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Ray Charles

The Birth Of Soul: Ray Charles

Brother Ray was the alchemist who took R 'n' B, Jazz and Gospel and forged the very first soul music...


Big Joe Turner

Big Joe Turner

A giant of a man in all ways. Big Joe's band was training ground for Ray Charles...
Profile of Big Joe

Jerry Wexler

Jerry Wexler

From a poor New York background to one of the most important producers of the 20th century, forging the original sound of Soul for Atlantic Records. Oh, and he just happened to have coined the term 'Rhythm and Blues'...
Profile of Jerry Wexler



Thanks to everyone for asking about the possibility of a DVD . Unfortunately at this time there are no plans to release one, but as soon as any repeats of the show are planned we will post dates on this site.
Chris - Soul Deep webmaster

The first show was truely excellent, the Ray Charles clips really caught the man at his best and left us in no doubt as to his fathership of soul. The programme was superbly researched, produced, shot and picture edited. I look forward to the rest of the series. Four years ago i saw Ray Charles play with Little Richard at the NewOrleans Jazz festival, if i was to try to explain to someone what this meant to me and what it felt like to experience these legends first hand i would suggest they watch this first programme.

Deep down funky soul. Just how I like it. Congratulations to the team for a great piece of programme making. I'm oozing with jealousy, I would have loved to have worked on a project like that. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Take it to the bridge!!!! Louise, Belfast

Quality programme, really enjoyed the 1st part. More programmes like this. Mick
Mick McLaughlin

Great show. It was great to see a show which covers the origins of Soul music. Ray Charles was and remains a hugely talented artist and the show exemplified his contribution to the soul music genre.

Great to see the first in the series about the influence of Ray Charles but I cant wait for Saturday to come to see the show on the greatist singing voice the world has ever heard, 'SAM COOKE' Sam influenced many many artists but sadly because of his rare TV appearances and also the controversial verdict of his (murder) death. Thank you for paying homage to my favourite singer of them all, MrSoul Sam Cooke.
Scott Leslie, Glasgow

An excellent first programme, looking forward to the Gospel & Motown programmes this coming & the following Saturday. A definitive guide to the best music in the world bar none "SOUL"
Dave Davidson

I thought the first show was brilliant. I hope they are going to cover people like Jackie Wilson, Isley Brothers and Curtis Mayfield, whom I believe are under rated. Although it was a pity there was no concert after featuring Ray Charles or future featured artists.
John Ashwin

Why no mention of Northern Soul in the 'What's Your Kind of Soul' poll ? Considering the history of this genre in the UK, and the literally thousands of fans all across the country who attend Northern nights every week, it should be listed.
Nick Wetton

I had dinner guests on Saturday night and forgot to set the VCR to tape episode one. Are you planning on re-running it anytime soon? It would be great if you could re-run each episode late at night later in the week, perhaps on BBC3 or BBC4, as you've done with other music programmes. I'm a music teacher and find these documentaries invaluable for providing information for my lessons, particularly the strand I do on popular music with my Year 9 students. Much better to show them James Brown than talk about him! If this series is anywhere near approaching the quality of Dancing in the Street, it will be very good indeed. I look forward to seeing episode 2.
Desiree Acton

A superb programme , and long overdue. Congratulations to all that were involved in the making of it. I subrcribe to a number internet Soul forums , and this show has been very well recieved by Soul fans in general. Hope you sell it to the American market so our American fans can see it too , or better still get out on DVD for Christmas.
Carmen McCullough

Can I say how much I enjoyed Soul Deep last Saturday. I thought I knew a lot about music origin but it certainly connected a lot of the dots for me and closed a lot of gaps! Im constantly amazed how intertwined music really is.
Isa Beck

A great documentary but what about a show that showed those precious clips of stars at the height of their powers in full? I'd love to see the whole of some of those performances such as Big Joe Turner's or James Brown'sin all his youthful pomp. These do not exist on DVD or anywhere any fan could get to them so how about it BBC?
Paul Smith

The first episode was absolutely wonderful from start to finish! A great mix of music and social comment, with all the greats you'd expect to be featured. Can't wait for the next one. When does it come out on DVD?
Ian Kenny

Wonderful show. It was a great joy to watch the first episode. I can't wait for next saturday. Thank you Beeb.
Philippe Van de Velde

Unfortunately I missed the first part which I desparately wanted to see basically because I am a big Motown fan and lover of soul music in general. So will the first episode be repeated at all? Looking forward to part 2 anyway.
Eddie Symeonides

This series promised to be an intelligent insight into the development of soul music through modern times. However, from the episode running schedule it would appear that the series is seriously flawed in its coverage. Okay, it covers the early soul roots from the 50s and 60s and plays with the political soul of the early 70s, but the late 70s, 80s and 90s are shamelessly skimmed over. Disco, funk, hip-hip and R&B (whatever it claims itself to be these days) are largely ignored and this seems rather crude considering they were all natural progressions from soul, linked to the soul movement of their day and have informed new generations of soul musicians in the present day. Whether the judgement to leave these areas of soul’s history out is through playing for popularity ratings, critical snobbery or just a rather large oversight still remains to be divulged. However, what is clear though is that here is a series flawed in design! A condensed history soul, a censored soul history; soul with its heart ripped from its conscience!
Alan Petty

Keep the Faith Nick W. Was just about to write on the exclusion of Northern when I read your post!
Melba Moore

This collection of memories and facts all link together the names heard in the 1960's and before. The filling in of missing parts of an elaborate jigsaw that was my favourite music as a young man. I thought I knew most things about soul music;s roots but your in depth history was facinating. Thank you, I will watch and enjoy the rest of the series. NC
Norman Courtnell

I was in cuba and missed the first episode - does anyone have it dvd - will it be repeated (soon please) aaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Is this going to be repeated?! I'm usually out on a Saturday night!!!

in your vote why no reference to northern soul, yet we can listen to mary fox, motown n northern soul.
david a noutch aka chewie

what fantastic series. Its about time we had some good music on TV, my question is when are we to see Marvin Gaye??
Liam Reed

The first episode was excellent, even my wife, not a big soul lover, enjoyed it. Sorry to see that you have not covered Northern Soul - a scene which still attracts thousands of people to leave home every weekend, journey hundreds of miles and spend their weekends in venues living and breathing soul music. We're still as passionate as ever - keep the faith.
Wally Wharton

Great show but I find alot of these programmes tend to fall away slightly as they try to expound the merits of current scenes probably because of the prolification of music in todays society. I'd have liked to have seen a mention to the Norhtern soul scene though and the appeal and influence that music had also the soulful house scene and hey! what about disco too you got the obvious big players though and some fanatastic interviews so far which make it a great series to watch but I'm not looking forward to listening to the Destiny's Child blah blah blah so much. Keep the Faith!
reuben z

Really enjoyed the first show and made sure my Mum knew it was on as knew she would enjoy it. Looking forward to moving through the ages and also hoping that the 'powers that be' will repeat it as not sure I will be around to catch all the shows - would have been a fantastic way to end the weekend had it been scheduled for Sunday nights!

After seeing the first episode extremely promising!!!.Hopefully it will show what a total misnomer the tag R&B that is given to so much of todays soul music.Finally good to see a quality programme is being shown at peak viewing time.
Andy Martin

An excellent and long overdue series. Well done to the BBC! For me coming of age during the late sixties, "sweet soul music" and specifically Stax & Motown left a mark that is indelible. Hopefully you will be covering the enormous contribution made to human happiness by these two great labels. Incidentally should any readers ever find themselves in Memphis, then head for the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. You will not be disappointed!
John Cunningham

Loving the show, but what about Northern Soul? still very popular but not on your list!

Yes I love soul and particularly Ray Charles but I missed episode 1 and can't find any reference to a second showing. Can I expect to pick it up on BBC3 or 4 in the near future?
Russell Gent

Finally!! a programme about the origins of soul music that acknowledges the great Sam Cooke! well done BBC!!
L Evans

I knew nothing, absolutely NOTHING about the history of soul before i saw the first programme and I'm LOVIN IT! Thank you BBC... :-)

thank you. simply refreshing to see the acknowledgement of the pioneers of modern day music.
jason njoku

Thoroughly enjoyed the first show but unfortunately I wil miss the second (Sam Cooke) because of prior commitments. Will it be repeated?

Love the programme any chance it will be released in dvd format - Would be a great gift for my brother who does not live in the uk.
Ann Baxter

Fantastic: A great documentary with some incredible footage (congrads to the researchers). Seeing the live performances is the only way to really appreciate a form of music that studio producers of the time had a major problem capturing: hard to re-create that energy. Is there any public access to this tv footage either as dvd or downloads?
Neil Milne

Truly a great start, superb vintage footage and interviews that are just so spot on. God bless Ray Charles - genius is too small a word for him!!!! Get this out on DVD, anything short of this would be a travisty!!!!
Neil Oppegaard

I live in America and am interested in knowing if there are any plans to either distribute the show to PBS stations in America or to BBC America or if the entire series will be made available on DVD?
Len Comaratta

Apart from a walk down memory lane this is just a great programme. Makes the licence fee more palatable compared with the tripe so often fed us.
Ian Watson

Has any thought been given to airing these shows in the USA; perhaps solliciting MTV, VHI or PBS? In my opinion, the greatest R&B group to come out of this genere are The Temptations
Brian Steele

Really loved the first show, looking forward to second. I was hoping that (but having looked through this site i don't think it is) going to include Ike and Tina, i know there was trouble in that duo but he was a great musician and she was, well i think the best example of a star that there has ever been and to top it she had a great voice, also she really brought soul into mainstream rock music, something that is often not credited to her! But altogether lovin the show, my fave voice ever is Jackiw Wilson so i amm looking forward to seeing stuff on him too! peace
Mr D

what a fanastic first episode. I hope the rest of the series lives up to hte standard set/ i hope that otis redding is featured at some point. Keep The Faith

Pure nostalgia-I feel 16 again.I took home £4.00 3 SHILLINGS AND 6 pennies that was my wages in 1964. I gave Mom £2.00 spent £1. 19-11- on the Temptations Greatest Hits and had 3 shillings 5 pence left to live on but I didn't care because that LP gave me so much pleasure-I've still got that album-there should be more programs like this one-MORE PLEASE !!
Maggie Shenton

I think a DVD package would be fantastic. I am currently living in New Zealand and have missed it all. Any developments in selling this to a station over here?
Killian O'Neachtain

I live in Singapore, will this series be shown on BBC World......PLEASE. Also can we get the credits of who's behind this series ie producer etc
Mark Davies

PLEASE release this superb series on DVD!
P Jones

I was a little worried about how the series was going to condense such a vast musical story into 6 episodes, but was delighted that the first show introduced some of the lesser known Soul pioneers. Performance clips were ace. I hope Soul Deep continues to lift me Higher and Higher!
Dave Wild

Fantastic to see a long overdue history of one of the (if not THE) most powerful forces in popular music. I hope this comes out on DVD. I see there has been some criticism about the lack of inclusion of stuff from the 80's & 90's. I have to say, from a personal point of view that the golden era of "true" soul music was the 1960's. Stuff from the mid 70's onwards, whilst not to be totally dismissed, is often flawed by gimmicks and trends and new RnB leaves me cold as it is mechanical and lacks soul. Yes, I know exceptions can always be found, but Blackamerican music from the end of the second world war to the early 1970's seems to have been a beautiful, honest and thouroughly productive era, the like of which, I doubt we will ever see again. The only other recording era to come close would perhaps be the fledgling Jamaican recording industry from much the same era.....both sharing many common roots. I hope more can be shown along this line. Well done BBC, you've justified my licence fee this year!
Jak Ripley (Levenshulme, Manchester)


A really great program. i didnt know that rock 'n' roll was a toned down version of RnB. Really looking forward to the Motown program (Stevie Wonder) & hearing about Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaue, etc. thank-you, a really interesting program.
Hannah Harris (age 14)

Fantastic series. Thank God for BBC2! PLEASE give 'Soul Deep' a DVD release. I'm sure it would sell in great quantities.
Paul Andrade

First show was fantastic, I shall definitely watch the rest. Very much looking forward to the episode on The Godfather. He is in London in June, the BBC should get their crew down to The Forum and film him like they did at St Lukes Church in 2003. JB always draws a crowd!
Charles Thomson

Simply Loving it. This is a piece of musical history and wonderfully presented with classical clips I no there are no plans as yet but please, please please think about a DVD.
Chima Jones

Just GREAT series and about time too!This indeed is superb stuff and those of us who are into this music are having a really big TREAT. Thank you BBC ...Ican't wait for next saturday!
John Moyo

thank u

sometimes the beeb get it so right, soul deep is one of those moments.

I knew little about Sam Cooke. I really, really enjoyed this programme, very informative, great archive footage, great contributors. A thousand thanks.
bernard j gabony

Magnigicent, truly magnificent (andit's only the second episode). Told in real, raw and gutsy fashion (as it should be). I grew up on early 70's funk and late 1960's motown but these firts 2 episodes have really sent my pulse going about the origins of Soul Music. I truly wish I was around in those days. Thank you. for showing It'sus. It's history and everyone of all musical styles should see this.
Trevor Bailey

I've just missed the second episode. Why isn't this programme being repeated at another point during the week? Surely with all the digital channels there would be a slot. This is very frustrating!
J McMurtry

Magnigicent, truly magnificent (andit's only the second episode). Told in real, raw and gutsy fashion (as it should be). I grew up on early 70's funk and late 1960's motown but these firts 2 episodes have really sent my pulse going about the origins of Soul Music. I truly wish I was around in those days. Thank you. for showing It'sus. It's history and everyone of all musical styles should see this.
Trevor Bailey

I think the series is great.
Robin Bredin

I really love the series so far, Have just watched the secobd episode about Sam Cooke. Both episodes have been fabulous. I think it is good as it shows the social side as well as the music. I find I am not just learning about the roots of soul but also about the social history as well. It is fantastic. I look forward to seeing the rest of the series. Hope the bbc decide to put this on dvd or b ring out a cd featuring all the great music.

Thank you for such a great program......
C John

Unfortunatey I've been so busy today and I was unable to see the 2nd episode of Soul Deep. I'm astounded that it's not repeated later in the week. Why is this high profile and brilliant series restricted to one showing?
Ian Collard

The programme is good, but how dare you let a continuity announcer talk over the music at end. You've done it twice now. It reveals a shocking disrespect not only to the makers of the programme and the audience, but to the artists that the programme is about. How dare you. You don't deserve access to that sublime music and precious footage. Don't do it again.
J Craig

Come on BBC, sort your poll out. Let's have a 'Northern Soul' option!
Seán Dillon

HELP I is episode 2 being repeated during week anywhere, my video packed up last night while out and missed episode,
Dave Hogg

Last night's episode was deeply moving, educational and highly entertaining - some of the best music television journalismI have ever seen. First class. Disappointed indeed to hear there are no plans for DVD release.
Jenny Demetri

Really interesting hearing the inspiration behind greats like Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. Looking forward to the rest of the series hopefully including Curtis Mayfield and Sly Stone.
malcolm higgenbotham

Never usually comment. Never usually see anything that highlights the black contribution positively, esepecially aired at a reasonable hour. So proud very proud on many fronts, too many to list. All those involved keep up the good work!!!

