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Niki And The Dove
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5th place for the Swedish electro duo

Niki & The Dove have come 5th in the BBC Sound of 2012 countdown. Gustaf Karlöf and Malin Dahlström have been threatening to launch the latest offensive of striking Scandinavian pop on these shores for almost two years. The duo met, while making music for theatre, in Gothenburg in 1999 and had a brief flight of fancy in 2007 as part of folk group The Dora Steins.

They re-emerged in early 2010 as Niki & The Dove, with Dahlström providing ethereal vocals to Karlöf's writings, and before long had pricked the ears of many bloggers with Moshi Moshi release Under the Bridges/DJ, Ease My Mind.

The Fox and The Drummer EPs were to follow in 2011, finding favour with Radio 1's Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw, at the same time as the pair were preparing their electro-pop styles to set out on NME's Emerge Radar Tour, alongside Wolf Gang and SCUM.

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