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HAVE YOUR SAY: Your comments on the London Hyde Park event

Your reviews of the London Live 8 event.

Madonna With over twenty five big name artists performing, London's Hyde Park event was by far the biggest of the Live 8 concerts. You can read a selection of reviews of the event below.






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    What did you think of the London Live 8 event?

    Damian Jones from Cardiff
    Great concert. Swearing was a bit too much - and it's not that our priorities are wrong, but excessive use of bad language will give the cynics an excuse to criticise the people doing the swearing and to take the focus away from what really matters - the dying people in Africa

    Susan, Edinburgh
    It was thee best day of my life ever, it's difficult to pick which artist was the best but think Robbie did top it, but then so did Stereophonics, Razorlight, Annie Lennox was amazing, Madonna and U2 of course. It was such an emotional day with all the views, video's etc. and excitement. Still can't believe I was there. Hope the leaders were listening. Off to Murrayfield tonight for the next episode. Woohoo

    C.T. Cruse , Dallas Texas
    Pink Floyd were unbelievable after not playing for 24 years together and no practice to get up there. It was the best.

    Warren from Guildford
    Fantastic day! There were many good acts but Pink Floyd were absolutely great. Their songs speak for themselves. Musically on a different level. I almost had tears in my eyes at the end.

    Kerry Patterson, Bath
    Madonna was just amazing! Who can say she has a 'little' voice now? What a voice, what energy, and waht a show altogether! I also liked Sting. He too has a great voice live. Mariah Carey's voice was actually disappointing, and i kept wondering why she can't sing as well live as she does on record.

    Ian, Milton Keynes
    Hi, great day - most of the acts were excellent. We thought Keane and Snowpatrol stood out, as did Stereophonics to open the show. Madonna and Scissor Sisters were highlights later on. For "us at the back" the no alcohol policy did dampen enthusiasm a bit - not to mentiont the VERY long changeovers!! We had to leave before the end because the show ran so late. Just one major whinge; how DULL was Joss Stone - no atmosphere and barely audible!

    Emma, Bedfordshire
    I was there !! Words cannot explain the emotion and atmosphere of the whole occasion. The Robster did not disappoint. Why by Annie Lennox moved me to tears. Amazing how the whole world joined Will Smith on the 3 second finer click. All the words said on Saturday made me realise how lucky we really are. 8 men can change that. Make Poverty History

    Rob Smith, London
    Velvet Revolver were amazing, its ashame they were the only rock band at live 8 tho!

    Craig G, Bradford
    Annie Lennox singing "Why" was heartwrenching, you could hear a pin drop, and the emotion that surrounded us in hyde park was amazing. Madonna signing music and not stopping until everybody was clapping and singing was great (until my hands were red raw afterwards)!

    Hannah Essex
    The most amazing day I have ever been to. Speechless!

    Sarah from Birmingham
    Absolutely fantastic day, well done Sir Bob you pulled it off brilliantly, lets just hope that G8 listen. Best performace for me has to be Robbie - what a showman.

    EMMY, Manchester, Uk
    I was lucky enough to get into the Golden circle and it was magical! We had a superb view and all the artists and guests performed well except Mariah Carey who was just so egocentric it was vomitingly unpleasant. Snoop Dog was foul! But the best were U2, Annie Lennox,Madge,Razorlight ect ect. Just a Perfect day

    Ross Brown from Dartford
    Robbie,Floyd,The Who were excellent.Sir Elton John & Pete Doherty were the pits. Why were a fantastic band like the Killers only given time for one song ? Apart from that a brill day.

    Hazel Morrison, Glasgow
    was lucky to get a ticket to live8 on Saturday. Thought the day was fanstastic - loved coldplay, madonna , rem and scissor sisters but most moving and memorable session was from Annie Lennox - she was superb

    Eric Allen from Cardiff
    Mariah Carey was by far the best performer vocally - nobody else came close. She may mime when doing promo shows like top of the pops but she showed that she can still sing better than anyone out there. Hero was superb!

    Mark, Birmingham
    I thought Madonna was amazing. She livened up the whole thing which was quite slow till she was on stage. Yes, she said the 'f' word but so what? It definitely worked on the crowd and every single person joined clapping and singing!

    Dan Green, Birmingham
    I am absolutely amazed to see people saying that the day was rubbish, A certain individual saying that she left after two hours that is awful you are a disgrace so so ungrateful. I would have given anything to have been there just to watch on tv was amazing. The music that was played was stunning. To see artists from so many backgrounds just brilliant. My highlight RAZORLIGHT who just made sure that everyone opened there eyes to see the amazing music breaking through.

