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Radiohead At The BBC - April 1 2008

Matinee performance - Photo by Yui Mok/AP

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Were you there? Did you listen? Share your views, reviews and experiences from the Radiohead At The BBC event.

Your Views Of The Day

Royce Dodds
This was a simply great show, I'm sitting in Germany and was so thrilled to be able to listen to such a magical performance, well done Radiohead, and a big thank you to the BBC for allowing me to hear this, fantastic

didn't quite believe it when R2 rang to say I had tickets, I didn't quite believe it when we were sat there just a few rows from the front. I still don't quite believe we were there for one of the most intense bands ever playing with their focused intensity just infront of us. A lifetime musical highlight. Thanks R2, R'head and mum for babysitting!

Dan Mar
Oh Yes Shane this was good. Not a single single played and yet a wonderful list of songs. Everything in its right place.

I was there in the evening with my sone Josh. We were centre, third row from the front. It was the most amazing experience, for me the first time I had seen the band and for Josh who has seen them a few times. Thank you Radiohead and thank you BBC, your staff at the event were superb.

7 rows back 'til last couple of songs... wow! Of course would've loved to have heard Paranoid Android, Street Spirit or similar but have no complaints at all... in thrall to the 'Head. Lot of travelling that day but would do it every day for the same!

Fantastic. Still on top of their game after so many years. Peerless Yorke.

Listened to the evening performance and simply confirms who is the best band in the world over the last decade or so. They write music how it should be written and play music how it should be played. They mesmerise us.

Chris Davison
I was lucky to be at the matinee show. The sound and acoustics were the best I've ever heard at a gig. Everything was so clear and crisp. The audience sat in silence through the songs. Videotape was the highlight for me, but through the whole show i felt shivers running up and down my body, such a great show. Thanks to whoever pulled my name out of the hat. Oh and we saw Stephen Merchant lurking around at the back!

Listened to the show 3 times...INCREDIBLE!!! AIRBAG...nuff said!

Dave Wilson
Sat 4 rows back with the gorgeous Louise Catherall! Am a huge fan (who never wins any competitions), and last saw Radiohead play in a circus tent in Warrington about 10yrs ago. Came down from Manc for this, and will never forget it. Such musical genius, such many 'such's'! Off to see Billy Bragg next..............I am truely spoilt! Thanks Bluenose Mark 'n' Radio 2!

absolutely amazing, i was sat front row right infront of thom! best seat in the house - i feel so fortunate. they were absolutely amzing. i got me the pick thom used... he bit into it lol and got his setlist, dont understand why they didnt perform last flowers. But they were awesome!!!! feel soooooo lucky

Was there in 2nd row with my wife for the matinee and it was amazing. Worth the licence fee alone - so now i'm in credit for the year!!

I was therea few feet from the stage and it was a fantastic once in a lifetime experience

What an exceptional night I can't believe I was there. Thank you BBC for helping me fulfil on of my lifes ambitions, and thank you Colin, Ed and Thom for signing my In Rainbows book I know you were tired and I interrupted your phone call. Can't wait till the gig in Manchester.

Paul Neale
Even catching what appeared to be the milk train back to Birmingham didn't detract from what was a tremendous hour of music. An amazingly intimate gig, with crystal clear acoustics and wonderful songs, played with real passion - this is music that is truly dazzling. A memorable night - still wondering how the hell my name got pulled out? Lucky. (which was great to hear as well)

'House of Cards' was mind-blowing.

I agree with Liz Sutton. Great to hear some really good music on the radio for a change. Even better that it happened to be Radiohead.Look forward to seeing you on the 25th Liz. xxx

Steve Molyneux
Imagine the perfect gig. Being sat feet away from a band you love, with an audience that doesn't talk through the entire set, and the best sound you've ever witnessed at a live show. A perfect performance. A big thankyou to all at the BBC and also my mate Rob who gave me a ticket for the show.

Me & my bf listened to the show from Athens, Greece through the 'Net, and it only made us more & more eager for the 14th of June - we're seeing the guys in Nimes, France. It was amazing - not even the at times slightly warbly sound (damn you, stupid ISP!) could spoil the evening. :-)

mark c willett
thumbs up from ed what a night . so so lucky to be there with 3 mates who are all going to viccy park on 25th . see you there anup

Spankys mate...
2nd row seat right in front of thom :-)24 hrs later still blown away...truely legends...

James Griffin
I'm glad the first thing I'd ever won was a pair of tickets for the evening session of one of my favourite bands. What great songs...what focus on delivering the songs....what artists! Cheers Radio 2 and Radiohead.

