating but it would have been nice to see more of the inter-action between the contestants and their mentors, and the obvious massive amount of work that was done between the shows. Solution: make it longer! you’ll receive no complaints from me. Congratulations to all concerned at the BBC, hope you do it again next year.

Susan Langley
It’s only orchestral players, soloists and choirs who really know - and they want someone they can trust, respect and, most of all, actually see what he/she is doing with the baton.(Sue Perkins would have been even better if she had used one - Jane Asher should have realised that pointing it up above her head wasn’t likely to help anyone much especially the strings.)By the way, Vernon Handley who has, sadly, just passed away was highly admired among orchestral players and will be much missed.

Steve Adams
Absolutely T for tremendous. Maestro gave us an amazing insight. The music was incredible. I really thought Goldie was gonna nail Beethoven’s 5th, it’s such a foreboding piece (IMHO Beethoven is/was a jungalist- such violence such fragility. The special thing about early drum & bass/jungle is the uniquely soulful melancholia) - perfect for the metalhead. However, he missed it and seemed to quietly drift along, maybe still recovering from Nimrod. I can’t imagine how difficult. Well done Sue, she really got into the piece and gave it some. Do more like this BBC. Everyone loves the music. Maxim’s conducting Brahms was spell binding.

"Constanze Weber", North Wales just outside Vienna!!
I’m so glad that Sue won, Goldie just didn’t do it for me in the Beethoven - when he was conducting I kept looking away from the screen but when Sue was on she kept me engaged right till the end and I think that says a lot. Besides, I wasn’t keen on Goldie’s style during the choral week - and choral music is my thing - it was far too “pouty” for me, had he been conducting the chamber choir I belong to I would have found him rather irritating, I’m afraid to say. Not so with Sue, she’s been the most consistent and it would have been a travesty for her not to take the prize. Having, said that, I do think that Goldie did an amazing job and probably was most out of his comfort zone, but, from a rabid Mozartian, his inability to connect with Mozart was, quite frankly unforgivable although it does demonstrate just how fiendishly and deceptively difficult Mozart really is! The best person won in the end though… but I wish Clive wouldn’t keep calling her Maestro; she’s a girl!!!!!

Sue R, Chester
Devastated that Goldie lost. As we pay the licence fee aren’t we entitled to see the voting figures, after all it’s “our BBC”.

Trevor Harrison, Liverpool
Sue Perkins richly deserved to win maestro she was ‘Sueperb’. It would be great if she could make a career out of conducting and given a recording contract. It would be a shame to let it go.

Neil, Brighton
Great programme, great entertainment. In the end it was a very hard choice, I voted for Sue. The reason being Goldies Elgar did nothing for me and Sue’s Firebird was sizzling! - the Beethoven for both of them was really good and different. I’d love to hear them conduct the 1st movement of the 9th, that I think would really be a test. Looking forward to a 2nd series. (A least I don’t begrudge the cost of the licence! )

Roz, London
Absolutely fantastic series, the right final two and, for me, the right winner, just. Like other posters, I’d be interested to know the % of the audience vote, and I’m not convinced that an audience vote was the right way to decide it - perhaps better left to the orchestra, or a ‘jury’ of the 4 judges, a selection of the soloists, and the mentors of all but the final two. I’d also like to have seen more film of the orchestral rehearsals, on the website, if not in the televised programmes. That’s where the bulk of a conductor’s work is done, after all. Perhaps this could be added if the series returns next year, as I very much hope it will. Minor quibbles, major show!

hmw, north yorks
I thought Sue really really won it and was fascinated to hear one comment from someone who was there, about the rapport she had with the orchestra, or how she was much the best in rehearsal, fantastic extra detail. What I don’t like are the pointless comments suggesting goldie was robbed and wanting to know the public vote or suggesting that was a flaw in the programme. What I would like to know is how the judges would score the final head-to-head. How did they rate sue vs goldie. After their scores fluctuated according to the different pieces. this was the only one that was directly comparable. Even if the public could vote couldn’t the judges have at least each given their own verdict on who they thought should win.

Rachel Buckhurst
WOW Maestro put a smile on my face. I have rediscovered my love of classical music. Thanks BBC.

Ronald Cavaye, London
As a professional musician I have to say that this was one of the stupidest programmes I have ever seen. To be a conductor one needs experience and enormous musical knowledge. Standing up in front of professionals and waving one’s arms about is not conducting! In fact the professional musicians in the orchestra could play the piece perfectly well without anyone there at all. This series of programmes had all the validity of trying to teach a group of fifty-year-olds to run the 100 metres in under ten seconds - it’s just not going to happen!

Piers Maxim, Brussels
I thoroughly enjoyed this series. However, every professional musician will be asking the same question: how well did they rehearse the orchestra? In fact, did they rehearse the orchestra alone or were they helped by their mentors? The rehearsal is where you really need technique to start and stop the orchestra, and the ears to know what is necessary to rehearse or correct. The fact is that much of the hard work is done before the performance.

Clare, Oxford
What’s all this absolute nonsense about Goldie being robbed. He clearly wasn’t and the result was absolutely right. He took it as far as he could and that was not as far as Sue. Really, he had reached his limit. Everything about Sue’s performance of the Beethoven showed she was superior as a conductor. I think Goldie’s hopes were raised by being given inexplicably inflated marks for his first piece but it was clear from their faces that the mentors knew the score. It would have been a tragic injustice if Sue had not won. Even better that she was so gracious in victory. GO GIRL, you were fantastic!

Dan Walker
It was unmissable! Each week, we saw - and heard - increasing skill, heart-searching and dedication from the competitors. Each week, the musical knowledge of the judges taught us so much about what a conductor has to do in a totally uncondescending way (the progs never dumbed it down for us). The scoring system managed almost always to do the right thing. And the final pitched a totally untrained but powerfully instinctive musician against a supremely intelligent, perceptive and creative one. Perkins won, excellent! - but Goldie remains in the mind as one who has learned a lot about himself, and has caused us to learn something about the folly of our own stereotypes. So the shows worked on many, and often subtle, levels. More glimpses of the mentoring would have been good, but one understands your time constraints. So, immense congratulations - a show of which the Beeb, and the nation, can be proud. Except your choice of Clive Anderson as the compere. He was like a bore at a party - never picking up on the feel of the occasion, and priding himself that his oafish jokes and attitude were in any way contributing to the (serious and delightful) pleasures of everything going on around him.

Chris, Bradford
Goldie should’ve won

Peter Lucas, Birmingham
Should anyone conduct left-handed? I was taught that right arm (over the wicket) was the only way to do it as the orchestra would be looking that way. Was I wrong?

Graham (Bradford)
I’m confused! Goldie nearly won yet he can’t read a note of music. So what does that say about conducting? I don’t say that in any derogatory way, you understand, but genuine bewilderment, as I always expected conductors to have that knowledge as a necessary pre-requisite.

Duncan, London
It was a fantastic series, and I can’t help but think that, given a few more weeks at it, Goldie would ultimately have proven to be the best budding conductor of the lot. Before this series I knew nothing about him at all, but his sheer musicical ability was astounding I hope he now keeps this going some how, maybe a youth orchestra on a Saturday morning..?

Zack Goldring
All credit to Sue Perkins and Goldie, but Maxim Vengerov was nothing short of sensational! I’ve never seen classical music communicated though the TV with such passion and clarity. Does he live in London? Can he have his own BBC2 TV programme? Sign him up before someone else get there first is my advice.