What a fantastic series and what a complete treat - six hours of soul music on mainstream television. It amazes me that, given what a treat this is for soul music fans, that people still complain about the exclusion of this or that. A note to Alan Petty - it seems they are covering Funk and Hip Hop Soul in later programmes. Obviously, they will have to leave some things out - you can't include everything is just six programmes and difficult choices have to be made. Just where, for instance, would Northern Soul into this picture, I wonder? What is northern soul anyway? And what should they include? Should it include music that isn't of black origin but which is enjoyed by Northern Soul fans? It's obvious, from the breakdown, that this is a series about Black American music - that is, music that comes from the Black American experience - gospel, blues. You can see - if you look beyond the artists and the songs, that it promises to be a history series about music and race so quite how a bunch of people dancing to obscure Northern Soul records would fit into this bigger story, I don't know. Wasn't Northern Soul covered just a couple of years ago by the Trevor Nelson series and didn't he get an enormous beating then from the Soul Police for doing whatever he did! It seems there's no pleasing some folks ...

what a joy this series is! The degree of research is fantastic It's head and shoulders above most music series, which just show the same tired old footage that we've all seen before. The interviewees are great too, instead of the usual 'talking heads' being wheeled on, we hear from the people who were actually there! It's great to see people like Ben E King, and Mavis Staples finally being given credit for thier contribution to music.
Paul S

What an informative programme, i have learnt so much about the history of the music I enjoy. Thank you. Can the series be purchased on DVD?
Michelle Wilson

I am an American living overseas and I am totally loving this program. I do hope that you eventually put this on DVD. I have told friends of mine in American and Germany about this program. Thank you for acknowledging these pioneers. Job well done BBC!!!!!!.

Great programme, about time we had a decent documentary on soul. Hopefully an in depth programme on Stax to come.
Andrew Harnett

i thought the ray charles episode was something special burt long live sam cooke what a guy what a superb episode thank you bbc bring on the dvd
francesco mazzotti

I watched half of the second episode and missed the first episode. I found what I watched entertainingly educating, I am heartbroken for what I missed. Is there going to be a DVD on the series or a repeat? thank you.
Bose Abe

Im sure the series is great, but i keep missing it. Could you possibly repeat it like you do with Doctor Who or Joanthan Ross, a day later on BBC 4. Thank you....
Rowan James

I cam;t belive the BBC is not repeating this program on BBC4. Many people have missed the 1st episolde. I missed the 2nd due to VCR error! .
Emir Hassan

Unfortunately I missed the first episode but thoroughly enjoyed last night's second episode. As I work shifts and may miss future episodes I am hoping that there are plans for the series to be released on DVD in the near future
Mo Nicolson

After watching the Trevor Nelson travesty on Northern Soul, I was apprehensive about this programme and how it was going to treat the Soul scene and the great artistes that go with it. I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality so far. I hope the next 4 episodes are as good.

Love the programme. So sad that Dave Godin is no longer around to tell us what he thinks.
Barbara Boyce

I can't wait 'till The Big O will make his appearrance on episode 4!
Wilfred Kremer

After spending Friday night at a Northern Soul Do' in Cheltenham, I was looking forward to Saturdays programme! I wasn't disappointed! Sam Cooke and Solomon Burke's fantastic voices made me shiver! Still, I agree that there should have been some mention of Northern Soul.
Sandy Eyers

I am enjoying thes series immensley, are you considering launching a misucal CD to accompany the programme
Angela Steel

Great documents with high beeb-standard quality. I love the way you show the connections between all those different kinds of artists en the sublte twists of music genres
gos - belgium

Marvin Gaye should get his own programme!

The second episode was absolutly brilliant. My whole family was rivited all the way through. Any plans for doing a more in-depth documentary/series on gospel music? I have been a gospel record collector for years, but to see the archive footage was mindblowing! Please do a DVD of this series; Pleeeze!
David Chambers

hadnt planned to watch the show but was changing channels and came across it, and what a great show, really enjoyed it the music was fab. will there be a CD of the music?
Deirdre Smith

The series is a credit to all involved in its production. The live clips are in superb sound and although the subject requires more hours than the mainstream TV channels will support it is a must watch series. Now we will have to wait a few years and hope the History Channel will make another sereis to fill in the gaps and artists inevitably missed out . Congratulations on a great piece of work.
Ken Charmer


Great series. Interesting comments on whether or not Northern Soul should be included in the poll. As much as I love it, I don't think it can be. I'm yet to hear a satisfactory definition of what Northern Soul is. In my view it isn't actually a 'kind' of soul music in itself, it's a scene that envelopes many different genres of soul music.
Peter Watson

I'm sure I'm not alone in being desperate for a DVD of the series, brilliant work all round, you've had me upsetting the neighbours with Sam Cooke all week.

Where are the Isley Brothers?
Kelvin Nel

The BBC deserves credit for putting together a programme as entertaining and relevent as Soul Deep. Last Saturday's edition featuring the evolution of Sam Cooke from touring on the gospel circuit to breaking through as a mainstream entertainer, was the format of documentary at its very best.
James Burns-Williamson

wow!! having watched 100 best type programmes recently this is multi layered documentary making ;using short excerpts of interviews and original music butin a different class It is fascinating to understand better my youth music and the civil rights pressures inthe USA that it was forged in before it came to the uk to my youth club disco each friday night. Its not just nostalgia its class just like the programme makers. I wish all music programmes could be at this level normally its history or wild life or comedy that excels on the Beeb but this sets the standard for music.
paul green

Brilliant series. When will the DVD become available to purchase?

Please repeat soon. How about starting it again on BBC3 this week?
Shirley Harrison

Great to see Sam Cooke given the credit that is due to him. "A change is gonna come" makes me shiver every time i hear it. Fantastic show.
Adam Wayland

fantastic show, really enjoying it, the clips of Ruth Brown in the first episode were brilliant and am looking forward to the rest of the series

i think that this programe is great

Great series. As a 'Sunday Soulie' in my Lincolnshire youth, I think it is true that some Northern Soul fans are over-anoraky about the subject, but the fact is the Northern Soul scene was and is a great driver of soul into the mainstream - soul which was often overlooked even in its US homeland. As a commercial fact this must be important to the soul story - as well as the culturally interesting point about spotty northern English white kids getting so 'into' a black American sound. I would like to see it at least referenced in this great series.
Nick Mariners

By far the most comprehensive programme ever on Soul, to not release this masterpiece on DVD would be a great disservice to the public.
Tony Class

Yep, I missed episode 2 as well. Set the video wrong. Just want to add my vote to the repeat and DVD pettion. I was so confident it would be repeated later in the week, even just in the middle of the night, I scanned all the BCC listings to see when it would be. What a quality show!
Richard Cartlidge

Due to circumstances I was unable to see the first two episodes which I desperately wanted to watch - I repeat the request of many others to repeat this series.
Rob Fennell

As a life-long fan of Soul Music in all it's forms, I have long awaited such a series and while it is totally enjoyable,it is still only a "potted " account of a music genre which captivated so many of us then and so many more today. More, much more of the same please, and more star profiles too. This music genre has always been treated as a poor relation by mainstream TV stations. Make up for lost time please.
Barbara Thomas

As a life-long fan of Soul Music in all it's forms, I have long awaited such a series and while it is totally enjoyable,it is still only a "potted " account of a music genre which captivated so many of us then and so many more today. More, much more of the same please, and more star profiles too. This music genre has always been treated as a poor relation by mainstream TV stations. Make up for lost time please.
Barbara Thomas


This is an excellent show on social history and music. Congratulations also for deciding to put it out at peak viewing time and not at an obscure hour, as is the normal practise with programmes related to black culture. Please do not let us wait too long before it can be purchased on dvd, everything else is available to purchase.
flo charles

I,m in the same mind as the other northern soul lovers ,great show but a shame you haven,t mentioned northern soul .After all we was playing the rare sounds soul in the early70s and still are to this day. P.S STILL A GREAT SHOW .......

SAM COOKE What a singer, what a voice, what a great show. Well done BBC for giving credit to MrSoul Sam Cooke.
Glasgow mod

absolutly excelent it is one of the finest program of the music in... only the bbc can do such a good show. thank you

DEEP SOUL is a fabulous series, can't wait for the Motown programme on the 21st, you really must release this series on DVD. Graham from Rochester in Kent..

Good show...The researchers etc should be credited for their endeavours,

So far the series has been brilliant and has been a really interesting commentary on social history as well as documenting some of the most inspiring and talented people in music ever. Also makes a pleasant change to the usual rubbish thats on, on a Saturday night. It actually makes me want to stay in! Please tell me you'll be producing an album.
Lindsay Hayes

A fantastic series please repeat it and put it on DVD

Thank you for this great series! i find it very moving... somehow hearing musicians talk about their hard times and their triumphs make me cry my eyes out...... in a good way that is ps. i love documentaries about music, please please please make more of them (new wave, hiphop, funk, techno etc)

Really looking forward to part 3, of DEEP SOUL. the SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA and all the DIANA ROSS and THE SUPREMES CLIPS.

Fantastic series on the most important music EVER produced by any racial or social grouping. Please get it out on DVD and please repeat Dancing In The Street, a seminal programme (a status which will undoubtedly become attached to Soul Deep). RIP Ray.
Fraser McCallum

A superb series so far! It certainly will be most interesting to see and hear yet another Story of Motown. They say you can never go back but the BBC's SOUL DEEP proves you can have a great time trying!! PS : BBC Radio 2 fairly recent' SUPREME GIRL POWER/40 years the the Supremes ' certainly laid some ghosts to rest. Perhaps part 3 of SOUL DEEP may do the same? Power to the Beeb! Ross Burt,(former President of the Supremes original Appreciation Society/Fan Club UK.)
Ross Burt ( A long time Motowner!!)...

I agree whole heartily with everyones favourable remarks about this excellant series. I am especially looking forward to the episode on Southern Soul where the greatest soul singer ever, the great James Carr is at long last going to get some recognition on main stream TV.
Mick Crowe


It's absolutely excellent! Please! Please! release the series on DVD/video, I missed the first episode and so did many of my friends
Fay Llewellyn

I'd like to add to the petition to have the series repeated on BBC 3 or 4, along with a DVD release. I missed the first two episodes - only to hear from friends that I had missed a gem of a documentary!! I'm very frustrated! Will be watching the remaining episodes so I can join in with the discussions!
Val Stephens

Incredible footage, very moving. All credit to the production team. Please repeat very soon and release a DVD. Finally something worth the licence fee!
Radha D

Just wanted to add additional positive comments to all of those posted before me. Apart from being eagerly awaited, this series appears to have the potential to become a hugely popular and creditable forerunner of many similar programmes for the BBC. With a huge number of 60's baby boomers out there, nostalgia, a need for easy to digest entertainment, and deeply emotive love of Soul music, has to be the best driver ever to grab a chance to win a hungry audience over.(what an opportunity) Come on BBC you have shown that you can do it if you really want to - Let's have more of the same..... And if you fail to bring this out on DVD - someone in the Marketing departement need shooting... The number of people on here who have expressed an interest could help reduce our license fees overnight!! - Great Job!! MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE!
Alan S - N Wales

You have large numbers of folk promising to pay you serious wonga if you issue a DVD of this fabulous series. Come on fellows, please reconsider. Last weeks' fusion of Sam Cooke and the black American social landscape of the late 50's was incredible. Make some money guys and serve your customers at the same time. Issue the DVD....PLEASE

There seems to be a lot of controversy about Northern Soul. Well isn't Northern Soul undiscovered hits from black American artists from the 70s onwards? As such it should have been included. How can this music not have anything to do with the wider soul movement? Just because a record isn't a hit, doesn't mean it isn't powerful. For example, look at the rubbish that makes it into the charts and onto TV, and then look at the powerful, individual work that doesn't. Furthermore, it seems that people appear to be missing the point about soul music. Yes, it was for black power but for a peaceful black power; for all people to equal. From this view point, soul music can be made by black or white musicians! Indead numerous soul bands were multi-racial. Soul is universal, it is about love, it is about peace and it is about feeling. It is about ending segregation not creating it!
Thomas Jones

Please repeat this series or bring out a dvd box set, please please please,, - for me, an aspiring artist who was raised listening to the legends featured in Soul Deep and been inspired by them to want to be a part of the urban music industry, this series has been an education of the legacy of soul contributors.
Samantha - East London

After watching the first episode and reading the programme guides I was impressed but thought there were more than a few omissions on the subject but lets face it that's always going to be the case. After watching episode two however I have come to the conclusion that this is the best tv music series I have watched since the brilliant Ken Burns Jazz docs screened a couple of years ago. When we heard Sam Cooke's "A change is gonna come" I must admit I nearly cried. Fantastic! here's a suggestion though why not produce more programmes like this that go deeper into it's sub genres. that way we could watch more programmes like this and keep more people happy!
Reuben Z

Wow! What a fantastic series! This is most definitely the greatest music ever. You have managed to combine all my favourtie artists into some amazing episodes and i am glued every Saturday to find out more!

I have been an avid soul music fan all of my life. This series has brightened up my Saturday evenings. I wonder if you have any plans to feature Al Green in any future programmes? I enjoyed the four part series on Reverend Green on Radio 2 recently. I would love to see a tv documentary on Al Green featuring live performances from the seventies/eighties. How about catching up with Al Green for a tv special? He is in the UK this summer. This man is one of the few surviving true soul artists.
Robert Maher

What a fantastic series!!! Long overdue. My husband and I are in a soul band and are enjoying every single second. It's fabulous to learn about where soul really came from and how it reached the masses. Shame there's only 6 epidodes 'cause I could watch hundreds!!!!
Debbie van Baalen - The Netherlands

May I add my voice to the clammer for the issueing of a DVD of this most excellent programme
Dave Potter

Is this program repeated? Please repeat it at another time?