    Robin B form Witney
    I agree with those who criticised the swearing. Its a shame people who do criticise get trivialised just for wanting to maintain standards. It doesn't mean they think its more important than the cause. The point of the performance was to educate people so the performers should have been mindful that youngsters would be watching!

    Rebecca - Wandsworth, London
    We only had tickets to watch on the big screens in Hyde Park but atmosphere was just as powerful. An event worker went to the main arena to watch the Scissor Sisters and said there wasn't nearly as much of a vibe. She could actually hear us cheering over them and couldn't wait to get back! Thanks for pushing for the extra tix Bob et all.

    Michelle, London
    The most amazing concert on earth! I was there and had the time of my life. Well done Bob you are an amazing man!

    Darcey Wynter Chichester
    Watching Live 8 was amazing! Robbie Williams stole the show, I love all his songs and I thought Madonna did pretty well considering she can't sing that well, Live 8 was the best I've heard her sing!

    Steve Maceham from Bristol
    After waiting in the queue for five hours and only moving 500m, we decided to give up and go to the nearest pub and watch it!

    Jill - North Shields
    Why did Maria Carey have to be a total pain - demanding water and a mike stand. She was the only one that I did not enjoy. Pink Floyd and Robbie were fantastic. Bob Geldof deserves the Noble Peace Award.

    James in London
    Great concert, but who was that stoned idiot singing "Children of the revolution" with Elton John? That was spectacularly bad.

    Gemma, Reading
    Velvet Revolver wiped the floor with everyone!

    Pete Flowers Hucknall Nottingham
    No one seems to mention the over run of the concert times and two thirds of the crowd had left before before the end of the concert. I was one of those who had to leave early which made me miss Pink Floyd, my prime group I wanted to see. This spoilt a good day.

    Keith Law Belfast
    When are people going to be honest about the fact that Dido just cant sing live. I felt embarassed for her. She clearly wasnt embarassed at all... she went on to Eden to take up space on the stage there too! Jonathan Ross best chioce of presenter. Pete Doherty needs help, not paraded around like a circus freak. Shame on you Elton

    John, London
    Madonna was fantastic - looks like she's safe as the queen of pop for a while longer, everyone else was cool as well - music really does make the people come together!

    Paddy, Donegal
    Nothing short of wonderful! The spirt of the day was magnificent and I couldn't fault any of the acts, but The Who, The Floyd and Macca were the best! Go on, Bob!

    I watched most of the event on TV with a few beers and it was fantastic! I thought the stand outs performance wise were Stereophonics and The Who although every act produced good performances.It was certainly a day to remember!

    Thais Dalloz - Brasil
    I only watch Joss Stone's performance and she was just PERFECT! Love that girl so much!

    Mark Wheldale, Leicester
    U2 and Annie Lennox were excellent but my favorites were UB40 who can still get the crowd singing along after 25 years together.An excellent concert and a great way to get the message across.

    Leon from Lowestoft
    I went to the concert and thought it was absolutely amazing! I Think Bob Geldof is doing an amazing thing and I dont think anyone can knock him for what he has done! The line up of artists on the day was fantastic! couldn't believe it. The Killers, U2, Keane, Coldplay and REM were fantastic. Great stuff everyone!

    C Hawkins, Malvern
    Good concert, good performers but shame about the swearing. Just for the record, not one life will be, or ever has been saved by swearing.

    Andy Pimlott, Wirral
    We saw it all from 100 yards. Best performances were Robbie, Madge, REM, U2. Not a fan normally but Stereophonics livened it up after Dido. Could not believe Mariah Careys attitude - ' can i get a mike stand !!. Otherwise a great day and a piece of history

    Patrick from Burton On Trent.
    I thought Madonna was AMAZING.The choir were fantastic who sang with her. I know a lot of people are moaning about her swearing but if it got the message across who cares? Brilliant day!!!

    Michael from Malta
    Show just highlighted the fact that Pink Floyd were and, apparently still are, in a league of their own. What an emotion to see the four embrace at the end of the show.

    GB, Poole
    Overall, not a patch on Live Aid. McCartney's opening was nothing special, when U2 were on their own, fantastic. Annie Lennox, incredible! Madonna was disappointing, Mariah outsang her by a mile. Travis, Keane, Coldplay all good, as were REM, but what with that make up? Could have been so much better.