Mrs Lucy Norris Coulsdon Surrey
I thought Sue was brilliant from the beginning. It was great to have constructive views from people who knew what they were talking about too! I take my hat off to Goldie, where most of his conducting came from instinct. However, I thought Sue was quietly modest, naturally talented, and had the edge all the way through. Well done. Looking forward to Saturday. Next series, it would be good to see the participants conducting their alloted pieces without so much rehearsal, as one felt that the orchestra wasn’t necessarily always following what the conductor was doing, and being quite kind!

Veronica , Colwyn Bay
Maestro has been a wonderful programme - riveting, moving, just great! I loved the Rudetsky march with all eight conducting! Clive Anderson has been an excellent host. Thank you, BBC, for Maestro. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Proms in the Park - good luck Sue! Bad luck to Goldie - he was wonderful too - just a shame someone had to lose.

Alex Ritchie, Salisbury
Great series. Shame that the BBC allowed the final to be decided by middle-class prejudice instead of talent. There was only ever going to be one winner when the outcome was decided by a BBC2 audience, and it certaianly was not going to be a drum & bass musician. However, the judges made it clear who they thought was best and Goldie can console himself with that.

Paul Pszenyczniak, Manchester
This has been a fantastic programme which I have enjoyed from start to finish, watching each celebrity improve every week was great and unlike other celebrity competiton programmes it had some style to it. I definitely think Goldie was robbed however, nothing against Sue but Goldie should have won, hope Maestro is back next year!

David Morris, Hay
Whose stupid idea was it to have an audience vote for the final? This just bought the programme down to the level of X-Factor rubbish. Leave it to the experts - they can spot real talent.

F Hunter, St Helens
I have been on the edge of my seat throughout the final - this is the best piece of “bringing classical conducting to the masses” that I have ever seen. Excellent.

John, Watford
Many congratulations to Sue and Goldie, both of whom reached a far higher standard than I would have thought was possible in the time they had available.

John, Cheltenham
What are the chances of creating another show (from the existing footage) concentrating on two or three of the end to end processes of learning a piece? Might be a small audience and possibly an online piece but well worth a watch

Rob, Oxford
Our congratulations Sue, head and shoulders above the rest all-round. Clearly the right choice.

Dave Littlehales, Alstonefield
Wonderful series and a terrific idea to let the orchestra (experts) do the voting. So, why oh why let the public in on the final vote and turn it into a popularity contest. Serious misjudgment which undermined the integrity of the contest!

Karen, Iona
While both conductors were very good - All credit to Goldie who learned the music without the ability to read whilst Sue did have considerable experience of music. Sad it went to a public vote; I think giving panel and orchestra either the full vote or at least a percentage would have taken the show to a competition level rather than a popularity contest.

Allan, Rugby
As an occasional attender of classical music concerts and in no way particularly knowlegeable about the art I found the series terrific. I learned a lot and was greatly entertained at the same time - surely the whole ethos of the BBC. Congratulations to Sue and Goldie for a riveting final. It would have been a shame whoever ‘lost’. Thanks for a great series. More please - but with care..

Jude, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire
Sue appealed to my ‘technical head’, but Goldie won my musical heart - such unadulterated passion is a profoundly rare quality. Shame they could not both have won. It would be interesting to see a sequel, where they both compose a short piece of music and then conduct it.

Angie, Portsmouth
Congratulations BBC on a fab show. Was sad to see Goldie lose but Sue was fab too. I hope the BBC release a cd of the performances (Goldie’s Grieg for instance) and I hope the BBC run this again next year! Well done everyone involved - smashing entertainment!

Mark, London
Thought Sue shaded it in the very, very end - just - but watching Goldie conduct “In the Hall of the Mountain King” in episode 1 was the most compelling television I have seen for years and well worth the licence fee for those few minutes alone.

Miranda Fontaine, London
I didn’t vote because I couldn’t decide between Goldie and Sue - they were both brilliant. I would like to see Goldie at the Proms in the Park as well as Sue.

Mark and Desiree van Leeuwen, Almere, The Netherlands
Well done Sue!! We were glued to the television… in The Netherlands… and enjoyed every minute! Break a leg and enjoy!!!

Hannah, St Albans
I agree that the pianists should be named!! I only got to see a glimpse of my friend who played and think they should get the credit they deserve!! This type of show exists thanks to these people!

Dee Edwards, Lostwithiel, Cornwall
Please pass on congratulations to Sue Perkins. I watched all the episodes and although Goldie was obviously very talented, too, Sue’s overall performance showed a higher level of control & involvement with the orchestra . Comparing clips of week 1 and the final demonstrates the improvement and the amount of hard work she must have put in. I’m so pleased that she won.

Goldie may be the most “natural” of all the conductors, but it was down to the last piece. In it, I felt the “movements” and the “dynamics” as “led” by Sue. At that point, her precision was coupled with emotion and came up with a sound superior to the one produced by Goldie. I shall definitely watch the Proms and see Sue deliver.

Anon, Coventry
An absolutely wonderful programme. I have been hooked each week. Well done to all. It would have been nice to know how many hours of training each celebriity did. It was a tight call between Goldie and Sue Perkins. Shall watch Saturday night with interest.

Anne, London
Congratulations to all who took part. As most know the more you delve into a subject one is gradually made aware of how difficult it really is… and the format put the students through a super hyper crash course in all aspects of conducting when just one would have been difficult enough. Well done to all but real congratulations to Sue - the Beethoven was great and it was obvious the orchestra appreciated her conducting too.

Geoffrey Emerson, Town Yetholm
I’m mystified by all the acclaim for ‘Goldie’, having played in orchestras (and conducted them) for over 50 years. All he did was close his eyes, look pained/soulful and then completely fail to communicate anything at all useful to his players. The laughably high marks awarded to him by the panel absolutely stink, and suggest a planned ‘fix’. Thank God the GBP had more sense. Sue Perkins alone knew what she was doing. I’d be confident and happy playing with her conducting any day.

Peter Broadbent
Maestro has been magnificently watchable - a rare jewel in a sea of dumbed down television material. Encore please!

Chris, London
What a fantastic show and what a great vehicle to introduce classical music to a wider audience! However I think you have missed a major opportunity by not releasing the music featured on a CD. Are there any plans?

Jacqueline, Twickenham
Simply a superb series. Fascinating watching the journey for all the contestants. In my mind Sue was wonderful from the Simpsons on with Goldie a close second. In the final after the cut, despite the praise (deservedly) heaped on Goldie, Sue’s Beethoven was marvellous! So glad she won. I’ll be watching on Saturday. Perhaps now a show where we see how a conductor shapes a piece from the beginning and how the orchestra contribute / respond to that?

P. Williams
I don’t believe Sue Perkins would have won had the judges or orchestra made the choice; Goldie consistently impressed the most. No more money-making phone polls please, (I don’t use them on principle).

Jules, Sheffield
Great series, and Clive did a great job hosting the final. Both Sue and Goldie were great and both would have been worthy winners. Goldies Rach was amazing but he blew Nimrod and got carried away. Sue’s Beet 5th was very interesting, to me it LOOKED like Goldie had done a better job but hers just sounded better… I don’t know if the orchestra were just warmed up. BTW I had just listened to Karajan/BPO before… However the whole highlight of the series for me was Rebecca’s singing of Puccini. I don’t usually go for vocal classical pieces but this was out of this world! Thank you BBC for a brilliant TV programme.

