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NEWS: Live 8 - All the backstage gossip

Robbie Williams

Live 8 - All the backstage gossip - 4 July 2005

Hyde Park was packed with 200,000 people this Saturday (July 2nd) for the London leg of the Live 8 Make Poverty History gigs.

The massive concert, which was one of several huge global live events, saw sets from Madonna, The Killers, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and many other international artists.

The day long show, which ended up overrunning by two hours, kicked off with a duet between Paul McCartney and Bono, with the ex-Beatle also closing the show, this time pairing up with George Michael.

Robbie Williams was one of the other highlights of Live 8 - he proved he was the ultimate performer with the whole crowd singing along to his set. .

Madonna and Mariah Carey were the only people on Saturday with a stage ban, which meant no one could go on stage to watch while they were on.

A shambling Pete Doherty has been criticised for not making the most of the opportunity to play with Elton John let alone at Live 8.

He was spotted stumbling round backstage.


Razorlight went down really well and the band's lead singer Johnny pleased a lot of people by taking his shirt off.

Snoop was another big crowd favourite - one of his many bodyguards trotted just inches behind him carrying a box of paprika flavoured crisps.

But the Godfather of rap told us he was overwhelmed to be there:

"It's the biggest thing that ever happened to me, in my career, in my life. There are so many people watching it and it's for a great cause."

"When I was a kid I always used to see the commercials with the kids that never had food and they were dying at five and six years old, now you've got eight powerful people willing to try and erase that and make a difference."

"For them to call me and say 'Snoop, come and perform', that's gigantic to me."

Ricky Gervais succumbed to pressure and did 'that' dance from 'The Office'

He told us he knew he had to it but didn't realise he was so out of practice:

"250,000 booing you, you'll do anything, you'll go against principles."

"I didn't know how to do it, it was rubbish. But then I thought, it probably doesn't matter that much does it?"

"No, it wasn't as good as the one I did in the show? Because that was 'so' good wasn't it? I was a proper dancer."

"It was an honour, it was amazing, something to look back on isn't it?"

Madonna on stage

Ricky spoke to Brad Pitt and Madonna, who told him he was her hero.

She's such a mega fan that she even offered to sweep his floors.

So who knows, maybe they'll turn up on his new show 'Extras'.

The 'Little Britain' Lou and Andy sketch worked really well - both Matt and David were thrilled to be involved and to meet the stars although Matt said he was disappointed by one thing:

Lou and Andy introduce a band

"It was joyous, it was so exciting, these are the biggest mega stars in the world, all in one place."

"The only thing I can think it is like is the Oscars. But music stars are international."

"It's amazing, we walked in and we saw Paul McCartney, two minutes after that we saw Bono, two minutes later we saw Elton John, then we saw Coldplay, then Gwyneth Paltrow. It's astonishing.

"We're thrilled to be a part of it."

"It's a real honour to be asked to be here today. I think it's a shame that Bill Gates didn't sing though."

Live 8 wasn't just about London, there were eight other concerts around the world.

Some of the highlights were shown on the big screens, including Faithless in Berlin and Duran Duran in Rome.

Angelina Jolie turned up at the Eden Project, and in Philadelphia - Will Smith was great as host, Kaiser Chiefs, Maroon 5, Destiny's Child and Kanye West all played. Kanye was a late addition:

"I wasn't scheduled to be at this event, but a friend of mine really told me about the importance of what was going on and I had to do it."

"God didn't allow me to survive my accident for no reason - it wasn't just for me to go off and try to get money."

"It is events like this that make a difference."

Paris Hilton in the crowd

Scarlett Johannson was spotted arm in arm with Josh Hartnett looking really loved up but dressed down.

Trying not to be spotted, she had her hair tucked up under a baseball cap.

Brittany Murphy tried the same ruse but had big movie star glasses on.

Paris Hilton was there with her fiancé Paris Latsis. Earlier in the day, she seemed really excited but shortly after had a complete hissy fit. She burst into tears because, deep breath, someone knocked her hat off.

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