    Mark Waddington from Bolton
    What an amazing spectacle, I really felt as though I was watching history unfold before me! Madonna was the definite highlight, so much energy and stage presence. To the naysayers who are complaining about the swearing I really think you should have been watching something else, perhaps the Tennis. Snoop Dogg and Madonna are renowned for swearing live on TV - if you can't handle it, change the channel!

    Jenny Barnett Linconshire
    I really think that Maddonna and Robbie Williams were Brillant and They made the crowd join in by singing and clapping.

    Sarah, Greenwich, London
    I was at Hyde Park and it was an utter priviledge. Everyone was amazing and the crowd around me were superb at the front and we could hear all of you at the back too - you were excellent! Sir Bob truly got his message across. Those of you complaining about the swearing need a little perspective. If only the VIP area hadn't been so big those of us that had queued for hours could've got a little closer...

    Steve Love, Chester
    Good day but overall not as good as the original.It needed a stadium to create the intimate atmosphere - the sound tended to vanish into space.It only really got going with the Stereophonics. Pink Floyd were awesome. They were as good as Queen were 20 years ago. Shows real, long lasting talent - none of your excruciating Docherty or whoever he is. What an embarrassment.Robbie was good - almost as good as Freddie. Well done to all. Lets hope it does what it said on the tin.

    Sebastien from London
    Just one word. "Brilliant". I loved it...

    Barbi, Staffordshire
    I thought Madonna was by far the best act in the whole day! The way she related to the African girl was inspiring, and her encouragement of the audience was also great! I couldn't stop dancing!

    steve leeds
    Pink Floyd was just amazing But the most emotional moment for me was when sir bob introduced the young lady that had been through the misery and pain of the events 20 years ago. That just knocked me for six with tears, a grown man booing his eyes out. And what a beautiful young lady she was too it just shows it does work aid…

    Steve from Stoke
    Am I the only one that thinks Pete Doherty's performance was absolutly rubbish? Elton carried him through they're performance. Fair play to him, the guy was and can still be a rock and roll icon, but yesterday's performance was abysmal. He was swaying and spitting down the mic and you could hardly hear him. Do youself a favour Pete, turn back to the guy we used to know and love!

    Lianne de Mello from Harrow
    I was there, five rows from the front of the peasants section (i.e. not the Golden Circle), and it was absolutely amazing. The sense of unity and a common cause was fantastic, as was the music. Words fail to describe how utterly fantastic everyone was (bar Mariah Carey's egoistic antics), and it's hard to keep profanities out, in describing how much of a once-in-a-lifetime experience it was. Absolutely worth sore feet and aching legs, after standing almost solidly for about 16 hours!!!

    Mandy Hunt, London
    I think over and above the greatest concert the world has ever seen (I have found it too hard to pick one favourite - everyone was brilliant!!)it is the ingeneous strategy that Sir Bob has taken to get the worlds attention. He has created a movement that has enabled the public to get behind it without reaching into our wallets, just for our mobiles and computers to sign the biggest petition the world has ever seen. Trying to fix a problem much closer the source by targeting trade and aid policies will take time, but I think Bob's got is spot on. So what's most important now (other than getting G8 leaders to discuss in thier summit this week) is to ensure we keep up the pressure for years to come. Oh... and I will be buying the CD, DVD and the TShirt.

    Elliott Spencer, Rugeley Staffs
    I believe the Hyde Park concert was great, especially U2, Macca, Madonna, Coldplay, Robbie, Annie Lennox and REM. But I believe some bands made bad song selections such as Stereophonics who stated off great and Scissors Sisters who like Adam Ant (Live Aid 1985) tried to play there new song. It would have been better if either Green Day or Brian Wilson were there to lift the crowd, because at times it seemed a little flat. I also feel that although Velvet Revolver had great stage presence, I feel that they should have played in Philly. P.S Great to see Pink Floyd coming back and sounding fantastic

    Neil from Hartlepool
    Having begun the day quite cynical i was definitely swept up by the atmosphere and poigniant messages later in the day but feel that it did lack the feeling of Live Aid. I'm not much of a fan of his music but Snoop Dogg actually gave the crowd the adrenaline kick it had sorely lacked throughout the majority of the day (i understand the gripes about the profanity, but come on, there's worse in this day and age....although Madonna's outburst seemed a little 'desperate to shock'). Maybe it was the distance from the stage but it seemed like the crowd only woke up through the 'rockier' sets (Stereophonics, although once again not a fan, were very good during a quiet afternoon). But one real gripe..... the timing of the coverage was shocking! Jonathon Ross was brilliant to hold it together. A pointless Fearne Cotton interview of Razorlight during R.E.M's 'Man on the Moon'?!......