Chris Cousins, Oxford
Enjoyable series, but the final result should have been left to the judges, possibly with input from the orchestra. Viewers at home could not see enough to judge. As it was, we lost out on informed comment on the final performance, and it took the edge off an otherwise successful series.

Mary in Farnham, Surrey
Both were excellent finalists. I would have liked to see the voting figures. I felt both were very evenly matched and the viewer result contradicted the judges result although of course they didn’t mark the Beethoven piece.

janet, london
this marvellous, innovative and refreshing programme makes paying the licence fee worthwhile! Thank you.

Sive. Dublin,Ireland
A fascinating series, with the two finalists being by far the best. I imagine (and hope) that the whole experience will be life changing for both of them. Congratulations to all the participants for tackling what seems like an impossibly complicated task, and in the process showing us viewers what a conductor actually does!

Persephone Arbour Wareham
From and ex-professional musician: A fantastic programme. How easy to let the heart rule the head. Of course I wanted Goldie to win - such an incredibly beautiful human being - AND,without doubt, Sue was the right choice - she was just brilliant. I just wish she could shed the comic from time to time. I would like to know who she really is!

Kate, Tunbridge Wells
I wanted to vote for Sue Perkins but tried consistently throughout the voting period only to be greeted with a message telling me that the number I was dialling had not been recognised. I checked and double-checked that I had the right number but still had no success. Anyway, glad the right woman won!

The last vote should have stayed with the judges! this undermined the show

John Clipper, The Hague
It was greatly entertaining BUT Goldie did not get a fair chance. Afterall, he was judged by professionals as the best. The award should have been based on their judgement, not by a popularity contest with Sue.

Stephen Dunn, Edinburgh
Brilliant, a cut above the usual fodder of big brother and other “reality” shows. This has opened up a new world of music for me. I was carried away by the music and by the performances. I am now busy on Itunes downloading as much of the music as I can. Series two is a must.

Em Fripp, Hertfordshire
Well done Sue!!! Your Beethoven was out of this world… sounded so light and pacey. I thought Goldie’s version was a lot less compelling.

Bob of Woodbridge
I tried to vote for Goldie repeatedly during the time available and never succeeded in getting through. I do hope that the result was a true reflection of public opinion. For me Goldie was much more in touch with the music, and his personal sense of it, than any of the others. In my view he should have won.

John Linsenmeier Mentor, Ohio, USA
I was in London on vacation August 11-20, and so was able to watch just two episodes of Maestro. A fascinating program - so much so that I have tried to keep up with the program on the BBC web site since returning home to Ohio. I am sorry the video is not available in the U.S. Goldie won my vote, but any of the three finalists should do well in Hyde Park on Saturday. Again, I am disappointed that, although the Albert Hall concert will be broadcast live in the US, the Proms in the Park concerts will not. I hope everything goes well for Sue Perkins and hope Goldie and Jane Asher will also be able to continue conducting.

Vicky, London
Although Goldie and Sue were my favourites from the beginning of the show, I was sure that Goldie would win and I was taken by surprise by the result! Sue has also really great musicality but as I see it from the experience i have in orchestral playing, I believe that Goldie as Sir Roger Norrington said, “is a conductor” because he’s got the authority and the weight on the stage which is so rare ( even professional conductors don’t always have it) and it can really electrify and convey the magic of music to the musicians and the audience. i hope Goldie goes on with conducting together with the rest amazing music stuff that he does…! Anyway, congratulations to both of them. And congratulations to the people who designed the show. i hope it continues next year, we should have more of this stuff on TV.

David Thomas
It was a close call, but I voted for Goldie, because he was the most naturally gifted of all the contenders. I loved his expressive style. I have played under a lot less clearer conductors, great musicians they may have been, but with nowhere near his musical feeling and easy to follow beat. Conducting is a skill which you either have or don’t have. Sue Perkins manic conducting improved week by week and I loved her Finale to the Firebird Suite … wow! what a fabulous sound she pulled out from the brass section in those last few bars of dissonance!… Well done the beeb, it was a great riveting series … let’s have more

Katja, London
Wow, what a wonderful series this has been! I want to see more. It’s been inspiring and fun to watch. Thank you!

Niall, Dublin
Goldie’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Fifth was a far more authentic reading than Perkin’s easy-pop, artificial one. It showed a cohesive, intelligent vision, rather than the staccato, piecemeal approach of Perkins. Goldie was robbed, pure and simple. I hope he stays in this area. Keep it up, Goldie!

Ian, Chislehurst
Well, that just goes to show that public phone votes don’t work - either it was rigged, the system didn’t work properly or the ‘public’ just don’t understand what they’re voting for. On the night Goldie was streets ahead of the others as demonstrated by the judges’ comments and points awarded. In the last piece Goldie showed his real talent and musicality and should have got his just reward. Sue Perkins was good but seemed to have gone back to the comedy and clowning about. C’est la vie!

Milford Haven
I wanted to vote for Goldie and rang from West Wales every two minutes whilst the lines were open but message said either the line was barred or busy. If that was the case Goldie was being voted for all the time so how was it he lost the vote???? And how can the voting be fair if we are barred from voting?????

John, Berkshire.
I watched the start of this series with great suspicion. Another reality show with people broadcasting their emotions and all in the worst possible taste. How wrong i was, the learning curve for the students was incredible and the program turned out to be compulsive viewing. Both Sue and Goldie were absolutely brilliant. Sue Perkins was a worthy winner. Well done BBC2.

Mike Evans Maidstone Kent
A fabulous programme. I am no classical expert but like most people I love the popular pieces. I always wondered what a conductor does and now I know. An inspired piece of programming and brave too considering the subject matter. Thank you it was hugely enjoyable.

Daisy -W, Swansea
Thank you for such delight. I was really cheered by Sue Perkins winning as though Goldie was fabulous I found myself moved greatly by the music I heard through the guidance of Sue. I was also touched by her grace of remembering the skill, knowledge and passion she was in charge of and always taking a moment to say thank you to the players. Such a long way to travel for someone in the privacy of a school but to do it in front of cameras I salute the bravery and commitment of all the participants but have to say again, well done Sue it was thrilling to watch your unfolding and i do hope you may find ways to continue with your music as it brought great light to a moment, thank you.

Anthony, East Sheen
The show just destroyed my preconceptions (and hopefully of others) that conducting is easy. It is about living up to the expectations of the listeners and the orchestra members and at the same time making the music as “personal” or expression of the “feelings” at the moment.It is neither purely artistic nor purely mechanical. It is about making the music “alive”.

Brenda - Workington
Congratulations to Sue, and to the BBC for a fantastic and riveting programme. Please, please let us have another series. Also, any chance of a CD with the music performed? I’m sure it would be a best seller:)

Penny & Peter, Witney
Right result. Sue and Goldie were our choices all along, but Sue would have had our vote because she communicated so much better with the orchestra. Goldie certainly felt the music, but spent too much time with his eyes shut. Thank you, BBC, for a fantastic programme.

Rob, London
As someone who was conducted by the contestants in the Choral episode, I feel the best person won. From the beginning I thought Sue would go all the way, and her musicality and communication skills really shone through when she conducted us. I hope she goes on to develop her newfound skills. Goldie was excellent, but lacked any sense of communication in rehearsal, which is where most of the work of the conductor is done. And his technical deficiencies let him down. But superb programme: my faith in reality television (faint and wavering though it is) has been shored up by Maestro. I hope there is another series.