Great programme, been waiting for this for something like this. Brings all the books I've read over the years into one. I hope they cover in good depth my all time favourite, Al Green. I have a lot of memories tied up in the reverend. He must be considered one the most important singers, the voice is like no other before or since.
nick Dring

just missed tonights episode - repeats please!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love this show!! I think it's must for everyone to know about the roots of soul!!This is a great follow up of your documentry: 'dancing in the street', which is available on video. Is there a chance of putting the previoud episodes online, if you're not planning to release a dvd!?
Patrick from East London

Absolutely fabulous - more please of this wonderful music and wonderful time. Thank you.
Susan Price

This series would be glaringly incomplete without paying Northern Soul the due it is owed for its part in making Soul the fabulous icon it is today.
Vince Elliott- Wigan

Please release this series on DVD as it is an invaluable tool for music and audio schools.
Carlos Lellis

Ive been in to classic soul for a long time...well as long as you can for a 16 year old. There was alot i new about the history and ive been into all the different styles but this show showed me some interesting things i aiant know. I hope the later episodes talks about marvin gaye and steivie wonder and alot older classics like the contours.
Abdu Mohammed Ali - Glasgow

Excellent! I really am enjoying this series. I think my boyfriend is really old because he can remember all of this.
Anne Theuns

Completely excellent. I'm a 70's soul fan so hope to see features on Philly etc. I echo the pleas for a DVD to be produced. Great to see such talking heads as Candi Staton - i.e those that really made the music not just commented on it. Not looked at the future episodes yet but hope there is one on Marvin.
Berni Griffin

Im really enjoying this series, its amazing. I loved the programme on ray charles. But why so little on aretha?
Jeinsen Lam

Great program, I am watching the show here in The Netherlands and this is, as usual from the BBC, a top quality documetary.
Chris Terpstra

Love this series. I don't know how anyone can think it is flawed. An intelligent, sympathetic and totally absorbing series. If the first three programmes are anything to go by, I am really looking forward to the rest. The interviews, clips of performers, the music and the narration are all excellent. I shall be buying the DVD if it is issued. You have seriously affected my social life.
Phil Skidmore

I think that this series is fantastic. As a child of the 60s born in London I was raised on a mixture of "The Stylistics, the Temptations (& other soul artists of the time), Jim Reeves & gospel music, URoy and Gregory Issacs. This series explained many of the musical questions of my childhood. Please, please put out a DVD of the series...please.
Anne - Hammersmith

Fantastic program. I hope it will come on the Dutch tv someday.
Joyce Evers, Amsterdam

Please repeat this series and then bring out a DVD set. As a teenager at the end of the Rock N Roll era this is the music I grew up with. I have laughed at some, sat cross armed at some , but mainly cried at some tender memories both good and bad. This is not just memory lane for me it is a re-living of the times like MLK and hope of racial integration and equility. How else but the BBC could produce such a magnificent mosaic of history entwined in music.
Colin Lincoln

Having been a part of "soul" music in the UK through various DJing events over the years, I was excited to hear about this programme, and watched it eagerly. I am glad to say that it has not dissapointed, and I have increased my knowledge of the music I love so much, as well as being presented with a perfect opportunity to 'school' my young nephews about the origins of the so called "black" music they listen to today. It is refreshing to see that amidst the rubbish that mascarades as 'RnB' today, there is a chance for all to discover the real meaning of Rythm and Blues!! More please!
Jimmy Nwaogwugwu

I can hardly wait for next weeks episode. I was in Memphis recently and the Stax Museum was fantastic, my husband had to drag me off the "Soul Train dance floor" kicking and screaming. The series is excellent. A dvd please for all us soul devotees!!
Sue Shepshed

My wife and I really enjoyed it (No:2) I thought being soul music, it came from the Soul!, but was surprised how much of it was tweaked and aimed at the white audience. With reference to this kind of music programme, it is important to hear the landmark records played through completely. Instead of a short clip, which leaves you high and dry in the middle of a great memory of when you used to dance along to these great sounds. The lesson to be learnt from these great songs and artistes, is strong lyrics combined with a great arrangement, sung with real soul, will always be popular.
Chris Woolgar

I just saw the third show on early Motown I didn't know about the series so understand my joy and grief. This needs to be repeated but better put out on DVD, please!!! Michiel, Amsterdam
Michiel Bakker

As the writer and producer of the radio series Crazy Man Crazy and Rock around the block for BBC Eastern Counties may I congratulate Francis Whately and the team beghind the Soul Deep series. I would like, however, to make one point. In the 50s when R-and-B or "Race" music was making its mark, there were those black artists who would apply themselves to a white audience like Chuck Berry. Some of his early stuff is pure R-n-R but Bo Diddley would make no such concession. I once interviewed Bo many years ago and asked him that after he had influenced so many artists of the 60s boom era - growing up with all that blues music he would have heard, who had influenced him? His reply was straight to the point: " No-one , not one person, I'm original!" I suppose he was right. I haven't heard this conveyed in the series. But I have found it very enjoyable. When I was in LA a few years ago I was told by the head of radio at Dick Clark Productions that if a Brit works on an American subject, they know it has been done from a position of respect. This series so far has lived upto that doctrine. Alan Thompson, Golden Days Archives and Productions

thanks for the great series, loved the programme about diana ross and the supremes

The programme so far has been fantastic. It really captures the history of music.
Claudia Mitchel

The programme is truly educational and will teach this modern generation a thing or two about the history of black music. I was particularly impressed with the episode on Sam Cooke's music.....gave an insight into his life and his contribution to music which a lot of people of this generation don't know about.
Olushola - Croydon

Brilliant programme this is real music, congratulations to the producers. P.S Please do a programme on David Ruffin.
Val Sheffield

it's great - a brilliant use of the BBC

Talking over the end of the credits! What were you thinking!! After watching Soul Deep this week (21/05) I remembered as the credits begun to roll, that last week it had infuriated me that suddenly some incredibly important announcement about future programmes couldn't wait the 20seconds or so and just had to be brought to us now - over the top of some great soul tune that was rounding off this perfectly crafted programme. And what do you know! Marvin Gaye starts ups this week and...yes, more oh so important information is brought to us! If I were the producer of Soul Deep I'd be mightily pissed at my programme being smeared in this way! This is the TV equivalent of a masterpiece with a grubby thumb print in the corner! Whilst I might well be the only person to comment on this, I can guarantee I’ll be far from the only person to hold this point of view. Use some common sense, judgement and dare I say taste about when you really must tell us something over the credits...use some cost/benefit analysis – know what I mean!?!

Tonights programme which mainly featured the Motown sound has to be one of the best programmes about the music I've ever seen. I was wondering about "Chess" and "Curtis Mayfield" and there they were, though I feel a little more about both could have been shown. Ches had the Dells as well as Etta James and Fontella Bass, who deserved a mention for their deeper style of soul music in comparison to the Four Tops etc. and other artis who had hits in the UK as well as the States in the 60's. I was lucky enough to see some of the Chess rosta live when they toured the UK. When I saw Billy Stewart in the mid 60's their UK backing band had a piano player by the name of Reg Dwight. I wonder what became of him :) I also hope that the next in the series covers more than Otis Redding and Wilson Picket who have been covered far too many times. There are many others who deserve recognition, as an example, the Dramatics who recorded with the Dells and produced some fabulous records. Will the series show the change in the Motown sound, specially with the Temptations going psychadelic etc. Will it be showing how soul/R&B in the 60's progressed and diverted in to funk, jazz funk and slowly on to rap and as it's called today.. Urban ? I hope the standard continues to keep a mid 50's person like me happy .. Great series so far :)
Joe A

No plans to release a DVD? Have you gone mad, Beeb? This series has to be released on DVD; it is, by far, one of the best produced series in years! A 2-disc effort is all that's required! This show continues to build from strength to strength, and I was distraught about having missed the first ten minutes of tonight's episode! Congrats on the team behind this for getting so many of the movers and players in this scene together. Sod messing about with trying to fit a repeat showing on - use that time to put out more quality programming! - and get onto the Home Entertainment department and tell them to pull their fingers out and get this DVD release ready for Christmas!

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Produce a DVD! I was too young to appreciate the achievements and the work of these great people as I growing up in NYC. But, as I watch this series so far, I can vividly remember as a kid listening to so many of these songs, dancing with my aunts and uncles, and living through concious changing times of the sixties. To be able to go back to NYC and be able to sit with my parents to watch the series all over again would be one of the best gifts I could give them. Job well done BBC! Absolutely brilliant!! I can't wait for the rest.
LeRoi Mines - London

i love the show my dad is mad about motown and he named are dog ruffin after the temptations david ruffin we love MOTOWN the best show ever we have seen about mowtown you have given meny young people the privlige of seeing motowns ledgens.
libby martin

How much for the DVD? How do I get one?
Big Mick......

great series, i love soul music and at the same time i'm an Elvis fan. A shame that soul music is considered black music only. As Howling Wolf once said: there is no such thing as black or white music, only good and bad music. Did you know Elvis recorded at Stax too (in 1973) ?
Folkert - Holland

please please please put this out on DVD - it has been brilliant so far and by the looks of it everyone wants this out on DVD - come on please the public
stephen curran

Fantastic - loving all I've seen. The programmes on Ray Charles and Sam Cooke were brilliant and a revelation to me. But please please bring out the DVD box set soon - my vcr has expired and I'd love to see it all again.
Liz - Cornwall

This has been an excellent series, but could we drop this Northern Soul argument. This series is about the social conditions/inspirations and political effect of black popular (soul, rnb, funk etc) music by African Americans on AMERICAN SOCIETY, it's not about the popularity of rare soul records in northern England during the 70s, which although may be an valid music genre, has no relevance to this series. Let's enjoy the excellent series for what it is and stop bemoaning the fact that Northern Soul doesn't get a mention, if this is an issue then Northen soul fans should request a series made specifically for their interest.
E Fabin - London

Never knew that much about the Motown house band until now. The best Saturday nights TV in light years. Great !
John Mayor

Love the series I would love to see this on a dvd box set or please repeat it again, soon!
Jamie Wilson

FANTASTIC!!! True talent that is really everlasting. Looking forward to the rest of the series. DVD - a MUST!!
Gerry Shaer

PLEASE PLEASE bring this out as a box set DVD. A life long soul fan, this is a trully wonderful series and the best one I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Please repeat this series as soon as possible. And more of the same please. This is the BBC at its best.

When I see all the c**p that's released on DVD from the tv it would we be a crime not to release Soul Deep. Absolutely brilliant prog! More please.
Graham H

Great showm i'm still in love with Sam Cooke. My only real question is - Where is Tina Turner in all of this? I completley agree with Mr D's comments earlier that she is an often overlooked pioneer of soul music, because she was seen as singing "white rock" in the '80's but she has inspired some of todays freshest talent, would Beyonce even exist in music if Tina hadn't b4 her, hmm worth thinking. otherwise lovin it!
Cheryl - North Yorkshire

I've been looking for a DVD like this for ages. It's a good thing I've still got VHS. Excellent program, especially pt. 3. which was my era.
PAUL G the soul executive

Please Please Please put out a DVD of the series! I missed the Motown episode because I set my VCR for 20.20! The Sam Cooke episode was superb. Once again BBC well done! For any Motown fans, try yahoo! groups and search Motown. Loads of chat and latest info on these discussion groups!
Andy Lombardi

Wow - you wait for years for something like this to happen and you haven't let us down. Factually correct and well balanced and I haven't seen many of the clips before. I would have liked to see a whole show on Jackie Wilson though. After the first one had gone out I got into work the next day and praised it to the heights, then a voice said "Who's Ray Charles". That's why it is so important to musically educate the nation. Then their taste in music would have to improve. A DVD IS A MUST AND WE WILL KEEP NAGGING What next?? How about an allnighter BBC programme showing soul music clips uninteruppted by dilelect. An hour of JB, a couple of hours of Motown, an hour of Sly Stone, Parliament and funk, A hour of Atlantic and Stax. come on BBC you put out trailers for talented producers and writers when the answer to entertainment is staring you in the face.
Rob Holmes

Aargh! Missed the 3rd programme. Looking forwsrd to 4th (Otis etc.) Get in out on DVD - you know it makes sense!

Firstly what a subject to pick for a series - inspired - thank you. I'm really enjoying it and have just sent the details to friends who need to watch it. We play in a 12 piece soul band and to play this music you need to understand and love it. I've been a soul fan for the last 28 years and was lucky enough to get to incredible places like Wigan Casino to listen and feel the Northern vibe which has never left me - it's now part of my DNA. Even so, every week there is much to enjoy and something to learn. I support the call for Jackie Wilson to be covered and it was good for Curtis Mayfield to get credit for being the first artist to end the pink bubble gum era and deal with real issues of black America, on last nights programme. He led the musical protest but never got the recognition he deserved but I doubt he wanted it. Overall the BBC has gone up masssivley in my opinion. Keep on Keepin on.
Bob - A Northern Stomper

I have found these programmes fascinating and really inspiring. They are documentaries which seem to have real content. The people interviewed have so much precious experience and wisdom to share. And the music, above all, speaks for itself.
Felicity Notley

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!....Please a DVD release for this series would be amazing!
David Johnson

I thought the programme was just fantastic. The kind of music you can really lose yourself in! Trouble is I missed last night's episode and Mowtown is my favourite. We never hear it much these days. Why is it not on again through the week some time. PLEASE!
Katrina Taylor

could you tell me why you decided to start part 3 at 8 when the other 2 started at 8.25. very annoying when you very foolishly presume that because the first 2 started at a certain time the rest would start at the same time. anyway, excellent series, apart from the first 20 minutes of part 3. can't comment because i haven't seen it!!!! it wouldn't have been as bad if you'd start it at, say 9pm. at least i wouldn't have missed it. oh well, i'll have to look forward to 8pm next week for the next part. oh wait, you've moved the times again! hmmm!
matt ford

You have got to issue the series on DVD! The Funk Brothers on it's own was a classic in terms of information and character profile on the session musicians behind the Motown Sound and the make up of the band then and now. The Lounge Concert was such a wonderful experience that assuming the band is not going to Tour the UK, the history of the reunion has got to be made available to the thousands of music afficionados for whom Motown and the era of Blues and Soul is so important. There are TV histories available for the Artists, these guys are the backbone of the music and are so often never in the spotlight - we must get them over here in the UK preferably in body but if not possible, then certainly on DVD. If The Blind Boys of Alabama can get over here, can't The Funk Brothers? Please provide any additional information that is available on CD on The Funk Brothers recordings either from Studio or the Lounge Concert. Congratulations on a true quality and well informed series to date - looking forward to the remaining programmes and more in the future.
Mark Fletcher

What a brilliant programme! - huge Motown fan - goosebumps with every track - Marvin Gaye especially - one hour is just not enough -please please bring this out on DVD!!!
Maureen - Middlesex

Very interesting programme.

An excellent documentary of what is a highly ambitious subject to consolidate within 6 hours. I like the fact that the opening two episodes concentrate on Ray Charles and Sam Cooke who both helped pave the way, yet Sam Cooke, especially, is often overlooked in various soul tributes. I am also very pleased that Big Joe Turner and Ruth Browns influence was given a nod aswell. I look forward to the James Brown episode, whose performances in his prime are so rarely shown and overshadowed by the endless amount of live videos from concerts over the last couple of decades. There are so many artists in this genre that i would love to see more footage of but understand that this would be a mammoth task, ie the concentration on 60s motown omitting any real mention of stevie wonder, marvin gaye, edwin starr and the likes, but as i said understandable given the limited time scale. Like i said this is a brilliant series and hope that all this positive feedback leads to more of the same, as well as a DVD of the series and perhaps some repeats of the likes of Dancing in the Street, which i never had the fortune to see.
Dominic Moyse - Brighton

Excellent programme. Having just visited the music cities of the deep south, this makes me want to go back for more. Thank you
Jackie King

Just wanted to answer the misguided comments about northern soul needing a mention on the programme. "Soul Deep" is documenting (very successfully) the origin and development of soul music from blues & gospel into r&b then soul music in all its forms. The fact that some uptempo soul music was classified as "northern soul" many years after it was produced is irrelevant to the series. The northern soul scene only succeeds in perpetuating interest in a one (narrow) form of soul music.
Dave - Lincolnshire

unfortunately i missed the first episode but did catch no 2- sam cooke- what an amazing talent. this should be compulsory viewing for all so called 'rock' fans who's narrow view of the development of music is restricted to the elvis, the beatles and the stones- without soul, r&b, motown- james brown, the supremes, marvin brother ray aretha jackie wilson curtis stevie gladys the tempts... you al know the rest. middle class british snobbery often disregards the importnat contribution of todays music- without these pioneers there would be no beyonce, justin t or god help us- girls aloud! a fantastic series- but motown- no stevie? no marvin? no temps/ ssurely covered in a later episode? hopefully will be on dvd with extras- why are there no dvds available in ther uk of great 60's performances? keep the faith
david wilson

Fabulous series so far, but oh how I wish we could have those rare clips of Mary Wells, Etta James,Fontella etc. etc in full without the voice over ! Also the commentary was incorrect in stating that the Supremes had to perform with a `toned down` look for Love Child on Ed Sullivan` s show. They actually appeared wearing sweat shirts embroidered with the words Love Child, and Afros on an edition other than the one you showed the clip o f!!! I found the so called rivalry between Chess and Motown rather tenuous. Stax and Atlantic were surely Motown`s big rivals, Chess, although producing some great records was simply not in that league.
Trevor Collins

Fantastic, for once the BBC have got it right, this is a seminal series which I dare say will get the awards it surely deserves. Excellent compilation, also the parallel stuff going on on BBC4 make Saturday evenings worth staying in for. Well done - all those involved in the project
Ola Uduku

Fabulous show - brought back many happy memories of hearing the music in the '60s. I cannot believe I missed episode 3. Is it repeated on BBC 3 or 4?
Colin Wreglesworth

A fantastic series, any plans to sell it to the Canadian CBC channel so my new friend in Seattle can watch it?
Mark Levy Manchester

I love this programme, I'm in awe seeing the Greats being interviewed week after week. Will Earth, Wind & Fire or Kool & the Gang be appearing in the show?
Walerson - Brockley

Please repeat this series! Surely I can't be the only one stupid enough to have watched the Eurovision and missed Episode 3!
Sue - Lancashire

I am really enjoying this series. This weeks programme brought back fond memories to me of my disco dancing days to motown. The music is truly timeless and classic
Liz, Derby

Missed the first one, loved the second, third one (one I was looking most forward to) didn't record. Gutted. No repeats on BBC3 or 4 either. Someone nag them to repeat this series!
Jonny Barton

Great series so far, generally only watch sky channels but this lured me back to the BBC for the first time in years!! Guessing im not the only person caught out by the change of time (missed the first 10 minutes of episode 3), warning time changes AGAIN next week!! A few of us would love to buy this on DVD/Video. Am so looking forward the the "funky" Stevie Wonder rather than the "I just called to love her" Stevie(!!) Glad to see his new single has returned to his funky best. Look forward to the rest of the series

How has this series touched so much history in so little time. Excellent. That is the only word for the series.
Rob in Dumfries

fantastic.hope its gong to be on dvd.