    Lee Hildebrandt, Stratford Upon Avon
    Mariah Carey was absolutely AMAZING as always! She certainly knows how to belt out a tune!! She'll always come up top in my eyes!! She is the number one singer of all time as far as I'm concerned! As for Madonna....Shame on her for the swearing, she must have been to wrapped up in her own little world to realise that there were actually children watching both their in person, and on the TV!!

    calvin, london
    i thought mariah carey was disgustingly arrogant with the whole water bearer and stuff. and whats with promoting her single 'we belong together' when all participants were expressedly told not to sing their current singles? maybe it's to do with the fact that it's released 4th july. she was totally making use of the media event and africa to promote herself.

    Helen, Cambridge, UK
    Wanting so much to be a part of Live 8 and all that it stands my husband and I queued with the best of them for an hour or so and when we eventually got in we were about two thirds of the way back. We couldn't see the stage or performers (even as specks in the distance to give the whole event some reality) and the big screens were completely out of sync with sound and video by a good second or two and it completely spoilt it. There was absolutely no atmosphere and no-one seemed to be enjoying it. The only applause that could be heard was from those around you. It was accutely disappointing for something that was meant to mean so much. Maybe with concerts of that nature people expect the big screens to have their video and audio out of sync but to me it made it not possible to enjoy. We left after two hours and spent ages wading our way out of London but got home in time to watch the last four hours on the TV which made up for the disappointing day out. Thanks Bob Geldof for being so determined to change the world. Thanks for having the guts to ignore the cynicism and plough on with your cause. We love you.

    John, Kent
    It was brilliant and to all the people complaining about the swearing maybe if you complained about the millions of people dieing because of poverty something would have been done sooner. A few swear words don't sound that important when children are dieing over stuff we could easily stop, get your prioties right!!!

    Mel, Walsall
    Am I the only person who thinks that Paul McCartney's performance was totally over-rated as usual and that Bono was the guy who carried him and made the opening sound so good, yet he got to do the what for me was a dis-appointing final set after so many fantastic ones??? The crowd showed who the rael stars were U2, ColdPlay, Madonna and Robbie but it's always the has been's who top the bill???

    Surpassed my expectations. Few of the younger bands, who I'd never heard of, I enjoyed. But the standouts for me were Annie Lennox, as always so brilliant, and, surprisingly for me, Madonna,superb. All we needed at the end was Bob Dylan singing Chimes of Freedom!

    Sarah, newcastle upon-tyne
    Robbie Williams was amazing to watch and with the introduction of one of the greatest footballers alive it just made the night even more amazing to see but everyone was amazing to see realy (so many celebraties to see, i hope make poverty history works because it is so important for all of them people everywhere around the world that have nothing)!!!

    Jeff Nutbeem, West Sussex
    Great day, shame about one or two egos. Full marks to Jo Whiley for bringing Madonna down a peg in her interview. After clearing up that the great lady didn't really know very much about Africa or its problems and that the likes of Bob Geldof certainly did not have her telephone number, the coup de grace came at the end when it was revealed that Madonna would not let her children come to the event. Presumably she didn't allow them to watch her on tv either, having prior knowledge that she was intending to use foul language on stage at the top of her voice. Pity millions of other families - who were perhaps trying to share a once in a lifetime experience with their children - didn't have any choice but to listen.

    Kearan, Central London
    I was there! I have to say some of the best performances were from Annie Lennox and Dido. They both poured so much emotion into their songs, that I don't think comes across well on TV. Maybe, you just had to be there to witness the majestical beauty of Annie Lennox's almost acoustic performance of 'Why', played to the video of people with AIDS. She played it so awesomely 'silently', if you get what I mean. Robbie Williams was at his arrogant best, you could see his ego exploding out of his eyes; maybe he wanted to prove Liam and Noel wrong. What a great place in popular music us Brits have, stretching from the Beatles to Razorlight. Snoop Dogg was great, he got everyone shouting his name and jumping about. It was good to hear Ms Dynamite talk about 'our' responsiblity, and acceptance of guilt for the third-world's developmental problems. When Scissor Sister's played and then sun finally came out and melted into the horizon, fantastic. Macca playing Beatles songs at the end was just what we wanted, in fact it made you wish that he had opened the show with Ringo on drums, and that they went through the Beatles back catalogue for the next 10 hours.