Lis, Bristol
I really, really wanted SuperKins to win… but was surprised and quite disappointed for Goldie, as I was sure he would romp it. He was very passionate and engaged with the music, but the judges themselves could never explain how he inspired such a strong sound! Sue was mesmerising, she communicated her feeling for the music clearly and built a great rapport with the orchestra. That is the mark of a maestro, surely.

Bob Skinner Telford
Goldie was robbed

Jane Winchester
Why did you let the general public decide the winner? they only vote for the celebrity - the orchestra should have voted for the correct winner

Andy, Reigate
Wonderfull TV. MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!! Loved every episode. Fabulous music, beautifully performed. Sue was technically better, but Goldie had a deep emotional connection which I loved. Too close to call for me.

Carol, Liverpool
Fabulous, Sue, you’ve done the gals proud! But pleeeese don’t sell out - stick with the suit for next week!

Denise - London
This is to congratulate Sue Perkins on winning the final. I’m so glad that you won. You deserved to win. Your musicianship and technique are way above everyone else in the competition. You have imagination, passion, characterisation, musicality and the concentration to conduct full works. I really hope you continue to pursue this newly found talent with your fantastic mentor, Jason. The fact that you are an intelligent, funny and talented WOMAN who will be conducting on this grand occasion makes it all the more special. Female conductors are quite a rarity in the sometimes misogynist world of classical music. You are a role model for us. Well done!

Jay London
Don’t understand the results Goldie was far the best, as the experts reflected in their votes. Maybe this is what is wrong with the classical scene, too set in their ways to explore new avenues.

James, London
I’d be very interested to see what the BBC phone vote actually was? how much did sue win by? Goldie really should have won - shouldn’t have been left to an audience vote - he was by far the most talented conductor - and gave truly emotional performances!! I genuinely felt he was robbed - shame on all who didn’t vote for him!! The BBC should have left it for the judges to decide! Goldie a true talent in music - I hope he continues to conduct, maybe a drum & bass orchestra? Great show though.

Chris, Preston
Incredible TV, please do a second series. One of the best programs this year

Jenny Fielder
A very enjoyable series of programmes, apart from the artificial wait before the announcement of winners, as in other similar competitive programmes. It would have been good to have known the final marks the judges would have awarded, even if they disagreed with the public vote.

Mr. G Green. Boness
travesty that goldie lost in the public vote,he had the three best perfomances,what do the public know? Bad idea public vote! I don’t know what sue perkins was conducting certainly didn’t sound like beethoven as far as i’m concerned.

Roy, London
The GB public voted with their heart …and not surprisingly, their heads! Goldie had the edge, but Sue’s style was impressive too! Not sure if she will bring newcomers to classical that Goldie would have done, but this was by far and away, the best ‘reality series’ in years. Well done Beeb - that is what Licence payers want to see - innovation!

Alan Stoke on Trent
Don’t really see how this programme worked, but it did. For a bloke that is not a massive fan of classical music the music chosen hooked me from the first episode. The final two were worthy finalists. More please

Jim, Brentwood
Goldie was robbed!!

Elaine Hemming-Allen Birmingham
Special thanks to all concerned with presenting this short series from producing to performing. It has worked so well and been refreshingly successful - let’s all look forward to the Last Night now & feel confident that Sue Perkins will excel her talents but what a challenge, she’s a star. A cleverly presented series & well thought out you must all be well pleased with the outcome and feedfback. Might there be more if not overkill?

Shaun Stamford
We were in the Audience last night, What spark between Sue and the Orchestra. It is something that the veiwers at home could not begin to feel. The others had a rapor and connection but Sue had a special “relationship”

Monica Gardner, Bulphan, Upminster
This has been a brilliant series and so much fun. The BBC Concert Orchestra are, without doubt, the true stars of the show. Well done

Clive Sawers - Newton Abbot, Devon
From the moment I saw Sue Perkins my money was on her. I have conducted quite a lot of amateur operatics and some choral works and greatly enjoy it so I could see what the students were up against. Sue’s passion and technical work were superb. I wonder if she will now change direction?

Ian, Barrow-uoon-Humber
Excellent programme all round but I am amazed that nobody - except the victims - seemed to pick up on what Sir Roger was really doing when he conducted the Rossini. That was indeed one of the highlights of the series - wonderful send-up.

C Brown Cumbria
I thought Maestro was one of the best programmes the BBC has produced. Well done to all those who took part and especially Sue. I was never anxious when she was on the podium - a very talented lady!

Daniel, Benajarafe, Spain
Goldie was by far the greater musician, he gave me goosebumps every time he conducted. Sue’s conducting lacked depth. Goldie always got the sound out of the orchestra that you just wanted to hear more. Sue got a very thin “middle of the road” sound. I’m a concert pianist and I choose Goldie to collaborate with.

Pilla Jones. Godalming
There was passion, and humanity in Sue’s conducting of Beethoven’s 5th. She connected with the orchestra, and put her all into it. You could see that by the way she slumped afterwards - she’d given her all. well done Sue.

Robert Ridlington Sidmouth Devon
You were right to limit the public vote - when at last it was allowed, it succeeded in denying Goldie the prize he so richly deserved - he would have absolutely wowed the crowds in the park - hey ho.

Mike, Cardiff
Goldie was robbed. Popularity contest in the end and because he wasn’t your typical BBC2 viewers cup of tea he lost. FARCE. He was consistantly good through the entire series. You could tell even the judges were shocked. They knew he should have won. I feel robbed. BAN PUBLIC VOTES .

ali, birmingham
Maxim Vengerov gave a jaw dropping performance.

Sarah - Royston
Delighted that Sue won, as she seemed to have such a powerful combination of musical understanding, determination and knowledge of the score. And seems to have tried to conquer her nerves. AND no earrings or heels, what a relief. Sorry Goldie had to lose though, as he also showed a lot of musical ability and effort, but I felt his conducting lacked a level of engagement with the players. Still, a fantastic effort.

Howard, Golden Green
Well done BBC, excellent series. Any chance of seeing the voting figures?

Laura, London
Great show, although could be developed on a more innovative rather than cheesy reality format (bit lazy BBC) But what a lot of negative comments about the viewing public aka US! Surely we can be commended for supporting this show and for doing a good job voting for Sue, as it was a difficult decision because Goldie is soooo talented but just gets too carried away. Sure, sometimes we get it wrong but probably no more, and perhaps less, than the “specialists”. p.s. for those banging on about race or class, equally if Goldie has won I’m sure it woudl have been argued it was because he is a working class mixed race man. Just accept the possibility the public voted for the right reasons: because of the conducting!

Jean Chippindale, London
Why has there been so little acknowledgement and/or publicity of the mentors throughout the programme? Without them, none of the participants would have achieved what they did! The mentors were very much in the background compared to the ‘celebs’ - I don’t remember Clive Anderson mentioning their names too often….

West Sussex
Absolutely superb programme…Well worth a year’s license fee alone.More please

Maggie, London
Brilliant series. Goldie did it for me (and the judges) but let the People’s choice conduct the Paople’s Prom, Good luck, Sue, you were pretty amazing. Please do it again. Could you put the details of the music across the screen at the start of each piece, so those who missed Clive’s intro as discussing the conductors don’t then miss the performance while arguing over what the music is (“I know I know this, but what is it.”) Congratulations all round and I’m looking forward to Series 2 already!