As a lifelong fan of soul and an Essex soulboy it's a real pleasure to have a programme dedicated to the music I love - please put this out on DVD - I'll be the first to put my money down...
Paul - Essex

How can you not release a dvd of this great series? Has the BBC lost the plot? Come on Beeb wake up please!
Andy Liverpool

Love it!

• Loving the series thanks for making a great programme about great music which very few people understand today, but I have one query. What about that chunk in between funk and R&B? the first 4 episodes concentrate on the roots of motown and other 60s soul with real depth, but why knock out a whole decade of fascinating soul fusion, which gave us a legacy of amazing artists such as Chaka Khan, Prince, Labelle, Billy Preston, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Bill Withers, Quincy Jones, Minnie Riperton, Denise Williams, Marlena Shaw, Ashford & Simpson, Stephanie Mills, George Benson, Anita Baker, Patti Austin, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, The Salsoul Orchestra, Mc Fadden & Whitehead, Teddy Pendergrass. I’m not sure why you guys have missed out such a big section? I think it would be very interesting to give people an incite into the most musically influential era of black music, and why we went from the biggest recording productions to the home studios of today. I really don’t see how this woulden’t make intresting viewing not to mention the beginnings of racial harmony. I think we know why though is it because it would be called disco? And that’s a dirty word still? Although nearly every dance record you here today has a sample of it somewhere?
Lenny M

This series is great-but it only sratches the surface for real soul fans-how about more in depth shows?
Andrew Boyel-Bradford

A great series well made. Shame there isn't a program on the rise of the Philly sound in the 70s and of course why not put the series on DVD?
Malcolm Hegarty

Great show, but now I have a DVD player I can't record TV shows any more. Will it be out on DVD?
Noam Bleicher

Brilliant. How can the BBC even think of not releasing a DVD? I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!
Maria B

Fantastic!! What a great evenings entertainment and wouldn't miss it for the world. My husband and I watch it avidly, we hadn't realised until now how much of an influence Sam Cooke had on soul music and we can't wait to see all our favourites, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Four Tops and the Tempatations to name but a few - wonderful programme making keep it up!!
Yvonne Rogers

I've missed most of these but have loved what I've seen. Now that there is much interest in this genre of music, please could this series be repeated and could we have more in depth programmes. I would love to but the DVD!!
Dave Hurst

Saturdays show was excellent. The information on the show was fascinating, but it would have been good to see some other artists such as The Contours, The Marvellettes, The Temptations and Edwin Starr but to name a few. However the music still had us rolling the rug up and dancing. More of the same please.
Phil - Manchester

Fantastic Programme that should be put on a DVD as the programme controllers have now moved the time it is being shown to 9.00pm which will now clash with another programme on BBC4 why do they have to do this? Can't the BBC Channels work with each other as it was great to see the birth of Motown and then watch The Funk Brothers again afterwards on BBC4!
Bryn Langley

The first two episodes were great. I thought the third one was too focussed on the Supremes and it was a lost opportunity to highlight other leading Motown acts such as The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. In fact the episode that covered soul in the Dancing In The Street series was much better and contained an actual interview with Berry Gordy as well.
Phil Daniels - Stockport

Thank you for producing such a great series! Soul music needs to be given the acknowledgment it deserves. To find out in the very first show that there would be no Rock'n'Roll without Soul - amazing! Just goes to show the importance of Soul! I have found the series moving in a lot of ways: great songs; great voices and very informative in terms of social history. I could not believe what artists such as Ray Charles were subjected to, because of their colour! Hearing Ruth Brown speak of how she wasn't even allowed to sing her own song on air!? It must have taken a lot for all of the great artists to continue. Lesser people would have given up. But had they done so, we would not have had the opportunity to hear such great music. Thank you again for such an interesting programme! Please bring us more of the same! Looking forward to the rest of the series!
Tammy B

May I begin by commending the BBC for a fine, well structured series (thus far) that most important, correctly charts the development of African-American popular music from a Black perspective. My only concern at this stage, with only three more episodes to go, and the proposed content of the remaining installments is that a total of 6 hour long episodes are perhaps not enough to effectively cover such a broad, multi-layered subject. For one, the music's politically- driven development in the early - mid 1970s with acts such as Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, Donny Hathaway,Gil-Scott Heron, Willie Hutch, and the symphonic love-inspired sounds pioneered by Barry White, Lamont Dozier and messrs Gamble and Huff is surely worthy of an episode of its own. Likewise, the emergence of FUNK a la James Brown, Fred Wesley, George Clinion, Earth Wind and Fire, Ohio Players, the Fatback Band and Slave et al also requires in depth appraisal. There are many who would argue, and not without some measure of justification, that today's 'R 'n B' sounds as represented by Destiny's Child, Usher, Missy Elliot etc has little if anything to do with the 'SOUL' characterised by the classic aforementioned acts other than a shared racial heritage. Perhaps a more appropriate contemporary angle would be to cover groups such as the Sounds of Blackness, Jasper Street Company and other gospel-styled performers like Yolanda Adams, Helen Baylor and Be Be Winans; and so-called neo-soul acts like Ledisi, Rahsaan Patterson, Raphael Saddiq and Jill Scott who seem far more representative of Soul music's enduring legacy. Some food for thought perhaps for a future, more musically thorough Soul music project? Soul Deep indeed, yet can go deeper still!
Alvin Sinclair - North West London

Congrtulations on a great series. I was born in 1960 but the house was always full of music and I was brought up on soul and it's great to see exactly how it all came about. I must also congratulate you on you old footage of black history during this period because I don't feel that black people know enough about the struggles we went through and the black Americans basically sumed it up!
Sandra Cable, Birmingham

A great series and one definately for future generations to see. Surely it warrants a DVD release?
Ken Belgrave

I enjoyed the episode about Detroit , I think this should have been a two part program. The reason for this is the emergence of music in Detroit is credited to Motown other labels existed there Ric Tic ,Anna, Wheelsville Impact , Groovesville Golden World etc there where a lot of Labels which Berry Gordy bought out the competion . The Artist would flit from one studio to another sometimes recording under different alias. The Sixties was a very big for Soul Music and records were avialable for much longer periods than today so if a record only charted at say 40 in cash box it didn't actually reflect the real sales,also this was the baby boom period and there was a lot of teenagers around in the USA & Europe so record company's were not overly concerned in getting big sales striaght away. You could have shown more Film Clips for example the Ready Steady Go Motown Revue. You Miissed Brunswick Label ,Okeh Label out alltogether, You Didn't Mention The Brill Building out of NewYork which Phil Specter created the Wall of Sound along with Goffin & King etc . The Emergence of early Philly sound . The Miirwood label out of California. Also you missed the importance of the early Female group The Marvellettes . Best Wishes DJ Mick Payne
Mick Payne

After the first two inspiring episodes part three was a real disppointment. Too much time was spent on the 'light-weight' and 'over-rated' Supremes and not enough on HDH, Smokey or the 'Funk Bros' the 'real' originators of the Motown sound. Hope this is a blip rather than a sign that your 'quality control' is failing.

Loved the funk brothers show on BBC4 21/05/05 excellant viewing, of these ole time brothers, cos thats what true musicianship was all about back in the day great stuff thanks

Absolutely fabulous series so far. The clips are great and the music even better. Will this series be available to buy in the shops?
Karen Homer

Great series, missed no 3 and what a bummer - NO REPEATS!!!!! Put out the DVD - I will buy.
Janet S

got to agree we lenny m. nothing on philly sound.nothing on earth wind and fire!!must be saving it up for a special...??!!
steve p

This so far has been excellent - please please please release it on DVD as soon as possible

Hi there, the show youy have produced has been amazing, I grew up with my mother really into her motown and soul and my father into his rock and his blues. This is a really well researched and informative series and brings back loads of memories for me when my mother would put her motown on when I was little. I would like to thankyou once again and beg you to release the DVD well done BBC2! its worth the lincence fee alone!
Paul Darton

Love the programme..want to buy the DVD its a MUST for everyone!!
Juliette - Chiswick

about time a decent in depth documentary on the subject of Soul Music. More of this lessDIY chefs reality shite, we are not all stupid you know!
kevin walker

I love it and I hope that you release the series on DVD. The sooner the better!
Mrs Ingunn B Raissis

Family wedding and forgetting to set up recording meant missed episode #3. This may be stating the obvious but please release a DVD for the series! Can't wait for Otis on Saturday.
Iain S

Soul Deep missed episodes 1 and 2 and I like everyone else is clamouring for a repeat on BBC 1 perhaps. The Sound of Young America was pure class I have loved soul and Motown since the early sixties and I cannot wait till saturday to see my all time favourite soul singer James Carr bliss. Please Please Please bring this out on DVD it surely must be the most requested DVD all year. Well worth the licence fee for Soul Deep Alone.
Denis Truby

the show is fabulous. it really entertement for anybody. i love the show bbc keep up the good work, THANK 2 ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ORGANISE IT.
adeola nola

Fantastic series where are Sam &Dave,Percy Sledge.Telling all my friends to watch

missed the Motown episode, bitterly disappointed. Heard a vicious rumour about no DVD release. Tell me its not true. The best thing on BBC in years and something of relevance and depth which obviously has resonated with its core audience. yet no DVD? foget job loss demonstrations, need to fire management for that kind of reckless decision. Release the DVD and i'l get everyone i know to buy one. The SOulman.
The SoulMan

Great series, though I should like to echo the comments of others about the 70's. It seems a large section has been by-passed. As well as the artists listed above, where are for example, the O'Jays, Maze, Gap. What about important labels such as PIR, Capitol, TK, Solar even Brunswick, Salsoul and All Platinum / Stang to name a few. A separate series ? Rob
Robert Boyd

Love this series, one of the best programmes on TV for ages. However, I missed episode 3, Is it repeted on any of the BBC channels? Regard Mark
Mark Heyward

Two things: First, you managed to make a program about Motown without even MENTIONING Marvin Gaye. I've no idea how you did that. Second: WHY DO YOU HAVE A CONTINUITY ANNOUNCER TALK OVER THE MUSIC AT THE END? In this case, that music was the only hint that Marvin Gaye existed. You've done it on all three episodes now and the whole lot of you deserve to be banned from ever listennig to soul music again. It's a disgrace.

A fantastic program that shows just how ground breaking and original black popular music USED to be... Less 50 Cent and more Ray Charles, Robert Johnson and Sam Cooke!
Ben Tansey

Loving it....bring it out on DVD and save a few jobs as you'll make a fortune on it.

Please please please....release a dvd, and repeat this program asap.BBC three and four were made for this!!

Series is excellent. The coverage of Sam Cooke was spot on. You even played my favourite song by him: Change gonna come. Thank you for making this series. Please put the series on DVD and issue in time for Christmas.
Janet Richefond

There are thousands of record labels, thousands of artists, thousands of individual stories that would be relavant. I know, I have been collecting them for over 30 years. However the programme would have to run for hundreds of years to give a complete history of Soul. So stop moaning if your favourite is not covered. Northern Soul is a U.K. taste based scene, which is now worldwide, but it had minimal effect on the artists at the time of recording. Therefore don't complain if it is not mentioned in the programme. However it is the scene that produced the most knowledgeable Soul fans on the planet, and later helped re-ignite the careers of many artists ignored by the rest of the world. It should therefore be included in the "whats your kind of Soul" poll. Also does R "n" B mean real R "n" B or the nasal based pop drivel of today ?
keb darge

Why no Temptations, biggest selling group as stated in many books etc and webs including bbc own website??

Since I can remember, I have loved soul music. From the uplifting sounds of funk, to the spiritual and sexy sounds of R&B. Artists like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, who truely inspire todays music seem to have been overlooked so far in your series. I really do hope they at least get a mention for their dedication and truely inspired music. Allthough nothing has been said of these artists, I do still enjoy watching the program and will continue to watch it.
Dave Porter

Fantastic series. Please think about releasing a DVD. Lots of the viewers are asking for one and it would sell like hot cakes. More programmes of this quality please.

The first two episodes of this series were fantastic - entertaining and unusually well researched, with amazing archive footage and revealing interviews with many soul legends but I was slightly disappointed in episode 3 which I felt concentrated too heavily on The Supremes, over looking Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Jr. Walker, Edwin Starr and most surprisingly The Temptations. The series should definitely be brought out on DVD, ideally with extra footage
J Harrington

At last a programme that makes Saturday night worthwhile!!!! Great web pages too!!!!
Maureen Franklin

Great show when I can see it, why no repeats on BBC3/4?

