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REM Albums


REM - Murmur

Unapologetically intelligent, Murmur is a fully-fledged classic.
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REM - Reckoning

REM remain ferociously indie and seemingly uninterested in mainstream success.
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Fables Of The Reconstruction

REM - Fables Of The Reconstruction

These days it sounds like exactly what it's title says...a fable, lost in time.
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Life's Rich Pageant

REM - Life's Rich Pageant

REM can do anything they want, including conquer the world.
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REM - Document

Document showcases a band at the top of their game and hints at more stunning work still to come.
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REM - Green

A bigger sound made more explicit than ever before, Green pump-primed the world for what would become Athens' biggest export.
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Out Of Time

REM - Out Of Time

A brilliant jumping-off point for REM novices.
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Automatic For The People

REM - Automatic For The People

Automatic For the People turned them into one of the biggest bands on the planet for a while, selling a whopping 15 million copies.
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REM - Monster

Taken as a whole, it must be seen as a double-edged triumph.
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New Adventures In Hi-Fi

REM - New Adventures In Hi-Fi

Remove the filler and this is a very good album, perhaps even the last great REM album.
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REM - Up

The best of the three post-Berry studio albums.
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REM - Reveal

Reveal has a warmth that comes from finally being able to use all the shiny happy toys that modern technology had to offer.
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Special Edition DVD Audio Reissues

REM - Special Edition DVD Audio Reissues

REM's post-1988 back catalogue is reissued as DVD-Audio special editions, packed with previously unseen extras.
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REM - Live

22-track audio and visual package documenting REM at a dynamic show at the Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, on February 27, 2005.
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REM - Accelerate

We should be thankful, and not a little amazed.
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