Jean Harkett, Dartford
Congratulations, Sue. You have done, for me, what no other conductor, dead or alive, has achieved. You have made Beethoven’s 5th, 1st movement, a pleasure to listen to. I particularly liked the lightness and tempo - slightly faster than all the others. For me, it was definitely your best, alongside the Simpsons.

Keith Donaldson, Peebles
This has been, by far and away, the best television I have watched for a long time. All the students have my deepest respect and both Goldie and Sue Perkins my admiration. Sue, though, I do think you were the worthy winner - Congratulations!

Dominic Gaynor, Ealing
I really enjoyed watching Maestro….such a shame Goldie did not win, but with it going to a public vote, I expected him to lose. After all, he is Drun ‘n’ Bass. I am asuming their is a ‘snobbish’ attitude towards him, but without knowing the % he lost by I could be making an unfair judgement on the Maestro viewers. Bring Maestro back next year…..and let me have a go, please? awww come on, let me, pick me?????

Badness, London
I thought Maestro was brilliant. More like this please! And although Goldie was amazing, the british public love a good underdog, so I think it was always going to be someone like Sue. Well done!

Helen Meiling
Goldie was robbed!!!!!

Perkins Purley
The Best won

Ann, Somerton, Somerset
‘Maestro’ was marvellous, Sue was (unexpectedly) talented all the way, and the mix of celebrities worked very well. I’m so glad I voted for the winner, and look forward to Saturday immensely. PLEASE make it an annual contest.

Ben, Lingfield
Perkins v Goldie - I couldn’t split them - but somebody had to win - congrats to both And what an electrifying performance from Maxim Vengorov - he is truly a maestro Well done BBC for this show - more of it please But please drop your compere for the next show !

Liz Revell London
Sorry but I think the wrong contestant won. Goldie gave a wonderful performance; he’s a natural That of Sue Perkins, although animated and fun, gave me a headache!

Susan, Crawley
I believe this man is quite incredible. I hope you uses all his knowledge in this series to introduce new heights to his own repetoire. Goldie should have won last night.

Snowy, Saint Symphorien
well done Sue. The best person won. What a great musician you are. Good luck for Saturday.

Kath Roe - Fleetwood in Lancashire
What a wonderful, wonderful programme!! Thank you so much.

Pat Holland Grimsby
Sue, your final performance was magic. We usually avoid reality/elimination programmes like the plague, but have been rivetted to each Maestro programme, enjoying the music and trying to work out how it’s done. We were in awe of how much you all learned so quickly. Can’t wait now for Saturday night.

Tokky Reb, Liverpool
what a disappointing result… Goldie was clearly the better conductor throughout the whole series (as well as on the night of the final) and deserved to win the competition following the judges comments and scores… oh well, i guess that’s what happens when you let the public have their say…

Go maxim vengerov!he rules, and go sue! I’m glad she won. More classical stuff on tv!! I wonder if any of them will continue studying conducting…

Julie Rumble, Crediton, Devon
A very good series. I enjoyed the music and the personalities who took part - it was good to see them grow. Rather a shame that it had to be competitive but then I don’t suppose it would have had the impact that it did. Glad that Sue Perkins won.

Richard, Abingdon
What on earth were the producers thinking of, deciding the final winner on a public vote? Having used expert judges all the way through this excellent series, why ruin it at the final hurdle by turning it into some sort of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ popularity contest? How on earth can the general public be qualified to judge the technicalities of conducting? Ridiculous. You have spoiled what was an otherwise fantastic show.

Helen Ross Lewes
Great series and I’m pleased Sue Perkins won but please tell us the voting figures in the audience vote. Is there any reason not to?

Doreen Greene
What a fantastic result! The two most worthy contenders got to the final, making it brilliant viewing. Goldie was great, full of charisma and energy but Sue was magnificent: wonderful, emotional, nuanced music making. Have thoroughly enjoyed this series (with quibbles about the format, which should be tweaked so that we learn more about why the judges vote the way they do and see more analysis of the performances)and hope that the BBC will do more. There is such an appetite for intelligent, informative programmes of this kind!

Stewart Elder, Alva
what a marvellous programme, well worth the licence fee, congrats to Sue, stunning performances. This programme blows away all the other so called “reality shows” This is what the BBC is all about.(how about giving us a % of the vote to see how close the final was?)

Nigel Pegram
How wonderful to see and enjoy an intelligent reality show for a change. The contestants were a joy to watch, the orchestra superb (and obviously enjoying the competition) and to top it all, judges of such international standing. I do hope this is the first of many.

Marilyn Gerrard,Ryde,Isle of Wight
Delighted Sue Perkins came through! I earmarked her from the start as a potential winner.”The Simpsons” virtually sealed it for me,but the Beethoven was phenomenal.Look forward to the Proms!

Jenny Osman Uckfield Sussex
I loved the final show particularly as Maxim Vengerov was a judge! Has he any concerts coming up with the BBC?If not Why Not? He is just fantastic!

Evelyn De Leenheir, Berlaar Belgium
Amazing performance of Goldie but Sue Perkins outclassed him with her version of Beethoven’s Symphony. I would love to see Maestro return.

Liam McLoughlin,Colchester
Sorry to spoil the party but this programme is a total travesty.This is NOT conducting -it is pre-rehearsed,pre-arranged choreography.It must be the only time a conductor follows the orchestra rather than the other way round.Do these “celebrities” read music? Anyone who has ever played in an orchestra will know what tosh this programme is.I am staggered that the judges have agreed to take part in this farce.The “performances” pander to the ignorant popular music hall parody of the conductor as a grimacing,gesturing and posturing histrionic - a comedic caricature truly worthy of Eric and Ernie.Last nights display was especially vulgar. Was that really the first movement of Beethoven’s fifth or was about a third of it missing? Real conductors do not need scores because they know the entire work by heart.These imposters have no score because presumably it means nothing to them.This really is dumbed down culture - visual Classic FM for an interactive game show.This series is truly of its time - pandering to the superficial,pretentious,false and facile inclusionist/access agenda of modern Britain. Oh look -we must really all be middle-class now!

Paul from Poole
I think - no, I know - this has been the best programme on Tele this summer. Please please do it again next year. I absolutely loved it. And its appeal should reach out to those classical music lovers and those of us who are still on that voyage of discovery of quality, lasting music. There were times when the passion had my heart beating, and the emotion almost brought tears to my eyes … and not forgetting the humour (well done Bradley & Clive et al). What a great show!

Mike Arnautov, Flackwell Heath
What a terrific culmination of an excellent series! The right outcome, I think, but it was a very close run and I would have been pleased with either Sue or Goldie winning. But! I feel that BBC somewhat chickened out and lost a golden opportunity. After the first programme I was really looking forward to a series which showed the actual process of the contestants being taught the art of conducting. It was very disappointing to see it instead being shoe-horned into the tired format of other “reality” shows, with inane (and rather tired) jokes and not enough time for experts to express much of an opinion on the proceedings. Did somebody get worried about the whole concept being “elitist” and lacking “mass appeal”. Please! Do trust the intelligence of the viewers! Any chance of Beeb trying again, but this time less bashfully? The subject is riveting, and well worth exploring to a greater depth.

Kev, Gillingham
Still can’t believe Goldie was pipped. A tremendous performance sir, and one for which you should be rightly proud. You moved so many people.

fiona grinham, bristol
I do believe that Goldie was every bit the maestro as Sue Perkins and, given their totally different conducting styles, I think they should have been made joint winners. Goldie’s passion was very moving during the Beethoven and, considering he doesn’t read music, is in Sir Roger’s remarks, ‘a conductor’. This is not to detract from Sue Perkin’s performance but to my mind they were equally talented.