Great show, have enjoyed it so far. but you are really overlooking Tina Turner. I love that woman and is still the only Real Soul star who has made it in rock!
Maureen Pinter in Manchester

DVD on would be a crime not to!! Great stuff!
Mark Randle

Brilliant, realy helped me to appricate the meaning behind the music, how the artists were influced the political and social pressues upon them at the time, the fight to bring this music to the masses in a very different (well racist) society. Don't think i will be able to listen to the Sam Cooke version of A Change Is gonna come without feeling those hairs on the back of my neck and a lump in my throat especially now I understand more about what enspired it. I have always loved this genre of music, this just reminded me why. Made my dad remeber his DJ days with great excitement, difficult to get into context how magical this music was when it appeared like a totally new sound in the pop charts. Would agree with Alvin Sinclair- it would be nice to show artists like Jill Scott, some Angie Stone, Maxwell, and the good british soul, Lynden David Hall, Hil St. Soul and plenty of the other artists who are continuing the legacy as well as the many that remain relatively undiscovered. I would like to be edcated! More series like this would be brilliant. I also look forward to a DVD!
Rebecca Scothern

The series is absolutely fantastic. I echo the wish of many to have it released on DVD. Also I wish you would create similar series on Country Music and Rock Music, which together with Soul Music represent the three pillars of popular music of my generation of "grumpy old men / women".
Agustin Chicarro

A really great programme, each week has been really interesting and I hope that it will be released on a dvd, a real collectors item !!
Priscillla Graham

Excellent Series, very well put together and gripping throughout. You simply must release a DVD of this series!
Adam Priest

I love the show i had never missed an episode. But when the whole shows finished i hope that you put the whole show on DVD for collection!

A fantastic series, by why do you have to keep changing the time. I missed half of it last week because of this, and I notice that the time has changed again. When will it be repeated so I can catch what I've missed.
Simon Smith

please please please put it on a DVD, its the least you can do, ive stayed in all these saturday nights to watch your totally unmissable show!

I finally caught up with the epsiode on Sam Cooke. Very good, as the whole series has been, and I really appreciated a programme that agreed with my appraisal of Sam as one of the most important artists in modern music, and one of the most important people in modern Black American history. The whole series so far has been remarkable, especially for your excavation of footage that I never believed existed. My only query with this episode on Sam, is why there was no attention to his role to the Black audience when he played live on the chitlin circuit. Since the release of the Harlem Square Club album, or at least since its rerelease, that's not exactly a secret - that he had one voice for the white audience, and one for the Black audience. Perhaps there isn't footage available; but really, you just have to contrast the versions of 'You Send Me'! Anyway, great series - truly enjoying it, on this sultry, almost Southern, night.

I have some comments about the CD . It is a various collection of different stages in Soul Music . What caught me by surprise was that Bobby Brown's "My Perogative " is one of the only tracks representing the 80's , which i find a limited selection . Much, much quality soul was made during the 80's . Sometimes you had to search more in the underground-scene ( specialised radio-stations / import shops ) to find these treasures . And especially in the UK , the soul-scene dug deep . See what kinda artists have performed over there , AND STILL DO ! ( Camden Jazz Cafe , etc ) , because they know that the fans are devoted . For instance , 80's group Kleeer were amazed by the sold-out shows they gave in the Hammersmith Odeon , London . In the USA this exposure was much harder for them to realize . That's what makes the UK special to visit .

I would like to add to the number of people who have requested for this series to be available on DVD - would definitely buy!

A wonderful series , wonderful music , wonderful people "Hold on I'm Coming "

I just saw the Southern Soul episode of your series, and it was G.R.E.A.T., with Otis Redding and James Carr, two of my favourite soulmen. Keep up the good spirit!
Robbert, Soulman from Holland

I saw the Stax Tour at Hammersmith in 1967. You had to be there to appreciate the affect of Booker T & the MGs, Sam & Dave, Arthur Conley and co on what must have been one of the first truly multi-racial audiences. But as brilliant as they all were, none could compete with the soul genius of Otis Redding. Otis Redding had that magic charisma that could win over any audience, and his voice soared up to the ceiling with songs like Respect, Fa fa fa fa fa (Sad Song) Satisfaction and the show stopping Try A Little Tenderness. Peope were standing on the seats bouncing up and down, screaming for more. I've seen many great shows and great artists, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and very recently, Scissor Sisters, but nothing equals the experience of the evening when Stax came to town. BBC2 has done a service in bringing to light a short period of music that many will have forgotten. Otis Redding certainly deserves to be remembered.
Alan O'Kelly

A great series so far. As a music educator who lived through this period it brings back some wonderful memories. It is also a unique record of the history of soul music, and very well put together. When you (for surely you must) bring this out on DVD I will certainly make it part of my music curriculum. Young people need to know the roots of their own music. This would be an excellent way of doing it.

Just as when you leave the sweetest piece of chicken to consume last on your plate, I have been taping this series and looking forward to watching it in one wonderful fell swoop. So you know that I am ready to exterminate the person in my house who fiddled with the video and caused me to miss the episode on 28th May! Dear Beeb, why isn't this repeated another night in the week and why, oh why are you not planning to distribute this on DVD or video?!? Considering some of the drek that gets released surely Soul Deep tops that and by the amount of interest shown on the website alone this deserves a DVD release at least? Hell, I don't even have a DVD and I will buy one if you ever change your mind!! At least please repeat the whole series again very soon, eh?

The title is apt...Soul Deep... is only thought running through my mind every time I watch the program. Luckily living in Holland, we have BBC2, but this would be topped off if this came out on DVD....cos how else could I explain to my kids that THIS is REAL soul and not that disposable slick pap that is feed to us nowadays.. felt a trifle tearful watching the Otis Redding program... he was in my mum's top 3, actually he might have been her number 1.
Sadie D.

Good insight to the politics & disadvantage of black artists and soul music
George Desiré

I have limited knowledge of soul but this series is showing me the way! What a cracking program, I hope the Beeb will release this on DVD, I am sure it will do well.
Dean Williams

Absolutely brilliant, but I am devasted, I work on saturday nights and I forgot to tape last night's show. Please please repeat it.
David Peek

HeAvY programme-i've been waitin4sumthin like this 4T.Y.M....i grew up listenin 2motown,funk n soul since4eva n4u2bring out such an amazin series on it im smitten :) ...u gots2bring it out on dvd...i want it4 my collection!! -PeacE-
SugaBabie (...agd15...)

A superb programme, both entertaining and informative and with the interviews of so many important names it just gets better. Such an important part of musical history deserves this kind of attention and I just can't believe that there is no accompanying DVD or book! This is just too good to codemn to an archive at the end of the series and I would gladly give it shelf room. Every episode has me saying 'Wow! I didn't know that!' at some point and I love to hear those classics and see the old footage explained in the context of the time.
Pete Dawkins

DVD IT DVD IT DVD IT. We've got the music, it's the pictures we want. MORE please, when is series 2 planned. Do you want my list?

BBC Job cuts unnecessary! As soon as the BBC issues its DVD (or even video) of the Soul Deep programmes, it'll fly off the shelves, making a fortune for the Beeb and a big smile for Mark Thompson, those 4000 staff and me, Ron.
Ron Moss

fantastic series. such great music. loved hearing james carr again. really interesting footage. more of the same please
val horsman

A brilliant series - please release a DVD. This series deserves to win an award
Jane Lalor

thank god some one has finally released a programme that is not a pile of s***e, with failed celebrities. People need to understand the importance of soul music, it is so much much better than the r'n'b of today, where there is no emotion or feeling put into the songs. i think ill let you off for episode three as the rest of the series has been so great please release a dvd, surely you have to as so many people want to buy it. more of the same thanks

So you're telling me that you can buy DVD's of Strictly Come Dancing and Fame Academy but not of this incredible series? Show a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T Beeb!
Ollie Babish

Alex Girvan

No DVD is utter madness. This is the music equivalent to "The World at War". Stunning programming, a DVD with extended performances would be a number one seller - of that I have no doubt. In the meantime, many thanks for telling it how it was and always be, soul DEEP.
Marc Jones

Wallpaper. Most sites have them, almost all of them are pointless. I can't think of anything I'd rather sling on my APple 23" monitor than a montage of Otis Redding with the (very decent) "Soul Deep" logo on it. I bet the design monkeys would love to go to work on them!
Marc Jones

An excellent programme series. My only criticism is that although one or two of the artists have briefly acknowledged the Philadelphia (or Philly) Sound on passing, it does not appear to be included in either the programmes or the Web site. From about 1968, they would include amongst others, The Delfonics, The Stylistics, The Spinners, The O'Jays, and the Philadelphia equivalent to the Funk Brothers MFSB. Perhaps an episode 7 & 8 might be in order, or an additional series following the rise of Philly Sound.
Colin Knight

I want to congratulate you on 'Soul Deep' I think its a brilliant programme , an excellent balance of interviews, music and fascinating archive footage. This is really the first programme I have come across that really explains what was going on, the roots and context....Great that it is on a Saturday night , too, and not delegated to some obscure time . Thankyou so much .
Pat Gabriel

Superb Music, Southern Soul, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, James Carr, Sam Cooke et al. An education to the present day youth of the joy of soul music, how can one not be moved by the expressions of love and pain. DVD's please!
Dave Bigley

Gotta say, some of the stuff that you have placed in the main public eye has been superb. However, lots of old highlights that have been screened before. Can't we see something new? Especially the old Motown clips. You have bulit up Berry Gordy to be the Godfather of Black Music, not so!! The lost and sometimes forgetten sound of Black America has vitality and its roots are in the ghetto, not commercialised '1910 Fruitgum Co' manufactured pop. Your stuff on Southern Soul was Ace, keep on movin'.
Kevin McFadden

Dear Keb Darge - you are not the boss of the world. You can't tell other viewers whether they ought to 'complain' or not - this form is for comments. In any case, the Northern Soulies' complaints have all been mild observations set in an ocean of compliments. This forum is a groovy love-fest of approval. Truck on dude.
Nick Mariners

In some respects I must say that, notwithstanding certain reservations, I am pleased that a show of this type has finally been aired on a UK terrestrial channel. At last, a docu-commentary (clearly, given its vast subject, needing to be abridged) that seeks to address an art-form that has certainly been been an integral aspect of my life!! For many years now we (the "we" being the "multitude" like me who are lovers of this musical heritage) have suffered due to its "positive inattention" by the mainstream media. Sometimes, out of sheer curiosity, I'll watch programmes that purport to identify the" top 100 songs" of the past century, which somehow contrive to exclude the great majority of the artists that genuinely moved me -even in the last 10 years. !!! I never listened to the likes of David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles or Elvis. In my opinion, I was always listening to something better!! Something, that as your programme suggests, gave LIFE to these other guys. However you attempt to "slice it or dice it" that something is and will always be BLACK MUSIC!!!
Unkle V-Birmingham

So many people seem to want see the series put on dvd! Could I add my name to the list as I seem to have missed bits and pieces of the series so far. How could I have missed Louis Jordan (brilliant) Ray Charles (superb) etc from the first programme (managed to record Coronation Street over the programme - silly me!!!!) have thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen so far though. The musicians and all those featured in the series are a true inspiration and it is always a very emotional experience watching and listening to the people who have been such an important part of my life. I love music, any kind of music.. just as long as it's spiritual//soulful/funky/groovy!!!!!!
Esther Collins

first rate show : you must release a dvd never knew so much film of sam cooke existed otis episode brilliant: please lets have dvd

Given the historical neglect on TV of soul music up to now the series is manna from heaven. Superb. This Saturday's Stax/Redding film took the biscuit though with Sam & Dave, Monterey and Aretha and ye gods Steve Cropper around to tell the story... pure bliss. So a DVD ASAP please. And if not that a repeat run. Also the BBC must have many, many hours of soul buried away in the vaults. Bring it on out!
Stephen Speed

Really fantastic series. Please release it on DVD
Ann Smith

This series, with the exception of episode 3 on Motown, has blown me away. I absolutely love soul music and thanks to this series I am discovering more fabulous artists like Johnnie Taylor. This series must be laid down on dvd, no question. Looking forward to watching my man, Stevie in next week's episode!

Absolutely fantastic series. Representing all angles of the soul movment over the decades, it is educating and fascinating. Thank you for such a great programme, well worth paying my licence fee just for Soul Deep. As many requested above PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this out on DVD a.s.a.p.
Mick Howells

Fantastic!!! I was blown away by the clips, the memories, the highs, the lows and the recollections of the the performers, the writers, the musicians it was heart-stopping stuff. Please tell me you are issuing a DVD at some stage - this is stuff we should all be able to keep, treasure and watch whenever we feel the need to get soul deep.....?

Brilliant, Episode 4 brought tears to my eyes - hairs standing on end WOW! Does anyone know what the title music is to the series? I sounds a little like "Tramp" but I don't think it is. Thanks Mark
Mark Robinson

glad that a tv show for soul lovers is finally being aired-but wot about northern soul? and will marvin gaye be featured? hopefully the series won't bow down to current soul(?) music as most of it is crap Any plans for a dvd? Keep the faith!

I agree with some other comments already on here. I am twenty and b4 you start sayin i don't have enough miles on the clock to know about music, shut up, becaue i do. I have enjoyed this show alot but i think ppl of my age are inspired by Michael Jackson and Tina Turner and Prince and i don't think any attention has been given to "rock n soul" this is a kind of soul, and i really don't understand how you can jump from classic soul to Mary J Blige without including Tina Turner! What's that got to do with it? man
Michael Jones

Thank you BBC for another fine production. I really think that series such as 'Dancing in The Streets', 'SoulDeep ' and 'Windrush 'really deserve to be put on DVD. I know that I'll be one of the first buyers of these series.
Jackie J (Breda, The Netherlands)

Great stuff! Thanx
marc vermeiren antwerp, belgium

I can but echo the comments of many others: please, please, please put this series out on DVD in time for Christmas! It will be a blockbuster! Thanks, BBC, you're still the best.
Fiona Herron

Come on Beeb, listen to the people - please repeat this series or release a DVD. It has been excellent so far but I have missed episodes 2 & 4.... gutted. Congrats on a great show!

Please please please put this series out on DVD. I have a record shop specialising in soul, hip hop etc and many of my customers go out on a Saturday night (myself included) and have missed some of the episodes.
Ben South, Plastic Records

A big thank's to the BBC for bringing a musical subject close to my heart to the small screen, I know it will be hard task to please everyone when trying to cover a music as wide and diverse as SOUL and all it's off shoots, but thanks for giving it go and bringing it's great history to a wider viewing public

I am thoroughly enjoying the series. Just singing along and moving with the talented people is a great way to spend Saturday night! Looking forward to listening to a CD of the show. It's just been so inspiring to see the background behind it all. Thanks

Another great show of "Deep South" After all the repeats we get on BBC is sure is good to get something positive for a change. I look forward to Saturdays nights showing and I hope many more weeks of " Deep South".
George Dethridge

I am just amazed at how many people not only watched but sent comments in. I thought I was just 1 in maybe a few but wow! keep the comments going folks!

Excellent series. One small error in episode 4. Otis Redding died 3 days after recording Dock Of The Bay, not a few months later. Am I just being picky?
Greg Sherwood

A terrific, long overdue series. So far you can't fault the content and the music. One slight concern, which has already been mentioned, is that this is going to have to compress massively to fit in the 70's. Surely this decade has more to say about it than a programme on modern soul? Could it be that the content of prgogramme six has been chosen to attract the younger viewers? These comments shouldn't be taken as a moan though, simply that this is such a good series that it would be great to have more of it (plus a bit more on Curtis Mayfield would be good). Overall though, a superb effort.
Matt Butcher

Thanks for an excellent series and a reason to watch TV on a saturday - would definately buy DVD
Julie Madigan

I am really enjoying the series, although it does keep moving. I can't wait for the DVD and CD. Thank you BBC.
Fiona McKinson

Fantastic so far, especially this weeks programme on Otis and Stax, I was in Memphis this year and Stax was one place I didn't get chance to visit...but it brought it all back!
Paul Harris

i can only echo the requests for a DVD of this superb series. even though the beeb has no plans to release one, hopefully if enough of us ask, we will get our wish eventually. it's brilliant to see my idols mavis staples and candi staton interviewed, and some of the old footage is amazing, especially the otis redding stuff. a dvd release would allow us to see some of these classic performances in full if you included them as extras. open up your vaults and share some soul with the masses. the motown show was a bit pants though - what's with the supremes obsession? hello - marvin gaye? gladys and the pips? the temps? STEVIE WONDER? the southern soul show marked a return to form, though, so expecting great things from this saturday's treatment of JB and other funky pioneers. dvd, pleeeeeease!!!!!!!!!