    Scott Rogers from Pontypridd
    Truly amazing concert but I don't think it beat 1985 Live Aid. I was a bit disappointed with the start of the concert I think U2 should have opened it with 'Elevation'. For me, the concert kicked off when the Stereophonics played. Madonna and Robbie certainly did it for me. But where was the bigger acts such as the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers'?

    Brian - London
    Concert was great....but BBCs coverage was terrible! Did anyone there even know what it was about? Whenever any point was being made you turned away and went to Jonathan Ross or someone else interviewing people. Except for the one time when Geldof showed the video and you couldn't avoid it. It was treated just like a pure entertainment concert and not what it was

    Richard Price, High Wycombe
    Wow. I have just got home from Hyde Park, and I'm still flying. What a gig!! I was lucky enough to be at Live Aid 20 years ago, and one of the fortunate to get a ticket to today's concert. Highlets have to be the start with Macca, Robbie (even though I'm not really a fan) and the re-formation of Pink Floyd. Dave Gilmour is the best guitarist evr!!! I don't care how much both concerts have cost me, if it means one life is saved then it's been worth it. I am now definitely off to Edinburgh.

    MJ, Oxford
    Coldplay are nice guys, but Chris Martin's extreme stage fright and tongue-tied interviews, not to mention his constant offkey singing, just don't cut it. It amazes me that people can't see past Coldplay to recognise Travis. They're so unassuming and far more talented, eloquently and humorously talking about the problem!

    Matthew Forrest, Storsteinnes, Norway.
    To all the sad little people moaning about the swearing, they are just words. People are dying all over the world because of our stupidity and all you are arsed about are some swear words! The concert was amazing; The Who, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Snoop, Madge ....all amazing. Forget your prudish nature and just get marching!

    Monica from London
    Why have we seen so little of Africa - no African music, no guests, so little of the Eden project was shown on BBC! Too white-the whole thing!!! Stop this attitude that only white artists can pull crouds-our pop charts show us different-just Bob thinks otherwise. The bands who performed on live8 will have huge increases in CD sales but no African or black artists in London, they were not invited! Is that what is called "Fair Trade". And Jonathan Ross isn't suited to serious presentation. He is quite xenophobic (truly condescending remarks about the other live8 countries), snobbish, uninformed about music and politics, and too opinionated to bring respect or decency to such an event. A bad choice and truly missed opportunity!

    2day was brilliant, gr8, emotional, & FANTASTIC!!!!! every act was so brill. i watched bbc coverage from 1pm & bbc 1 radio also & they were out of this world 4 coverage!!! i luved every minute of live 8 even though i was at hoome ENJOYIN it, i still felt i was there with the crowd!! every1 on the radio tv & behind the scences were brill & so proffesional!!! get u live fededs up as gud as eer BBC!!!!

    Joyce and Ron Haverhill
    We think Robbie Williams stole the show, it was very boring till then. Freddie Mercury died and left his shoes to Robbie. Pink Floyd were as if they never went away, come back soon. We are old rockers, 57 and 59, enjoyed the day so much, yours Queen fans.

    i have watched live 8 all day on the bbc since the start but had radio 1 on on my radio i my ear at the same time!!! the whole event has been eventful, emotional, brillant & a 1 off!!! luvd every1 who has preformed but paul mac, u2, coldplay, madonna & robbie were the best!!! chris scott & all the radio 1 team, includin the backroom staff have dun the best job EVER 2day!!!! jane in liverpool x.x.x

    Ian Ridley, Leicester
    Watching on BBC1/2/3. Why is the crowd so dead at the front? Today's papers sugest it is a corporate area. And what *is* Bill Gates doing there? He has doubtful record when it comes to free trade. Finally why is the Bill so heavily biased towards pre-90s artists? Don't get me wrong - I signed my name to the Live8 campaign but some elements of it are grating, particularly the lifeless front of stage area on the TV.

    Ashley ,Wales
    Wonderful,(even though some people think it's directly raising funds for Africa);but how can we talk of free trade and a fairer world when there's a great big green barrier at the event itself between the public and, presumably, the corporate sponsors:(Oh sorry, Madonna just called this the "The Golden Circle". It must be alright then.

    Anthony - Dagenham
    There is a truth about Live Aid 1985 that is rarely spoken. As an event, it was possibly the defining moment of the 80s. As a concert, it was bloody awful. 2o years ago I watched the whole event unfold as 12 solid hours of car crash TV. Though genuinely moved by the message to "Feed the World" I was distinctly under whelmed by the music. Horrendous technical problems, too many no talent acts and the outrageous hijacking of the moment by, so called, "STARS" grabbing the chance for one almighty ego trip. This time it's different. This time everyone involved seems to have realized that, although the music will always be secondary to the message, it towers over their pathetic need to have the attention of the planet focused on their best side. This time performers and performances have been consistently excellent and will live long in the memory for having been so. Hopefully the power of the message will live just as long. Make poverty history.