Well I'm glad I got something back for paying my TV licence every year. Great gig in the evening. The clarity of sound in that theatre is simply amazing compared to auditorium gigs where you hear the muffles of the singer. Well done Radiohead and the BBC

Never win anything. So getting these tickets was a real bonus. Absolutely nothing to the actual gig though. In a word, FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!!! Couldn't have hoped for more.

Nubia London
Was awesome ... in my dreams I was there. And everyone loved me and screamed like fireworks display... "We are so happy that you are here"

Samantha Magabo
THANK YOU!!!! Thankyou to the band and everyone at the BBC who organised it.

Lucky enough to go to the afternoon gig. WOW!! As others here, Nude was nearly tear jerking. Thanks to Radiohead for making it possible. NOTE TO RICK BAKER I'm 40 this year & certainly don't do text-speak either, entered the WASTE competition on the 24th, closed on the 25th!! How lucky was that ;-) I know one young couple who REALLY enjoyed the whole day... you know who you are fumble fingers :-)

Rob McDougall
Cheers for that BBC :)I even got a word in with Nigel Godrich :D

chad plewis
sooo glad my dad won those tickets ! absolutely amazing gig ! thank youu so muchhh =]

Helen Dewar
Listened to it on digital telly. Stunning performance, Nude always brings a lump to my throat, but live it's very special. I'm looking forward to seeing them during the summer.

Got to listen to the evening concert. I'm already a huge fan but that was just phenomenal. Really looking forward to London.

The Afternoon gig was amazing, not as long as i fort it would be, but hey it was free haha, being literally metres from the band was unreal when you find yourself making eye contact with them, what was funny was that during waiting in the waiting room for the gig to start me and my mate chris worked out what tracks our ticket numbers were, mine being 42 and his 43 (altho i wish i could have kept those) we worked it out wrongly that track 42 of just the main studio full albums was morning bell and then realised that it was optimistic, i felt let down because i knew there was no chance that those tracks would be played and low and behold that they both, even optimistic twice after the strangest encore ive ever seen at a gig, cheers to the beeb and see u again in june to radiohead =]

Eliana Carranza-Pitcher

Ali Choudhry
Absolutely Stunning.Pitch Perfect.. didnt think it could get much better then they played Lucky.I felt the most luckiest guy alive.Cheers Guys.See You In Glasgow....

Ali Choudhry
Absolutely Stunning.Pitch Perfect.. didnt think it could get much better then they played Lucky.I felt the most luckiest guy alive.Cheers Guys.See You In Glasgow....

Just listened in AMAZING too much for words...totally the best band in the world

Liz Sutton
Didn't win the tickets but it was so great to hear so much radiohead on radio 2 they are amazing!! I'm so looking forward to June 25th

just listening has made me very very excited for the tour!29th June here we come!

Just Perfect xxx

Didn't win tickets but listened on the radio. AWESOME!! Am seeing them in -June, roll on summer!!!

I was lucky enough to be front row for this afternoon - something I will remember to my grave. The talent of every member of Radiohead cannot be underestimated, they really are true greats of mine and any musical era. Thanks to the BBC for having me and many other appreciative RH fans!

Keith phillips
class in an f'in glass. anna watson above speaks for everyone

It's all mixed emotions, thanks to WASTE it's the first time I see my favourite band live and that feels great, mostly the silence at the middle of NUDE... oh boy. And yet i feel so stupid for not having shared such experience b4. Thanks again

Glen Blackwell
This is the first time i've ever put my Sky+ on at home and gone straight to the radio channels! Hurry up evening performance!!

Lou Osborne
Thank you - I will never forget this day.

Martin Clark
I had tears in my eyes at the end of 'Nude'. Stunning and beautiful in equal measure.

Rick Baker
Didn't win the ticket's, obviously too old and don't do text-speak, gutted :(

feeling like the luckiest guy alive right now - Thanks for the autograph Jonny, and thanks for such a great intimate show Radiohead!

it was absolutly amazing, i was about 4 feet from thom yorke in the front row


Anna Watson-Smith
I thought I liked Radiohead before today, but being 20ft from Thom Yorke as he hit the long note in 'Nude' really blew my mind. The audience sat in awestruck silence, knowing this was a once in a lifetime experience. The 10 minute standing ovation at the end of the recording doesn't come close to capturing how privileged we all felt to have been at the BBC today. Absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you BBC.

saucy sam
sooo hot and happening babbbyyyy!

Dan Waddington
What a gig, speechless... Can't wait for Manchester!!

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