Please reconsider releasing the series on DVD! What a shame for so much work to go into producing such a brilliant programme and for it to disappear forever.
Christina McNally

Saurdays Southern Soul was brilliant. The icing on the cake for me was having Soul musics most overlooked singer James Carr on, and to see footage of him performing was unbelievable.
Mick C

This series is easily the best thing on TV right now. Wish telly execs would do more quality programming like this instead of rubbish reality telly!

A wonderful series. At last something worth watching! Terrific music. Good insight into the pioneers of soul music. I didn't know about James Carr until I saw the Stax episode - I'm going to investigate further! I'm just wallowing in all this wonderful soul music. It's just about the only thing I watch all week. Thank you!
Jane Pearson

Saturday's Stax/Redding film was truly amazing, particularly the way it put together the pieces of how the Aretha songs were written. What's fascinating, to anyone creative, is how together in their art these people were. In this regard, the BBC radio series "The Producers" did one on Tom Dowd a few years ago. Its a pity some of his story wasn’t included, of how the horns and strings were added independently and unknowingly to “Don't Play That Song” by himself and Ahmad Ertigan under the direction of Gerry Wexler, in different ends of the country, but were then put onto the master and fitted together perfectly. The same is true of The Funk Brothers James Jamerson laying down the guitar on the Temptations "Your My Everything", two months before it precisely guided the David Ruffin/ Eddy Kendrick changeover. This can be heard "stripped down" as a bonus track on the “Funk Bros: In The House” Album. Please issue a DVD!
David Lees

I can't believe there are no plans to release this superb series on DVD - PLEASE reconsider !

It is so true...... You can never please ALL of the People ALL of the Time..... But The Beeb certainly has pleased most of the people most of the time with this series so far.. Despite one or two isolated comments about.. "you missed out this Artist, Label, Group, Producer or whatever" on the whole this has proved to be an extremely evocative and popular excercise by the BBC. It pains me to see complaints about what was NOT in the programmes - but it certainly sets me buzzing to see all of the positive comments. I am sure that there has not been a programme of this type produced by the BBC, delivering this size of response for many years. Surely it must be an eye opener for all budding producers and current executives. To those of you who feel that your favoured Artist, Group or Label, or Genre has not been covered - SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT and SHOUT again.. because we all should realize that there is only so much that can be condensed into a 1 hour programme, and someones reputation was risked on these six programmes... So if we stay with the positive and keep on praising and asking for more, maybe, just maybe.. we will see some more of this broad thinking with innovative producers teaming up to give us more of what we obviuosly want... Come on, this could be just the tip of the iceberg.. The BBC has tested the water, its certainly proved warme enough, now lets encourage them to Dive in and soak us with some more excellent musical soul magic.... and hey a DVD! DVD! DVD! - Somebody PLEASE make this happen.

As a life long soul music fan. This brilliant programme has only reinforced my love for the music that evoke such strong emotions even 40 years on. They are timeless classics. It is also very informative. I am really enjoying learning about the history and development of soul music. Please bring out a DVD so that I can take a trip down memory lane when ever I want to. You would make this soul fan a very happy bunny dancing around my coffee to my favorite tunes.
Diana London

I think this programma is just wonderful, bringing back memories I didn't think I had from my aolescence! And the music, oh the music is so wonderful! But I missed two of the four already, how will I get hold of the 2nd and 3rd part? I understand there is not going to be a dvd for some time yet, what about a video, could someone send me one? How do I go about that? Can you help me, BBC? Thanks ever so much for this programme, I'm telling everyone here in Groningen, Netherlands. Love

put this out on dvd it will sell like hot cakes
paul sparrow

Awesome Series, Please, Please, Please issue a DVD of the series
Karl Litchmore

in the words of soul brother no 1 'please,please please,please,' repeat soul deep again, put it on 'in the midnight hour' on beeb3/4. my video timer messed up and i missed half of part 4. gutted. i spent my late teens discovering the real rnb while mates were enjoying acid house. definately a stax/atlantic man while my baby can't get enough of ray charles. come on stick it on instead of 'little tiny angel tearaways' brilliant series
tony power

The BBC must must make a DVD its too precious to waste ..I and all who have posted would and many more
Peter Harrison

The programme is fantastic but I missed Saturday's episode about Otis Redding because the time changed (again). Can't wait for a dvd to be released. Agree with a previous comment - Marvin Gaye should have his own episdoe.
Sally Varley

I love, love, love this series!! Absolutley fantastic stuff, but please, please, please release a dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rachel kershaw

Enjoying the series very much. Excellent. Very sorry to hear no DVD is planned to be release. PLEASE rethink!
Phyllis Joseph

II agree with Sally Varley, would like a DVD of the Otis Redding episode.
John Shanley

Excellent series with great footage but can't help thinking that this has only scratched the surface of BBC's archive. BBC should continue with further series and release DVDs simultaneously-could be a big earner for the beeb! Any chance you might have some footage of Sugar Pie Desanto, Doris Troy, Joe Tex, and anything on the Sue label, etc. etc? please. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
Eric Starkey

I have just returned from New Orleans, Memphis & Nashville and had shows 2,3 and 4 on tape. Sent shivers down my spine. I have been there done it seen it and you have totally captured what Soul means in black and white America. You have to get it on DVD. Brilliant.
Drew Slater

I have missed way too many episodes, am catching up via the website (which is excellent!) but am REALLY looking forward to repeats on a different night. Are you going to show the BBC4 Soul Deep concerts on BBC2 - please???!!

Lobby your MP, get it on DVD!
Drew Slater

La vie est belle, Soul forever! Thank you for evoking such wonderful memories. It's such a fantastic series - encore! encore! And yes please -DVD's
Roslyn Henry

I have to say that the exclusive footage of James Carr on the last show really brought a lump to the throat. Inspiring stuff. This has been an excellent series to date. I hope that the interest shown in this series will prompt further Soul/Black American related music shows. You could easily fill a series with the Stax story or any of the other labels.

What a fantastic series! Really looking forward to the episode on Funk - George Clinton is a legend! Please release the series on DVD!
Ben Piddington

Wow I am very surprised at the number of soulfull people making comments,keep it up WHAT A FANTASTIC PROGRAMME!!!! The footage of OTIS REDDING was tremendous. I agree with other people Marvin Gaye should have a whole episode or maybe two devoted to him. Cant wait for more. JIM
Jim Hoy

irv milne

Excellent series. In-depth, educational and enlightening!! Please release a dvd ...

Really loving the series although i've already missed a couple. Please do release a DVD, your great production work deserves to be on my shelf!!!!
Nick Midi

This is one of the best show series I've ever seen. I think it's entertaining, informative, and the music is absolutely magic. I'd like to be able to purchase this on DVD if it is ever released one day. I want to share it with all my friends, tell them how great this stuff is, shout it ! :p
Anne Forest

It's a brilliant program. Please release it as soon as possible on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!
JaapJan Scheremer

A quality series. Excellent. Thank you. I really would like to see it again and again on a DVD please.
Stuart Swain

I am in awe of the way the show has been presented to us, I really am grateful that the BBC have shone light onto those years and the music that had been drained out of it. For what it is worth I am sure that even those people that cannot contribute to this web page would agree that the show has made them smile. Look forward to the Mary J Blige showing. P.S Thanks BBC and stop the Job cuts!!
Special Edd

DVD please!!! Come on, you've got the whole country asking for it!! Get it together BBC... stop going on strike and do abit of work ;-)
Vivienne Prince

In the early 70s when I was about 14, my dad came home with two new singles: Nathan Jones by the Supremes and Shaft by Isaac Hayes. From that moment on, I was sold on Soul and it has continued throughout my life. I now teach History in a seconday school and this excellent programme is a tribute to both the music and the groundbreaking history of the time. Great documentary film coupled with the poignant, political and progressive music of the time. Move over rock! Sublime!
Suzanne Daley, Cambridge

Yes I've enjoyed this series but for me I feel it was like reading a riveting book and finding really important pages missing. How can you go from James Brown which leads to Mary J Blige in an hour. Where's the story of "The Sound Of Philadelphia"?, Gamble & Huff, Thom Bell... what about the disco period?. I guess the BBC don't consider a program like this to be as important as shall we say "Only Fools & Horses" or "Last Of The Summer Wine!". I feel short changed BBC but when it comes to soul music and the BBC I always have.
Glenn Hoskins

I have sat through the last episodes, knowing that James Brown was due, to appear, thinking where are the items on Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye? When, KERPOW, an episode not only featuring those two (included in one about the afore mentioned James Brown) but items on George Clinton and Bootsie Collins. Wonderful stuff. I am sure there will be those who begrudge the lack of space dedicated to all artists featured and would want episodes dedicated to Northern Soul, etc. However, to date you have done stirling job of not only outlinig the history of soul, but doing so in such an interesting, informative and entertainiing way. You have given space and respect to all artists concerned. I have loved this series and feel depressed and saddened that it is coming to an end. I cannot believe that the BBC is so shortsighted that a DVD will not be issued. Congratulations, though, to all involved in such a sensational series.
Phil of Hackney

Welldone BBC for this unmissable series (which I have recommended to every one of my colleagues). I am a great follower of modern R'n'B music and have been quite fascinated to learn the origins of most of the records being released today. I'm looking forward to getting the DVD.
Pam Udolisa

Love this programme, can't believe there's no repeat later in the week! I missed tonight's episode and was devastated when I checked the weeks listings. Sort it out please - I'd watch if it was on at 3am!
Joe Corcoran

Very interesting show tonight (4th june). Its easy to forget that these people were makng their music in a time of social upheval in the US, and the programme capured the dilemma of conscience versus commercial considerations very well. Well done! Can't wait for the history of Rock...????
Philip Delaney

Superb series, best thing on TV for a long while. Thank you BBC. Please repeat asap (pref. on BBC1,lets get this wonderful music to an even bigger audience) Also, you MUST put this out on DVD. To let this disappear into the ether forever would be madness - no, thats not strong enough, it would be criminal.
Anne Ete

This series should be on DVD and if it isn't I'll be speaking to Trevor Philips what do we pay our licence fee for? Re the moans about Northern Soul, you'd have thought that without it that Soul would have died a painful death. Northern Soul is a specialist british niche that takes places an emphasis on old obscure soul records for people in mainly the north of england to dance to. To those of you asking why no mention of it in the shows seem to have lost the point of the series, it's about soul and the black american experience. Northern Soul did not give us Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Aretha and hundreds of others soul did.

I didn't realise that this series was running and have only seen 1 and a half episodes - any plans to re-run? I have been glued to the screen and have immensely enjoyed seeing true artists in their element - btw, I don't have BBC4, any plans to show the concerts on BBC2?
Tanya Allen

To quote James Brown, Please, Please, Please, lets have it on DVD soon

I have come to the series late, and what a gem it is. Desperately want a chance to see the first few - given the popularity of the show surely a repeat on BBC4 or DVD release is merited?

this is the best thing on the bbc for years! I've loved every episode and it's had me digging out some long forgotten tracks! The DVD surely is a must - everyone seems to be requesting it. I'm already looking forward to the series being repeated....SOON!
Jill Allsworth

Great series! Well done BBC! Only one comment that the series appears to be missing out the 80's |& how can anyone miss out Prince & his blend of Rock, soul & Funk which became the Minneapolis sound. Also, may I add my voice to the request for repeats and/or DVD. My vcr messed up recording the 'funk' epoisode, and with JB, Bootsy & George Clinton, this is footage, one has to keep.
Steve O

This series is excellent, a must see for all music lovers. Please repeat or release the series on DVD!!!

What a superb series and a much needed shot in the arm for the much lamented Saturday evening TV. I'm flabergasted this will not come out on DVD though.

Amazing series. Thank you so much!!!

I'm 19 and I love this series! The Sam Cooke and James Brown/Stevie Wonder episodes are amazing...I never fully realised the significance of these artists on the social/political scene. Yes there were certain artists that I would have liked to have heard more of and the voiceover at the end does interrupt my 'listening pleasure', but apart from that I fully enjoyed this BBC production. Please BBC, I'm dying for a DVD box set!

best tv in years you must do a dvd
peter gibson

Just watched the penultimate episode. As I have said in my previous comment, a great series and long overdue. As with all things of this nature some people will say as I have done in various moments, what about "..." and here lies my only gripe. Detail and lack of it. After all the series will only be watched by people who really like the music so the chances that someone might say it was too indepth doesn't apply. So 6 out 10 for the effort but it could have so much better!
Nick Dring

Once again the psueds have taken over, although nicely put together it just does'nt come close to what soul is all about, it merely glosses over the thousands of artists and labels that go to make up what the northern soul scene is all about, soul fans like me have seen these clips dozens of times before with one possible exception, its about time the BBC addressed this music genre properly whether on TV or radio, and I certainly won't be wasting my time watching the rap/hip hop episodes, now that really would be a waste of time.
Lenny Toshack

I have watched every episode and made sure I kept an eye on the schedules so as not to miss any of it. Congratulations BBC, I was born in 1955 and this music played such a huge part in my life, it is difficult to express what it means to me. If all your programmes were like this I would never complain about the licence fee again. Like other viewers, It has brought back so many memories, educated me about soul music's roots and stirred a lot of emotions. I was a bit concerned to learn that we will be leaping from James Brown to Mary J Blige but nevertheless, am very grateful for a fantastic programme. Please bring out a DVD, this programme deserves it. Jill O'Donnell
Jill O'Donnell

no al green!! how could you?
grant canyon

Fabulous show so far. But don't understand the jump at the end of ep 5. From the funk of the early 70's to Public Enemy at the end of the 80's. No Disco with very influential people like Rogers/Edwards from Chic (who kickstarted Rap with Good Times used by the Sugarhill Gang as backing track on the first ever rap record), No Michael Jackson, Prince and many more are overlooked by this 15 year jump. Would be much more interesting than the one coming up with Puff Daddy aznd crew. Of course these Ganster Rappers do have more compelling stroties about violence, and murder. Sad that such a good series will have such a shallow end.