    Amy Mitchell Leeds!!
    I'm lovin U2 and wow Dido's ace!!I love it Sir Bob Geldof has done it again!!What an ace man!I can't wait to see the children and Adults Africa smiling!!!!!great show so far!!!!!

    Matt B, London, UK
    Enjoying most of the show. U2 and Macca were great. Coldplay, Keane were also fantastic. However the evening was upset by Snoop Dogg dropping so much profanity into the show. His example was followed by Razorlight and Madonna. Not the best example to set for the younger generation. Now kids will think that they can go around talking like these 'artists' in the street, in school and at home. Anywhere else on Tb it would have been beeped out or put out later.

    Tony - Kent
    Snoop Doggy Dog - Foul mouthed and not necessary. Followed up by another foul mouthed American - Madonna! I was in the process of explaining to my family of how great Live Aid was twenty years ago.

    Aimee Norman from scarborough
    Madonna was exellent! been watchin all day, fantastic event and for a grate cause. G8 should give every1 in africa a chance to survive!!!!

    Tracey, Sheffield
    I have turned Live 8 off on my tv due to the large amount of swearing from the performers at a time when children are watching the TV. I would have liked my 7 year old to see a piece of history in the making, however I do not want her to think that swearing is the way to ending poverty - thanks Madonna!!!!

    Elizabeth McFarlane from Surrey
    Absolutely brilliant concert apart from the swearing from Snoop Dog and Razorlight. Can someone please remind the artists before they come on stage that there are children in the audience and watching TV, plus a lot of adults don't like listening to the F word either! Thank you

    Sue Rowbotham from Wolverhampton
    What a fantastic event, I love it all the bands are just brilliant. I can't think of a better way to bring people together than through great music. Let's get this Africa thing sorted out, we have to keep this going until we help these people. Bob we love you.

    Jane McStay from Glasgow
    Elton John rocked, R.E.M were amazing! Adored the song from Greenday, huge fan, love them to death. And the opening, gee, U2 and Paul McCartney together at once, it's like the best. The entire event has been amazing so far, looking forward to see the rest.

    andrew mcsorley glasgow
    In a continent riven by violence and brutality. Where boy soldiers are schooled in aggression slaughter, where tribal rivalry fuelled by western arms results in genocide why have Snoopy Doggy Dog and his 'crew' masquerding on stage at this crucial event wearing guns for jewellery around their necks. What is this message all about?

    Carmela Migliano from London
    Keane and Coldplay were wicked! I cant wait for Joss Stones performance. Well done 2 Bob Geldof and Bono (U2) for organizing this fantastic event to make poverty history!

    Margaret Neilly Bangor N Ireland
    I have never enjoyed ironing so much as I did this afternoon in front of the tv....U2 HAS to have been the most powerful, with Annie Lennox close behind - a big thank you to Sir Bob for making it all happen!

    Nicky from Amsterdam
    Great that everyone is working together, making a powerful statement. If this doesn't work, what on earth will? Macca was brilliant as always and Keane showed that they are a great live band once again! Looking forward to Pink Floyd later on!

    Hannah Derbyshire
    Am I the only one who thinks the real crowd are miles away from the stage? Performances are only electrifying if the audience are responding and the alot of the people in the gold area just don't seem to be enjoying themselves. I'd love to see more of the real crowd!

    VAL NORTON, colchester, England
    Annie Lennox, REM, and now UB40 what can i say keep the oldies on and the concert rocks more

    David Griffiths, Liverpool
    Annie Lennox was amazing and gave a brilliant interview afterwards raising many important points. A brilliant day.

    Ann and Natasha, Surrey
    Annie Lennox, the ultimate hero, sings like an angel. She is what music is all about! Nobody gets the G8 message across like she does. What an amazing day!

    Georgina Bowness from Essex
    We are watching Live 8 at home with out new baby girl she is 2 months old today, fantastic concert Annie Lennox is brill, cant wait to see Robbie.