Clive Dorset
I should simply like to say that Maestro has been a superb programme. The final was a joy to watch and the ‘Tag Conducting’ must be one of the finest pieces of comedy and ‘sheer pleasure viewing’ the BBC has transmitted. Thank-you

John Wood, Morecambe
Compelling viewing. Many more series please.

Anna, London
Brilliant. Sue deserved to win. But what was with the change in judges? Maxim was great, but it looked a bit shoddy not to book the same judge for the entire series. Surely you knew of this in advance? Next year, Simone, Roger, Maxim and Simon Rattle? That double bassist Dominic was not up to the same standard.

Jane Winchester
Sue and Goldie deserved to be the finalists - both were amazing. But for me Goldie was the real star. In the past I’ve not really taken much notice of his music but since the start of this programme I’ve been listening online to some of his work and have just bought one of his albums - awesome!

Inaco Mazzoncini, London
Normally if I see celebrity in a television show, I switch channels very quickly, however, I watched this one all the way through was hooked from the off! At last a thoroughly absorbing show involving celebrities. I feel sorry for Goldiw who showed immense love of the music but I’m glad Sue won in the end. well done!

Elizabeth Sheen, Forest Row, Sussex
I’m SO glad that the BBC 2 viewers voted Sue Perkins as the winner, she was far and away the best of the lot. To be honest I don’t understand how Goldie got such high marks for his Beethoven as it was all the same, no eye contact with the orchestra as his own were closed most of the time. I’d love to have heard more from the judges on this point as they gave him such high marks. You could hear the audience gasping in disbelief. I hope it wasn’t all fixed! The only really frustrating thing was when we didn’t hear the comments of all the judges due to time constraints, surely this could have been managed somehow.

Alan - Glasgow
I tuned into this show for the first (and last) time last night. Can someone tell me how in God’s name that clown Sue Perkins won this competition? She should get an Oscar for her unashamed demonstration of self-interest? Classical music came a very poor second to the promotion of her own ego I fear. A Conductor ?? - “Strictly Come Off It !!”

Paul Daw - Tullochgrom, Argyll
Congratulations Sue Perkins! I voted for her but feel that both she and Goldie should be at Hyde Park. I hope you do another series. If so please show much more of the training sessions for the contestants.

Susan Jenkinson in Crawley West Sussex
I have really enjoyed every moment in this series the finalists were the right choice, both very good but I think Goldie should have won considering not being able to read music yet produce such excellence in his performance and presentation. However I am sure he will use his experience in his works. Lets have more of these quality programmes

Little My, London
I really did think that Goldie deserved it more. His musical background was so far removed from the luxury of having studied the piano that in my opinion his acheivement was far greater. Also I think a huge chance has been lost to interest those who wouldn’t normally listen to classical music

Helen London
Goldie - the judges winner - you were robbed!

John Chamberlain
I have been listening to classical music for nearly 50 years and have always wanted to conduct an orchestra. I was very impressed with both Goldie and Sue, but I thought Sue’s Beethoven communicated more edge, muscular energy and excitment. Many congratulations to Sue and all involved in this wonderful programme. Please do another and offer it to members of the public.

Bob and Barbara Boulton, Bristol
This is an email to congratulate Sue Perkins. We watched your progress to victory with great interest and enjoyment

Teresa Altrincham
I agree we should have the name of all the rehearsal pianists and I would like to know more about the reaction of the players to the various student conductors and also more about the amount of rehearsal time the students had with the orchestras.

john hardwick Ipswich
Please give Goldie an opportunity to conduct at one of the other concerts on Saturday evening.

Lisa McGarry, London
Goldie was robbed in my opinion, big mistake letting viewers decide when was judged all way through. He would have been so much better conducting at the proms in my book, and I think its a great shame - wonderful though Sue is - that he didn’t make it. He was obviously very tired last night and had to conduct twice in a row which again was a strange decision as sue had a break. I think he would have been spectacular at the proms. Sue is more popular with the ‘great’ (hah!) British public which is what secured her victory even though he got the only perfect 10 scores in the entire contest. Very upset now!

Roger and Anne Kemp Colchester
Congratulations to everyone involved with this wonderful prog.Wished it could have gone on longer. Thank you all so much,and good luck to Sue for Sat. Night.

CME, Reading
Against my expectations, this was highly compulsive and engaging TV, educating and entertaining in equal measure, clearly worth considering to bring back next year. The judges’ views were interestingly subjective, but the marking and remarks put Goldie in front, so why be Pontius Pilate and give the final verdict entirely to the public? Sue Perkins was excellent, but the passion, involvement and inspiration of Goldie shone through. His whole body radiated musicality. What did the orchestra think at the end, and what were the telephone voting figures?

Jim, Brentwood
Goldie was robbed

David Smallwood, Seaview, Isle of Wight
After a superb series of episodes in which the judgements made by experts were constructively critical. One could understand the reasons behind the marks given and could also have faith in the orchestra’s judgement. The decision to try and popularise the program by throwing the final decision open to a ‘phone vote was ridiculous. I did not vote myself because I would have hated to put either one of the two excellent finalists out and because I did not have the competance to make such a judgement; neither, I suspect, did most of the voting public. The final decision therefore became a farce.Goldie seemed to have the most ability whilst Sue had the more attractive personality but the decision should have been made on their respective competance. It was not and the outcome was reduced to game show banality.

Cosmo Little Falmouth
Congratulations to Sue . I have heard Beethovens 5th symphony maybe 100 times in my life, and I listened to both performances with my eyes shut to avoid being distracted. There was no doubt that Sue’s performance was much the best. The orchestra was more together, and the phrasing was excellent, and all the difficult pauses in the headlong rush were competently and even elegantly negotiated. I really would like to hear her conduct the complete symphony some time.

Margaret Younger
I have thoroughly enjoyed the series and have learned a lot about a Conductor. HOwever, I was so disappointed when Goldie did not win. At first I thought he was too brash - but I’ve watched him become a conductor and adopt the grace of a conductor and he has phenomenal talent. I hope we see him conduct somem public events in the future - he had a real sense of the music. He must have some deeply rooted natural ability for rythmn and sound. I do hope this is not the last we have seen of him as a conductor - it would be a great pity. Are there any plans for him to conduct again?

Philip O'Connor
Sue was superb and Goldie is a natural, I do hope that they both pursue things further as it would seem to be a waste of talent and opportunity if nothing more happens. Two very different approaches but each equally valid and consuming I hope the concert went well for Sue and that Goldie is given further opportunities by the BBC. Please do another series minus the planning gremlins that have in part detracted at times from the current series and please no dumbing down. Fun and enjoyment yes, but let us keep it for real this is the key to this programme format.

Pauline, Dorchester, Dorset
I am delighted - Sue was way ahead of the others all the way through and she really deserved to win.

margaret eley west midlands
goldie was just superb and was robbed ! i tried countless times to get thru to vote for him and just couldnt

Graham, Windsor
Great concept for a very entertaining series. Shame that the outcome of winner is decided by the public instead of by qualified experts. Of which I am not.