Again another request for broadcast repeats and/or DVD release - as I've missed some of from what i've seen of it has been a fantastic series, and a great education; now I better understand why some of these songs give you goosebumps...
Ben Willmott

This is a great series and I am really enjoying it but you call it Soul Deep and in each programme you are only just skimming the surface. Each week the topics you cover could each fill a six-part series alone. Also why have you not mentioned the Philladelphia Sound? To may people this was a very important part of Soul Music and no mention of it at all so far. Please consider putting it on DVD.
Veronica Pessi

Very dissapointed about 80's coverage. No... Earth Wind and Fire, Chic, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Commodores, Johnny Guitar Watson, Quincy Jones... and no mention of Thriller. DId the 80's ever happen????
Neil Warden

Fantastic. I've been waiting years for this kind of programme - shame about the wait but well worth it in the end. Kept me in on a Saturday night!
Lorraine (High Peak)

Fantastic. I've been waiting years for this kind of programme - shame about the wait but well worth it in the end. Kept me in on a Saturday night!
Lorraine (High Peak)


Me? I loved it, had it all recorded bij mij computer and not being really used to it yet lost 3 programs (it was making space for other programmed recordings).... I could cry....
Evelin van Hien


This is without doubt one of the finest programmes ever made for TV. Not music programme. Any programme. The quality starts with the exquisitely designed logo, graphics and title sequence and never lets up. The ratio of music to commentary is perfectly judged. The talking heads are for once authoritative, intelligent and fascinating. The tone of the voiceover has just the right amount of seriousness without ever sounding droll. There is not a mediocre piece of footage nor a poor photograph in any of the episodes. And even though I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about music, there have been many amazing nuggets that have so far alluded my passion. This is programme making of the most extraordinary quality and everybody involved needs to be congratulated. To add weight to the argument I would love to be able to buy a DVD of the series which would first necessitate the purchase of a DVD player!
Gary Baker

Excellent program, wonderful interviews with the people at the very heart of the subject. Though if I where to be super critical there have been a few artists not covered in the depth they are due with the contribution they have made. Will you be releasing the series on DVD ?
Jon Stokes

Thank you so much for this series BBC, it has been a priceless education. I particularly commend you for looking into the soul of soul music, namely the struggle of the black community and it's ability to produce class regardless. I have been both disturbed and delighted by series and am very proud to now say that, I GOT SOUL!
Lyeanne Beckford-Jones, London

Wow! Absoultly fantastic show, have been glued every saturday night. Well done BBC, from the amount of positive comments it seems this is what the public wants!

Fantastic Series - but why isn't repeated on BBC3 or BBC4 later in the week for occasions when a Saturday show is missed?

Invaluable series, long overdue. You must put it on DVD, tell Michael Grade you'll mae a mint.
Ian Brown

I teach History of Popular Music on a BTEC course in East London. This would be perfect material for my students and the course. I see your comments on the likelihood of a DVD release but maybe after enough requests....?

Excellent series, but, as everyone else is saying why no coverage of other legends? Would have loved to have had an indepth episode on Marvin Gaye and more footage of Aretha and Otis-especially more live footage. Still, has brightened up my Saturday nights! DVD please!


I just want to add my voice to all those pleading for (a) a quick repeat and (b) a DVD release (hopefully with extra footage). I've been in love with Otis for almost 40 years, had to be away from home that Saturday, and came home to find the electricity had failed ...

Great program - really well put together - I've missed 2 episodes whilst on holiday as I forgot to set VCR - GRRRRR. Anyway - REPEAT THEM!! As a licence payer I demand you too (please).

I agree that a DVD release is a must, I'd have already bought it were it available. I must say the BBC seems to drag it's heels in this respect, this isn't the first time I've had to make an enquiry about a great show unrepresented in your product line. Come on, if other companies can churn out crappy films and have it be a viable enterprise then surely a broadcasting institution such as yourselves can pull your finger out and make better use of your programming catalogue, perhaps making some nmoney into the bargain. Wouldn't that be nice? Anyway aside from all that, I commend and thank you for making such a joyously entertaining, engrossing and informative programme.

Loving your work, Soul Deep team! I'd also like to throw my weight behind this snowballing campaign to get this series out on DVD! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...!
Liam McFall

Great show ! Nice to see someone has taken the time to educate people on the most influensial style of music. It would be great to this music come round again in the forfront of todays music as it clearly needs to be rescued!!!! I am a mod and this is my kind of music, i became a mod by listing to the jam, the secret affair, ocean colour scene and Oasis, then I found out what they listened to which was the Kinks, spencer Davis Group, Yardbirds ect ect, then I listened to that. Then I found out what they listend to,which was; John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles, Ottis Reading, Marvin Gaye, Jr Walker,Martha Reeves ect ect ect the list goes on and my God once you begin to listen the list of great musicians just goes on and on and some are not very famous or only in there home counties in the states!! Thank God there are some mod clubs in London where this music can be apreciated! Again Thanx to the beeb for there great research and I think it would be a great oppertunity to make a doccumentry on how late 50's R&B and 60's soul has sculpture the mod scene leading up to present day.
Ryan Simpson

Fantastic series! Totally unmissable for anybody with an interest in modern(so-called)RnB and Hip-Hop, this is how its done! Noticed a few comments here complaining that 'so and so' label or artist had been missed out or recieved only a small mention. I think that the BBC has done a great job, and people should realise that to cover 50-old years of SOUL artist/labels/movements in only 6 programs and to go into depth on each individual subject is IMPOSSIBLE! The Northern Soul scene is testament to the SIZE of the matter in hand...recordings made 30-40 years ago are still being discovered now! Well done BBC! You have tackled a huge topic and made it interesting to the outsider and essential viewing for the already converted (great rare footage!) A DVD RELEASE IS A MUST!!!!!!
Neil (Northampton)

After seeing 5 of the 6 episode of the series, I must say how much I have been enjoying them. I especially liked the shows about southern and funk. The only fault came in the Motown episode, there seemed to be too much Supremes and not enough Four Tops and Martha Reeves And the Vandellas. And where were the Isley brothers, Earth Wind & Fire and J Walker and The All Stars. They all released definative soul/funk music. Will there be another series featuring the individual stories of groups and singers. Please make it so.
John ashwin (Birmingham)

There were always going to be favourite artists left out - there just isn't enough room to do justice to all the great artists. I don't mind that so much. But I am quite perturbed by the half-truths and misleading insinuations of the series. For example, The Temptations were indeed a great Motown act, but they were not, as suggested, a seminal funk act. They imitated funk the same way Britney Spears might imitate a Samba tune. That doesn't make her a seminal Latin music performer, does it? The place for The Temptations and Norman Whitfield was in the Motown episode. But that Motown episode was so busy showing pictures of car production lines there wasn't room for any of their output post-1967. Meanwhile, 'the story of funk' became very misleading. For example, it was suggested that Sly Stone was an all round great guy to work for - better than James Brown. Sure, James Brown is known as a tough band leader, but Sly Stone was so messed up on drugs he actually tried to kill Larry Graham. And then you skipped from about 1970 to 1976, thus missing out Funk’s greatest years! By 1976 disco was already a threat, and gone was the finest funk of The Ohio Players, The Commodores, Tower of Power, Headhunters, Kool & the Gang, Maceo Parker, Earth Wind & Fire and many more. Anyone not already very familiar with soul would be getting a very distorted picture from this series. This sort of inaccuracy has been cropping up all the way through. I can see that telling the whole story isn't possible, but at least tell the parts of the story you're telling accurately. Oh, and then you have people talking over the music. What's that about? Is this a show about the continuity announcer? Finally, you tossed aside all credibility when the final moments of the seventies ticked by without you having even mentioned DONNY HATHAWAY. This series has been made by people who know about TV, not people who know about music. But what did I expect?

Excellent series. Some howling omissions appear to be O'Jays, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool & The Gang, Isley Bros etc... you could go on and on. So some valid criticism here but how on earth do you compress a subject like this into a few hours? Pick of the series was the Stax/Otis one as it had some wonderful insight into the way they made the music.

I think the series has been good, but i am really getting tired of the arrogant and ignorant comments about modern rnb, soul and hip-hop made by some of the so called soul experts who have commented on this board. If you think that the likes of Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Raphaael Saddiq, En Vogue, Musiq Soul Child, Mary J Blige, Mos Def, Common, Krs One, Anthony Hamilton et al are rubbish and a waste of time, because they don't happen to be 60s/70s artists or nortthern soul artists, then you really need to get a clue.... you're probably the same type of people who think that soul music wouldn't have been anything without Northern Soul fans or that rock started with Elvis and the Beatles.
Kobi - London

3 words: Were was Prince? 4 more words : Were was the 80's? Apart from that good show, i like.

Damn Straight!!! Finally, a show that highlights the importance of Black Music in today's popular culture! I can't believe you've actually managed to get all those people on the show to do interviews. Particularly liked the Funk episode: it told me everything I knew to be true, but didn't know at the time! Not maybe my mates will listen to me when I go off on a tangent!
Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta'

I've taped the 5 parts of this show which have aired so far. I thought I knew soul and funk but my jaw drops when I see the rare footage and get a taste of where this music came from and why it has the resonance it has. "Magnificent" is an over-used word when describing truly startling documentaries - but in this case it's absolutely the word to use. Thank you and congratulations to all involved in producing this matchless chronicle of fabulous music and fascinating people.
Chris Mann

In general - great programme and well done - BUT why is DISCO never given its due credit as a legitmate form of Black Music ? This programme - like so many others has completely missed it out. Is it because its nor perecived as somehow "serious" music ? I do not expect the programme to cover everything or everyone - but a whole genre that changed the face of black music and society more widely - while producing some of the most soulful music ever made - c'mon !! Philly, Salsoul etc etc etc !! Really would just love to know your reasoning behind this editorial decision. But, well done again for all the other stuff Pete

Damn and double damn... Ireland were engaged in a futile exercise against the powers of the Israeli State (on da footie pitch that is) at the same time as the JB edition on the 4th of June so I missed, what would’ve been for me, the highlight of this excellent series… A repeat is deffo-infacto called for but not on BBC3/4 or whatever. Not everyone has access to these stations… c’mon Mr Soul prePlay that Funky music on the terrestrial channels and let all the catz get back to the mothership…. All together now… we got da Funk… Peace out from Scary Eire
fillup Dub-er-linn

brilliant ,brilliant,brillant

Great series. Good to see Lamont Dozier. But I too was disappointed with the 70s and 80s coverage, e.g. no Philly, Jones Girls, Jean Carn.

Judging by the number of positive comments about this fantastic series, it seems that at last the programme makers have hit the right note. Take note BBC!
Jane Pearson

This is a brilliant series. To echo previous comments - I'd realy like to get hold of full length footage of these artists. Roman (Leeds)
Roman Nash

I used to listen just to motown but thanks to soul deep it gave me more knowledge of the greatest artists and musicians. Thanks soul deep its good to learn about such good singers. Hope to see a dvd some time in the near future.
Anthony Walker, Wolverhampton

I have recorded as many of these brilliant programs as I could and have begged stole and borrowed copies of those which my vhs operating skills let me down on. I love soul music, but have always been a bit cynical of the poppy nothingness of motown, but the motown episode was absolutely engrossing. This is a fantastic series and you can add me to the list of people screaming out for a DVD release
Ian Fabris

The programma has been absolutely fabulous. I wish you'll make a dvd of the program. It's definetely a colector's item especially for those who colect good music. Excellent job.
Chuma Abomeli

I've loved the show and am sorry to see it's going to end this week. I've never seen a better documentary series about music and will definitely be looking out for anything made by you in the future.

It would have been great to have more on Sly Stone - 4 number hit singles, first to use the Drum machine, first to employ Slap bass, first to have a multi-racial, multi-gender band, influence on everyone from Miles Davis (Even James Brown) to Missy Elliot. What's going on? A documentary of this crimininally underrated artist is really long overdue. Get your act together - white liberal media.
Paul Baran

I'm a BIG soul music fan and have found the series so far to be unmissable and a total education. The people who have gripes about their particular genre of Soul being missed out should realise that it is the story of how Soul music developed with in black society. Absoluteley spot on series and well done to the researchers in finding all of the brilliant film footage. A DVD release is a MUST!
Trevor Martin

Could have done with more on Motown and Curtis Mayfield and maybe a programme on the sound of Philladelphia but an excellent series nonetheless. Please release it on DVD!

Didnt see them all, but what i did see i thought was good. Why no plans to put it on DVD? it cant be that hard?!

Just love it, fantastic programme, I watch it with my 8 year old daughter and she loves the old `real' music. Pls provide on DVD.

I was not aware of the whole history and background of some of the artists. It has been an education. I grew up with parents who listened to Sam and Dave, James Brown etc and of course the Motown sound and can only now appreciate the distress my Mum felt over the death of Otis Reading. It has been so inciteful. This is an excellent education series and MUST be captured on DVD.

Best series I've seen on TV in years. Informative, well edited, brilliant footage and finally gave the music time to breathw! I know 4 people who want this on video BBC....
Francesca Gavin

The funk programme was the best yet and damn funky
The funky monkey

Thank you BBC. Your documentaries are very informative. Soul Deep has certainly touched my soul.
paz - Belgium

Fantastic series. Although you can't please all of the people all of the time, I think you've managed to please most of the people. Well done. And of course we know your just teasing us about there being no plans for a DVD!

I can only echo what everyone else here says; Soul Deep is a fantastic series. It gives young people like me a chance to learn more about soul, funk and R & B, none of which get enough exposure on TV. I especially liked finding out about Sam Cooke-what a voice and a great talent! Great show-repeat it soon and bring out a DVD please!

A massive diappointment and totally subjective rubbish, whole swathes of soul history were missed if they weren't "political" enough for Barney Hoskyns .....

the programme was fab, entertaining and educational please produce a dvd copy!!!!

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? Read these comments! Once again, DVD IT. This would be added to my cherished vinyl collection.This is a benchmark program, congratulations BBC . Last one tonight, so come on the excellent team who put this together, DON'T REST ON YOUR LAURELS.

BBC, how many people have to post a message stating they want to buy this series on DVD before you'll actually put plans in place to release one? This is still a corporation paid by the people for the people, isn't it? And all of these people are offering to give you more money? Can somebody please alert the accounts department!
Funky Chaffro

Excellent. Marvin Gaye is a featured album on the EDEXCEL Music Technology A Level course. A DVD of the series would be a good resource. Will there be one?

trully excellent,

Please add me to the list of those screaming out for news of the DVD release. It would be a crime not to have this as a DVD package this year!

I'm from Holland and even here people are watching the show with so much joy. Please, please, please put this show on DVD. Can't let this series be a one-time-only. I need to have this in my collection of DVD's. It's not only informative, it brings so much joy. And......It's the best birthday gift ever for musiclovers. Thank U BBC. Can't wait to see the final episode with the last generation, undoubtedly led by the Queen of HipHop soul 'Miss Mary J. Blige'......
Giovanni Campbell

This series has been fantastic, so much information!! Please, please, please release it on DVD, it would be leike the encyclopedia of soul!!
Richard Werrell

I have just been riveted by this series, it's been so informative and I just love the music.......this is exactly the type of programming we need from the BBC, I can't imagine that this kind of quality would be produced from commercial tv. I can only reiterate what most other people are saying - Please, BBC, get this released on video/DVD! - it will be a winner for you (I'd be down my local store at opening time on release day to buy it!!!)
Lindsay Murray

for me its ok, but as a 6 part program, no issac Hays, Stax, Alantic, and all the small lable groups singers etc really, a motown / james brown show, so for me not so good,,,,
J Ward

OK, Ray , Sam, Otis, James, a few more... and then straight to Mary J? Woa, what happened? No-one significant enough in-between? Or maybe budget constraints? I hope that someday the missing chapters will be found. Even incomplete as it is, this series was and is necessary.

The episodes I've seen were really good. The music I listened to in my youth in the 60s and 70s was mostly folk, blues and rock. However, I always loved listening to Ray Charles, long before the manic media business of the 21st century got hold of him. Now I know why. Went to Memphis last year and took my kids to Al Green's church one Sunday morning. If you ever get the chance to be there DONT MISS IT. It's for free. It's for real
Dave Bailey

Did I miss the programme on Al Green????