    Karen nottingham
    Annie Lennox.............absolutly amazing I was weeping the moment i heard her voice the music the lyrics, the images.........totally inspiring

    Linda - Birmingham West Midlands
    Bob Geldof is a wonderful human being - thanks to him lives have been saved because of the first live aid - and lives will be saved from live 8 - i really belive the leaders can not ignore what we are all saying - the concert so far is as brilliant as the 1st - good luck

    Kayleigh 15 Worcestershire
    What a Wonderful performance from everyone! You can feel the atmosphere just watching at home...the magic of so many people, joining together and standing up for what they believe in well done everyone lets hope it works xxxx

    Olivia Young from Tonbridge
    Travis were Brilliant

    Philip Brennan, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan
    Paul McCartney & U2 - brilliant!REM - just superb ... but why did the BBC decide to cut to a pointless interview with Razorlight during the beautiful "Man On The Moon"? How stupid! Anyway, can't wait for The Who & Macca again!

    Tracy, Scott and Tyler Willson, Ralston, Alberta,
    Listening via BFBS, sounds absolutely awesome so far, keep it coming. The message is being heard around the world, hope that 8 influencial people are listening and make this cause a thing of the past. Well done Sir Bob and everyone involved.

    Jess Dare, Worthing
    Gave my tickets to my mate for 30th birthday rather than selling them on ebay! Watching coverage on tv moving me to tears. Is absolutely amazing. Bet its fantastic atmosphere.

    R Jack, London
    What a waste of a fantastic opportunity to organise a top quality bill to perform REAL live music. The line up so far - with the exception of some moments by U2 and Colplay - has been extremely poor. How DARE Travis mock the Bee Gees?

    Louise Campbell from N. Ireland!!
    Hey, Ms. Dynamite is so right, what she said really touched me. The music is great!- it's for such a good cause!! :)

    Chris Williams from Liverpool
    i think it a mazeing consert and i want to be there. It is fantastic concert and one of the best i have seen in my life and i am jelouse of the people there. I think the bands and the people there are a mazing for to end poverity and i think it is great

    Seamus Blakeway, Mersyeside!
    I loved U2, Coldplay, REM and Keane. The music is top class and i'll be highly surprised if this concert doesnt have an effect on the G8 leaders! What a fantastic experience, something to remeber and tell the grandchildren when im old!

    Jennifer Pierce, Morgantown, West Virgina
    I am listening to Radio One from West Virginia University on the internet...fantastic!! Everyone sounds brilliant! Great coverage. Thanks for all the wonderful people who came together for this cause.

    Carl, Kent
    Everyone has been brilliant so far with the exception of Ms Dinamite. Man shes bad!!!

    Steph, Leicestershire
    I saw Live Aid 20 years ago and this is definately as good or not even better. If this makes people aware of whats going on then it certainly has my backing!

    Robert Allcoat from Lloret de Mar in Spain
    I think that its got to be the best line up of solo artists and bands ever, it just makes you want to turn up full volume. Especially enjoyed U2, Dido, REM and i'm looking forward towards Annie Lennox and Pink Floyd, and hope that this helps eradicate poverty in Africa through the G8 summit. Best concert ever!

    Andy Tolley, Leigh, Greater Manchester
    I'm not one for ever expressing my feelings to this degree. But, today I'm sat with my Dad watching history. In twenty years time, I'll remember this and hopefully we'll talk about the fantasic things that have happened because of this weekend....... Bob...... you the man !

    kyron goode, east london!
    keane are playing at the moment and THEY RULE, its great that such a good thing is going on, bob geldoff is a great man, and most the people who are on today are, kind of wierd calling bill gates a world leader though, i hate bill gates, the little britain bit cracked me up, so did ricky gervaise. this is a GREAT show, ROCK ON!

    Amy Age11 Southend - on - Sea
    I think it is really cool that so many people gather together to raise such a huge amount of money. I've just started watching and so far it has been great!! P.S Why has REM got a blue stripe across his face??!!

    debbie st, leger, redruth cornwall
    absolutely fantastic, G8 summit listen to the people we can not all be wrong. i can not believe it. i hope i can get hold of the dvd's from all the concerts world wide and do my bit and hope that the money truely will go to those on the ground that need it.

    Brigitte Gent Maidenhead
    How can I define a moment of History when I am still living it. It is so emotional and BIG. i am very proud to be here in UK watching it. It is good to know that even if you don't believe in God it is possible to believe in Human Being with people like Sir Bob Geldof.Many, many thanks for the fantastic feelings and the tears of joy and hope.

    John Hemingway from London
    Absolutely fantastic performance by REM, ruined by whoever made the decision to cut to a pointless interview with Razorlight at the beginning of their final number.

    Alan Hawker Barry Wales
    Great concert so far. Macca and U2 on the same stage!! Pink Floyd later, cannot wait!

