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Led Bib - Sensible Shoes


This fourth album by the London based quintet mashes up art rock, jazz, funk and good old-fashioned noise into what might be (according to one reviewer) "either the future of jazz or an infernal racket". Recorded after two years of heavy touring by the band, it's their most potent statement yet.

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    • 1. At 00:56am on 22 Jul 2009, oneeyedbetsy wrote:

      The nomination of led bib is far from a "token" gesture.......their live performances, energy, imagination and positive attitude put them right on top as favourites. Go and see them play. Incredible.

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    • 2. At 5:11pm on 07 Sep 2009, Lisaw1980 wrote:

      Without a doubt, these guys are amazing, a truely hardworking band who have a very shiney future.

      All the best,

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    • 3. At 5:19pm on 08 Sep 2009, fastcakes wrote:

      Superb, from what I can judge by the track on here. Maybe the judges will see beyond the jazz tag and award them the prize, although my heart says Glasvegas.

      Oh, and why isn't it on live on the BBC?

      Very disappointed.

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