Mike = Torbay
WOW -well done BBC -following the success of THE CHOIR you have produced another outstsanding series.The classical music was brilliant and has shown yet again that even celebrities are human and emotional. The performances by all were fantastic helped by their patient mentors.Clive Anderson was the perfect compere,the judges gave honest opinions and the orchestra - WOW

David Freedman. London
I have enjoyed the series very much and although I have not always agreed with all the judges’ comments (I think Jane Asher was better than the judges generally thought), I thought the result was exactly right. We had the right final three and the final order was also absolutely correct. I was unsure whether the final result should have been left to the judges or to the public but I think the judges would have given it to Goldie which I think would have been a mistake, so the public was right; Perkins had more flexibility over repertoire and the orchestra was crisper under her, Goldie was lost the moment he moved outside of the Romantic box. I honestly don’t think Jane Asher did anything wrong in any of the programmes. Well done to Sue Perkins. As to the make up of the judging panel; yes to having two judges but why two string players (‘cello and double bass), why not one string player and one other sort of instrumentalist or singer? The major downside; Clive Anderson is insufferably smug and quite unloveable and some of his quips were inappropriate but, no, I am not asking for the pseudo-laddish Charles Haselwood to replace him - Sean Rafferty is your best bet with his wonderful mix of camp celtic wit and charm. What next?

Niki, London
Absolutely fantastic series. I watched every show avidly and last night I was wracked with nerves and excitement. Goldie is just awesome but Sue thoroughly deserved to win, she has been consistently great throughout….the Simpsons and the Beethoven were just electric! Well done Goldie, Sue and the BBC!!!

Susan, Glasgow
You are absolutely right about administrators rather than musicians having issues with female conductors. Several years ago I was engaged by an orchestra with whom I had previously worked to conduct them in an open air opera gala producer. I was subsequently told that the promotor of the concert tried to get me removed as I am a woman and “women conductors are no good”! As it happens the concert never happened because the same promotor failed to apply for the right licence for the performance but that is another story!

Roberta, Exeter
Feel so sorry for Goldie!1 he has such passion, Sue just saw it as a competition. Hope we see Goldie again could watch him for hours. Hope he knows how much people thought of him

Maxine - Hitchin, Herts
I am DELIGHTED that Sue Perkins won - I took part in the rehearsal choir and she was clearly the most competent and communucated constantly with the orchestra and choir. Well done Sue - have a wonderful time in the Park !!!

Di Greaves, Durham
Both finalists were superb, but Goldie (who got my vote) had more passion and hunger and, with the orchestra as the conduit, I think he got it all out and produced the sound he really wanted. A truly beautiful, moving sound - particularly the Rach and Beethoven. Goldie was extremely fortunate to have Ivor Setterfield as his mentor: he is a truly inspiring man, and pressed all the right buttons to get the best out of Goldie. So sorry it didn’t get the result it richly deserved. Please keep the momentum going lads - I look forward to hearing more from you. And please BBC - let’s have another series of Maestro soon.

Susan, Stockport
Congratulation! This has been a fabulous programme - inspirational,

Layne Kuirk-Schwarz-Waad from London
A thoroughly deserved victory! Well done Sue Perkins! Shame only Channel Four and ITV managed to find the time to jot down a few lines of congratulations on their ‘Celebrity News’ bulletins. The BBC must have been too pressed for time and/or strapped for cash, as not even a congratulatory bunch of flowers found their way into the hands of the worthy winner. Had I been alerted, a little in advance, that my licence fee would not stretch to a dozen carnations, for an occasion such as this, I would have been more than happy to organise a whip-round. Looking forward to Saturday and the very gifted Ms. Perkins.

Jackie, Stafford
We were gutted for Goldie though, like Greystones, felt in truth that Sue was the better performer by a tiny margin on the night. But why does there have to be only one winner? They are both so brilliant, why can’t they both do a piece at the proms - I am sure everyone would be thrilled to bits. Watching Goldie and Sue throughout this series has been a real joy, it’s not often that TV gives you such delicious goosebumps.

Ivan Powell in Hampton
Up until the Beethoven I was still undecided but I was inclined to vote for Goldie. However Sue’s performance of the Beethoven was outstanding and so she got my vote.Best of luck on Saturday Sue.

David Sherwood, Northwich
Great Show, Best Conductor won. More like this please

Jeremy Bateman from Sandgate
The phone-in destroyed what was a fantastic programme. We all know who should be there on Saturday.

Phil Aplin, Cheltenham
Absolutely delighted that Sue has won. From “The Simpsons” she was my favourite even though the judges didn’t agree.

John, Nazeing Essex
I voted purely on the basis of the Beethoven performance. Within seconds of Sue starting to conduct the piece my spine was tingling with pleasure. She got my vote and I was pleased the majority shared my view. Super programme. Encore!!

sean stanley, chesterfield
Many congratulations to Sue - your performance was awesome in the final. For me all the way through Goldie was the man and I believe if the end result was to be judged on that he was the winner. Sue, most improved overall and just shaded the final but Goldie overall. What Goldie has done for dance music, I believe is astounding. I think Goldie has shown that all producers, engineers and DJs in the dance scene should perhaps, musically, be taken much more seriously than we are and how what are essentially instrumental styles, seperated by centuries and technologies are perhaps, on a human level, not so different.

Ginevra, London
What a stunning final! I picked up the phone and started dialing 3 times before I could actually bring myself to choose one or the other. In the end, I felt I’d rather be sitting in Sue’s orchestra than Goldie’s because while Goldie clearly felt the music deeply and communicated his feelings to the players very eloquently, it felt like it was up to the orchestra to figure out how to express them. Sue seemed to tackle the music on a more detailed level, and seemed to work harder at drawing the colour and expression out of the material the composer wrote. But then, perhaps like the best kind of manager, there’s something to be said for giving the basic direction, then standing back and allow the players to figure out how they’re going to do it. Goldie clearly had the orchestra in the palm of his hand. Equally deserving winners in my opinion. Congratulations to both!

Hans Esveld Zoetermeer Netherlands
Congratulations to Sue and compliments to the other seven candidatess. A wonderful programme. Regards from Holland

Tess Murdoch, Bury St Edmunds
Such a hard choice between them - it was wonderful to see Goldie’s growing love and understanding of classical music over the series and he looked wonderful as a conductor, with a real command - but Sue was magical - intelligent and passionate, and so self-deprecating. She edged it, but they both deserve to go on and on. I’m so sad it’s over!


David Thomas
I voted for Goldie because overall he was the most natural conductor of all the contestants. He has fabulous expression and feel of the music …. but along came Sue, who week by week improved so much with her abilty to communicate with the orchestra. Her conducting of the Finale to the Firebird Suite was sentational, despite the blip! …. The way she brought out the brass in those fabulous final bars had me standing and applauding! Well done the beeb! great show! … more please! Dave, Wrexham

Mrs Emma Peel, Newcastle upon Tyne
Hugely enjoyable final of incredibly high quality - tremendous music selections - loved Jane Asher conducting Mozart’s Overture to the Marriage of Figaro, the Strauss: Radetzky March baton relay with Katie Derham’s sexy hip-action wiggles; Rossini’s William Tell Overture and the Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5. I thought Goldie produced a stunning powerhouse conducting performance of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 and Beethoven’s 5th, a beautifully smooth and moving performance Elgar’s Nimrod and should have won the Maestro title. Congratulations to Maestro Sue, the Maestro students, mentors, judges, BBC Concert Orchestra, Symphony Chorus and Soloists, Clive Anderson and the BBC production team on an absolutely splendid series of programmes. Best series of the year. Bravo!