    Donna, Port Talbot
    Stereophonics rocked! Rishard Ashcroft was amazing and U2 brilliant. Looking forward to the rest of the line up especially Madonna, Robbie and Scissor Sisters. Hope the G8 are taking note!

    Sharon K. Williams, Lexington, Kentucky USA
    Hi -- thanks for covering Live8 from London! I've been listening on the Net since 9:00 am our time this morning. Couldn't have heard it without you! Hoping and praying this makes a difference in the minds of our G8 leaders - and the rest of us, too!

    Nessie Jamaal, Luton, UK
    this is just wonderful and amazing music to raise awareness for a good cause. Coldplay was fantastic. I do hope that the music remains in our hearts for a long time so that we can continue remembering and doing something to end poverty.

    Ruth Arloff, Stevenage, Herts.
    I'm waiting to see my favoraite artists - those so far aren't much of my 'cup of tea', but I've actually enjoyed U2! Bono's speech was very moving. I can't wait to see Stevie Wonder at Philidelphia - it will be awesome if he's joined onstage by Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, Jay Z etc, etc. It's bound to be moving whatever he does. Whatever your taste in music, the artists have chosen their song well - Enjoy everybody!

    Tracey from Tenerife
    Absolutely brilliant will really make people aware. Should happen more often. Hopefully this will be an end of world poverty.

    B Gibbons liverpool
    u2 and stereophonics fantastic what was that dope doing with elton john.Cant wait for pink flloyd.

    Kevin - Watford
    U2 were just awsome! They have set a standard that most other bands are going to find hard to follow !

    Vicki Sterry Ross-On-Wye
    Dido was "BRILLIANT", Really bought home the reason for live 8, very emotional. Loving it guys. looking forward to the next 5 hrs. -x-

    Cynthia Smart Lymington
    The opening performance Sargent Pepper brilliant!Bopping in the living room. I am also listening and watching performance at the Eden Project via internet.

    Martin Loughlin from Derry
    Status Quo should have been there..Chris Martin singing Rocking All Over the World as a chorus.What a joke!U2 were brillant great stuff.

    catherine mearns, glasgow
    what an opening!!!!! bono sings from the heart,u2 were just awesome.elton brill!!! i also enjoyed dido she sounded so nervous to begin with but soon warmed up, stereophonics on, better go...............

    Tracy , Rugby
    U2 are just awesome, how can anyone not be moved by their passion? Many people criticise Bono, but the man is a genius both musically and politically - congratulations to him, the rest of the band and of course to Sir Bob!

    Beverley Thomas Dagenham, Essex
    What a great line-up so far! Haven't moved from sofa all day, don't intend to either! Thought Dido & Youssou'n Dour were fab, but can't wait for Robbie!!

    Gustavo (Gus) Meneghini
    Well, I´m thousands miles away from there, down here in Brazil, but I can feel very strong how the excitement, emotion and this feeling that something very cool and very, very important is happening today around the world with Live 8. A big hug to all the Radio 1 crew, great job, guys. Keep enjoying it!

    Stephanie, Silsden West Yorkshire
    So far it is absolutely fantastic!!!!

    Safija K. R. ibnt Geoffrey from Gloucester
    Absolutely fantastic so far. Everyone has been brilliant, Elton John, Dido and Paul McCartney have been my favourite performers so far

    Sheree London
    I am so moved and emotional, thank you to sir Bob for the idea and inspiration, for U2 and sir Paul for a moving opening and coldplay for thier heart in fact everyone Dido and Yousef excellent. Pray that this makes a difference to Africa and our selfish world where we all forget about what we can get and what we can give and do to make poverty history, it has changed me.....

    Jen Pattison in Gateshead.
    This event is mega! The music is fantastic! Let all the earth unite and help each other from now on!

    colleen pearson Plymouth Devon
    Hi just thought i'd say what a fab show, I was at the live aid concert 20 yrs ago and hoped i'd be in hyde park today, But still having a a good time and hope this ends poverty for good. Have a good show folks

    Lynn Mace Maidenhead ,Berkshire.
    Hi, what a poignant way to arouse the feelings of the public. I hope it convinces the world governments and leaders to rethink their strategies in helping these poor children.If each performer and crowd member in Hyde Park could stop for one moment and imagine half of the crowd being children and dying from stavation, then maybe the message will be all the more powerful.

    Christine Peacock from Somerset
    Elton John was fantastic! I was bopping in my kitchen, while my 8 year old daughter and her friend looked at me like I was bonkers! Wonderful stuff Elton.

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