Jim M
So sad Goldie lost. Hope he knows there are many out here that were so moved by his talent and passion and conduct. He was a true gentleman and a wonderful ambassador for all music - he led with his heart and soul and in a dispassionate world was a real and valid beacon of such virtues. He was my Maestro!.

David Thomas
Great final! very hard to choose, but I voted for Goldie because He’s been the best throughout … a natural conductor! Sue Perkins communication with the orchestra improved each week, culminating in a fantastic performance of the Finale of the Firebird Suite, (despite the blip in the middle!) She really pulled out all the stops from the brass section in those fabulous final bars! Bravo! Well done the beeb! I hope it’s a regular show

George, Chichester
Justice has been done! I’m so relieved! Sue certainly deserved to win, and I hope she’s really proud of herself. Brava!

Richard Burningham, Plymouth
Well done to Sue. Looking forward to seeing her on the Last Night. I’ve really enjoyed Maestro - hope you will bring it back next year and let the winner conduct something in the main concert at the Royal Albert Hall!

Ama - Congham, Norfolk
I’m really pleased that Sue Perkins won - she has been consistently top grade in my estimation. She is completely believable. I liked Goldie but something was missing……

Mrs J.G. Williams. Chesterfield
What a brilliant competition. Please do another Maestro competition next year - but with a different presenter. Both Goldie & Sue were so good and really both deserved the title.

James, near Milton Keynes
To the BBC…this is more like it! Please, please bring a second series of Maestro to our screens next year!! Very good way of judging too - only letting the public vote on the last programme - much better - stops most of the more popular celebrities being kept in the game, regardless of their talent (something that happened with Strictly Come Dancing). The result tonight was the right one - very well done Sue!! I don’t doubt the passion and love for the music from the other contestants, but speaking as a musician and orchestral player myself, I really do think that Sue can inspire and get an orchestra doing what she wants very, very well. Fancy coming to guest contuct an orchestra in Milton Keynes Sue?!?!

Georgi Badakhshan Edinburgh
I thought Sue Perkins was absolutely brilliant- I hope this will be the first of many musical events for her.

perks, you rock! Lots of love from the biscuit-eyed lady x

The Sci-Fi Bard (a.k.a. Angie) Gosport, Hampshire
Well done Sue! You did great work every week and thoroughly deserved your win! We’ll be at The Park to cheer you on and wave our little Union Jack flags at you on Saturday! ;-) Love and hugs…

James, London
p.s. please can you publish the voting figures.

Isabelle Hunter Liverpool.
An amazing and wonderful series. More please next season!

James, London
Absolutely devasated that Goldie didn’t win - there was so much energy and passion in his conducting and the orchestra seemed to sit up and respond in a way that they did not do with anyone else (Sue Perkins included). Hope he keeps going with it somewhere else.

Robert Kenchington, Stamford
The best television programme I’ve seen in years! A great evening where newcomers to classical music learned something about the breadth of the repertoire -from Mozart to Stravinsky - while being entertained at the same time. It ‘s a delicate balance but I think ‘Maestro’ succeeded tonight in making the occasion fun without trivialising the music. It was great to see both the professionals and the students come together (I loved the conductors’ relay!) and while congratulations are due to Sue Perkins for a well-won victory, the overall winner was the music itself. I for one hope ‘Maestro’ returns to our screens again: ENCORE!

James, Edinburgh
No offence to Sue Perkins, but I’m gutted for Goldie. The judges thought - and voted - that he was the best and most musically expressive student (although Sue did have the better “technique”). Call me a cynic, but perhaps the voting audience thought he wasn’t the “right-sort” for the show, unlike Cambridge-educated wag Sue!

Pam & Alan, Derbyshire
We were genuinely thrilled for Sue, despite her self doubt, it was evident that she had an intrinsic feel for the passion of the music which she conveyed to the audience and the orchestra. Once she completely loses her inhibitions she will be incredible. Sue, you are much better than you think you are, well done girl!

Sue Perkins won woo! Justice is served.

Veronica, London
With all that is published about young black men today, you would think that Goldie would not be robbed but be given his just win and be a role model to the youngsters. Shame on you

Eleanor, Sunderland
Sue was great, but I do wish that Goldie had won. I hadn’t heard of him before this programme, but he certainly got my vote - beautifully clear conducting from someone who truly felt the music. This is one of those programmes where I feel that the judging should not be left to the public, who tend to go for the more popular (or popularly known) person.

Jay Lo/London
Wonderful,inspiring,moving piece of television. Great to see tonight what a real conductor can do, thank you Sir Roger Norrington. I will miss the series, but more over the trials and tribulations of Goldie. I am sorry he lost,Sue did put up a good fight. I hope he will continue his new found passion and in eager anticipation will be allowed to follow it..Well done all for brightening the last several weeks. Bring on Maestro 2009!

Anne Scott, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford
Just loved the programme. More please but do we have to have the protracted pause before announcing the loser/winner? Surely the arts can do a little better than that - it is SO irritating on all such programmes. Congratulations to all who took part, mentors included. They were all great.

Paul Fahey - Bishops Stortford
It’s beena very entertaining and informative series. Bradley Walsh was hilarious, but still shone through as a real tryer. It proved rivetting viewing watching the celebs being put to the sword. I hope the BBC do another series. Well done to all involved

Annie Robson, Stevenage
Thoroughly enjoyable series. Helped my understanding too. Delighted Sue won.

malcolm stow
Astounding result, clearly Goldie was the experts champion, and it can only be assumed that those who voted ‘against’ his winning will be those who will see what I expect to be a thoroughly underwhelming performance on the big stage. Serves them wrong!

Pat Chamberlain, Leicester
I only caught the last few, but it was a fantastic programme. I liiked Goldie and would like to know more about him

Colin Parlor, Leeds
Well deserved, Sue. THE BEST. Goldie was good, and I think he did very well, but you were AWE INSPIRING

Louise Grant, Sudbury, Suffolk
This really has been the most wonderful television I’ve watched for ages. High calibre and high energy. It has rekindled my interest in classical music and opened my eyes to the impact and control and conductor has on an audience. Having been put off going to classical concerts as a child, I am now yearning to buy much of the music performed on the series and go to a concert as soon as possible! My family and I have enjoyed discussing the programmes animatedly after each one and we shall miss them hugely. We are all looking forward to the Proms in the Park on Saturday night and PLEASE please consider doing another series next year.

Rob Collinson, Welwyn Garden City
What a star Sue is!!! Well done, Sue. Keep up the great work. You have brought real love and enjoyment back to classical music. Your passion spoke straight to me. Well done.

Mrs. J. Cronin
What a wonderful programme. I enjoyed it so much, and thought Sue Perkins thoroughly deserved to win. Please let us have more !!!!!

Christine Doherty, Londonderry
The series was excellent, best thing I have watched in a long time

Ste, Liverpool
Gutted for you Goldie…. I’ve lived Drum’n’Bass and Classical for years, can’t wait to hear your next production(s).

Grace, London
I was absolutely gutted when Goldie lost tonight, I think he was by far the most passionate and talented conductor and quite frankly I think he was robbed. So, so disappointed.

Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Can you let Goldie know how much his Rachmaninoff made me cry (good thing!) during the final. I loved his conducting of Beeth… V, (and I know a bit about classical music) but Sue just shaded it for me. Damnnation that I couldn’t vote in the final as I’m from the Republic of Ireland …

Mozart, Salzburg
The right result!

Goldie, doing it for all of us who can’t read music!

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