How can you waste a whole show on the likes of Andre Harrell (who in my opinion helped to put Motown Records on the road to oblivion by bringing in the "homies" at the expense of REAL talent) while completely bypassing The Philly sound / disco / Al Green / The Stylistics / Jazz Funk et all. I appreciate that all this current R&B nonsense is part of black music history but if you're gonna tell a story please tell the whole story and not tear out vital pages from the great book of soul. All that said, I'd still like to thank you for taking the time to do the series. Perhaps the BBC could produce an extended DVD version. Now that would be cool!
Glenn Hoskins

No Prince? Your series just became discredited.
Nigel Swan

Younger viewers should be warned that Soul Deep is a grotesque exercise in selective pseudo-history. The genius of Mary J. Blige notwithstanding, it is indescribably cynical to try to depict shallow corporate pap like the Fugees and Destiny's Child as if it were somehow the legacy of Aretha Frankling and Otis Reding. Excuse me whilst I throw up.
Simon Watney

I can't believe a survey of black music in the past few decades has failed to mention Prince!!! Surely the greatest musical genius of the Eighties...
Edward Taylor

Your programe absolutely kicked ass!!!

wna big up da bbc for doin bare inspirational shows bout black music. Da series was heavi... da alst bout mary j blige was rele good peace out
mary j blige fan

For a BBC programme there was too much focus on the US, what about the UK? Reminisce was a big tune, what about that?
Dub Studio

Fantastic, huge fans of MJB, when is the DVD coming out of the whole series, i would be a sin not to allow those who may have missed this exceptional series to opportunity to see it, and also those like us to see it again and again. Keep up the good work, more programmes like this please.
melanie waldron and Darren Waldron

As a teacher, I have found this series to be most informative. As a human being, its been wonderfully entertaining. Please rethink this, it must be released on video / dvd - if only because it would be an excellent teaching tool...

It could have been twice as long. Fabulous TV! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release a DVD - and include some of the superb concert footage you've been showing on BBC4.


unfortunately only able to see the last episode but it was absolutely fantastic. its great for young ones like myself [esp. growing up in uk] to gain some knowledge of where the music we love originates from. wish it could be made into video/dvd, love to buy it. can only hope for a repeat! thanks! peace
Ola Solanke

It would simply be criminal for BBC not to produce a dvd set of the series. After all it is programmes like Soul Deep that make paying my TV licence worth while
Yomi Oloko

DVD PLEASE! A national trdgedy if you don't. Do the right thing youv'e had so many requests for the DVD already.
richard mattis

Oh what a shame! I was really enjoying this series until we made the quantum leap from the early seventies to the present day in one programme. This time all we had was a Mary J. Bilge love in! What a load of vacuous, commercialised, over produced, style above content drivel. This is not soul, it's music made to make bucks, force fed on our young people. No mention of Grand Master Flash's "The Message", one of the most monumental black recordings of the last 25 years or come to think of it, De La Soul to name a few acts. Come to think of it don't bother with the DVD!! Spoiled the whole series. Only good thing was to show how awefull Whitney Houston records were!

What a series and what a great last programme. As I was born in the seventies and grew up listening to music in the eighties and nineties, this last programme felt more relevant. I have small gripe. Although Bobby Brown was an important New Jack Swing artist, he didn't really respresent that sound. Teddy Riley, Guy, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Bell Biv Devoe. Those are the artists especially Guy that created the NJS sound. They should have been included. But I really can't complain. Thanks to the BBC for a wonderful journey.

Absolutely rivetting. I need the entire series on dvd/video. The young people I work with would appreciate the knowledge, innovation and evolution of black music.

I enjoyed the whole series.......that is up until the terrible final episode. How can you have a series of programming called "The History of Black Popular Music" and exclude largely Hip Hop, only touching on its influence with The Fugees. Now you can say Mary J Blige but she is a tiny part of a major music revolution. You didnt mention KRS-One, Rakim, Public Enemy, NWA, Nas, Jay-Z, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and many other huge artists. My question is why?? You also failed to mention the greatest (Perhaps excluding Sam Cooke) musician ever...that being Tupac Amaru Shakur.....How you could overlook him..God only knows. These artists paved the way for what we hear nowadays which is now almost all over glorified pop music. But failing to mention the influence of such artists as Rakim, KRS-One and Tupac has left a major disppointment for myself and im sure many others...after enjoying the show so makes me wonder how much you left out from the sixties etc. My only suggestion is to do ONE final episode which explains Hip Hop. Or even a six part series (Which it deserves) detailing the History of Hip Hop which has been the voice of the youth genaration for the last 25 years. P.E.A.C.E
Jamie MacLeod

Long-overdue in my opinion, but the BBC delivered the goods,further proving that only BBC programming seems to be the way forward these days!!! Good one! Have grown up with all these fantastic songs, mainly through my parent's fabulous and eclectic tastes in music, and followed as a young child to a young adult the birth of hip-hop,new jack swing,rap etc..... IHowever, over the years, i've felt strongly that black music, especially modern black music, is all too easily dismissed as exploitive,sexist,vacuous music because it is not radiohead, the beatles, pink floyd or some such other 'groundbreaking' band. I love all the aforementioned, but struggle with the naivety that we can't appreciate all GOOD music in it's entirety,regardless of where it comes from and where it's's what it says, and how it makes you feel........that is soul music.......and that is what i feel you captured in some small way with this series. Should have been more episodes though, and i think enough people loved the programme to warrant a d.v.d time for christmas maybe? Well done BBC.....keep up the good work!
Jaime Clemens

DVD please - guaranteed earned for the Beeb and educational to boot

What an excellent amazing show, at last an intelligent look at how black culture is growing and defining its generations and becoming an ever increasing influence on peope. Would welcome more shows in this series and in particular looking at how the US hip hop scene grew from where we saw in Episode 6 to where it is now and how the UK hip hop scene has grown from that. Excellnt series and just really hope the focus black music this series has bought can continue to look at and analyse new and growing black music on both sides of the atlantic. Many Thanks BBC for this excellent and well thought out show.
James Lambert

Fabulous!! This would be a great source of information for my history lessons at school. It would get the children interested in a subject that is not taught at all!!!! Hurry and make a dvd or video!

Excellent series as ever, though I thought the last episode seemed particularly driven by a narrow agenda. 80s soul and no mention of Prince? Does black popular music only come from America? Massive Attack pre dated the Fugeees and were better. No real questioning of the bling happy culture that has developed What would Sam Cooke make of it all?

We found the series absolutely fantastic,at last something positivley black on tv at prime time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release on DVD, this series is soo educational for all especially the for the younger generation. Dont let the black community down!!!!!
Julia & Rob

superb series and excellent finale. thought marvin deserved more time than james brown, but hey that's just my taste and opinion. can't believe there's no plans for a DVD of the series, most of my mates came late to the series and would love to own it on DVD. Any chance of a quick repeat so we can at least tape it and keep it at the same time next time if possible thanks again for an excellent series
gordon smith

Excellent programme from start to finiish. Unfortunately, I missed the last episode so I'd like to know whether there' any possibility of the series being repeated or indeed released on DVD in the near future.

FINALLY!!! the beeb steps in to bring us soul music from way back when right up to yesterdays episode which featured heavily on mary j, that performance from jools holland i already bought on his DVD "hip-hop and soul" and everytime i watch it i get shivers down my spine. I am a part of the newer generation more of a beyonce, than a bassey but all the same - i have much time, love and respect for the greats, at the top of my list will always be Marvin Gaye, i have alot of his music on my MP3 and i find it more listenable than alot of the stuff in the charts today.... his music is just one example of how quality stands the test of time., i find his life story inspiring but at the same time quite tragic especially his very untimely death soon after his biggest hit "sexual healing" and i thank the beeb again for going over this in one episode and also Sam Cooke, was a brilliant episode and one which i couldnt turn away from, not even for a second. The problem with programs like this is that once theyre over im left feeling, wanting, needing more. What will i watch now on a sunday night. The only quite major complaint is that im not being funny but how is this definitive soul? which it claims to be NO ONE EVEN MENTIONED THE RISE OF NEO-SOUL AND ITS MANY ARTISTS, ANGIE STONE, MUSIQ, LUTHER VANDROSS, VAN HUNT... some of todays best talent, forget beyonce for a second, in my opinion she dont do soul music, she does mainstream r'n'b & hip-hop. Where is Jill Scott in this series, ppl that really sing soul and sing from the soul! OK they are relatively new but still theyre making waves today for the new generation of listeners like myself and did not get a look in... Please address this (THERE YOU GO IVE GIVEN YOU THE PERFECT EXCUSE TO MAKE ANOTHER 6 PARTER lol) BEEB LISTEN UP! SOUL DEEP IS THE KINDA PROGRAM I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO PAY THE £111 OR HOWEVER MUCH IT IS LICENSE FEE. NOW DO ME A HUGE FAVOUR AND RE-RELEASE THIS SERIES V.SOON AND PLEASE CAN WE GET IT ON DVD, MAYBE WITH A SELECTION OF SOME (IF NOT ALL) OF THE TRACKS IN THE SERIES. THANKS ALOT. yours hopefully Chris

What a serious, this alone makes the TV Licence actually good value for money. Unfortunately I missed a few episodes, please can this be repeated on one of the BBC's many channels. I like many people here would be more than willing to spend good money on a DVD version if one was ever realised. I hope the demand means it is :)

An excellent series in general, extremely interesting and informative, but the last episode was a complete disappointment! Why was it felt necassary to dedicate a whole hour to boring Mary J Blige? Could some of this time not have been given over to the far more interesting developments in black music of the time, such as hip hop and house music? An opportunity missed!

I have been busy for the past few weeks and did not realise this program was on, I came across the 6th episode last night and would very much like to watch the rest of the series. Does anyone know if it will be repeated or be released on DVD? Many thanks
Margaret - Bedfordshire

loved the series, sorry that it's over, maybe air it again coming summer months, if dvd is not an option ? thanks.

I totally loved the series, especially the final show. I am a big Mary J. Blige fan and I hope the show will help people recognise that she is and will always be the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. I also want to add my voice to the pleas for the DVD release. For a big PUBLIC corporation, it cannot be that hard or take that long to release the DVD.

Awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!! I predict awards for this series. Unfortunately, I missed the 4th episode. I hope the series gets rerun soon, like tomorrow I mean. Very VERY good.

Loved the series - best thing on TV for ages. Thought the motown episode concentrated too much on the Supremes though. Please bring it out on DVD or repeat it as soon as possible. Northern soul is my personal thing - but I'm not sure I agree it should have been covered in the series as it is difficult to define. No one set out to produce a 'northern soul' record in the original days - OK so Ian Levine did in later years, but that was a uniquely UK thing and consequently maybe doesn't merit inclusion....
Dave Williamson

Soul Deep was cool and that but I found it strange how they showed alot of Hip Hop artists and yet they left out Tupac Amaru Shakur (aka Makaveli). By far the greatest Hip Hop artist of all times! RIP

How down to Earth is Mary J Blige? I like her 'no s**t' attitude

only saw the last two programmes but love'd it. hope it comes out on dvd.

I wanted to thank you for your Soul Deep series. It was extremely interesting, informative and entertaining. Worth staying in on Saturday night for!!
Bronwen Howard

What a great program, in my country it has become impossible to see such programs because tv has become a consumer product and they don't take the time to make or watch shows like this anymore. I'm a little sorry that you didn't pay any attention to Barry White or Al Green who did some great things in the seventies. I guess it is because you think he made disco, but I like to think of it as soft soul. But that is just a small remark, I loved the show very much.
Frank Van Aelst, Belgium

Episode 1-5 brilliant then part 6 (the Mary j Blige story. What happened to disco philly soulful house garage and of course Michael Jackson. Regardless of current events no mention of the million selling R&B that was 'THRILLER' References to new jack swing named Bobby Brown as the pioneer....What happened to mentioning the NJS creator Teddy Riley A good series but what happened to the two parts you left out...The Mary J Blige story was o.k. but I do think an awful lot of talent was ignored
Kevin Hawkins

Firstly, as prior mentioned, the series was, "the history of black popular music". All comments thus need to be in understanding and within this bracket. POPULAR. The line drawn was record sales as commonly in the show sales figures were quoted. In this respect the show was most welcome and , yes... justified licencing. A good documentary, but as, in parts said well researched facts about artists interviewed were welcome, the holes, non- inclusions and mis-guiding timelines were equally frustrating. In short, enjoy but dont take as...gospel. For instace the last show failed, even to mention the genius of artist\producerTeddy Riley in connection with the new jack & swingbeat changes of the late 80's, yet Bobby Brown was given the honour simply to tie the story in nicely with whitney. These slight in-accuracies of delivering your research was in tune with much of the series for me. Thanks for the great show Beeb, but for learned soulites, soul deep just was not deep nor thorough enough.

An outstanding series but......after last weeks epic with Stevie Wonder,Bootsy Collins,Marvin Gaye etc I thought that the final instalment just highlighted that Black Music has fallen somewhat from it's very high(the highest?)standards. After the earlier stuff Mary J. Blige was on a hiding to nothing and was/isn't ever gonna compare with the greats from the past. One oversight from week 5 was the failure to include anything about The Philly Sound (O'Jays,Harold Melvin et al) and the very influential Nile Rogers/Bernard Edwards stuff from the late 70's. Having said that,Week 5 was the best of a memorable series.

I felt cheated by the 6th programme. No, actually I felt BETRAYED by the last show. How do Anita Baker, Whitney Houston & Bobby "New Edition" Brown stand for soul music in the 80s without mentions for Prince, your earlier interviewee Bobby Womack and I'd personally have to add Pebbles. What about Young Disciples? - "Apparently Nothin" was sorely missed from your mix and you had a great link back to James Brown & his Funky People in Carleen Anderson. How do Missy Elliott, Mary K and Beyonce stand for Soul in the 90s when DeLaSoul, Jill Scott, Macy Gray (the Marge Simpson of Soul) and RKelly are just forgotten. Is there some kind of LEGAL reason why you don't mention Faith Evans for example? This show was a terrific collage of histories & beautiful footage from the 40s/50s/60s but what (apart from the terrific Stevie Wonder footage) happened in between 1971 and 1982? Where's Al Green, Syreeta, Chic, Ashford & Simpson, the Pointer Sisters, Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes to name just a few. these aren't minor, uninfluential names. I accept that some acts just couldn't be included in a 6 programme schedule - I still can't believe you didn't refer to Ike Turner, Gladys Knight or the Isley Brothers - but the apparent partiality of the final show really spoiled the whole package for me. I vote for a DVD release of programmes 1 to 5
Steve Whitaker


Soul Deep was the best documentary series for years. The BBC will be committing crimes against humanity if they fail to release the DVD.
Andy Player

Whilst I thought it was a very good show - I was expecting more from the 70's the Philly sound - disco - northern soul etc. and my one big complaint is that in common with other documentaries made in this country on black American music (C4's 'The Hip Hop Years' is another example) - there is no mention of the importance of Britain and Europe as a sales market - and as a safe place to perform - for black Americans. It seems obvious these shows main concern is selling the series to the US market - it would have been good at some point to acknowledge the reverence which these artists were treated with in Europe- often while struggling for mainstream acceptance in the their home country.
Mark Tidmarsh

The best thing to be shown on TV in a long time....and a must for DVD, it'd be a crime not to release one, listen to the public!!! Any plans for a series two that'll dig even deeper???

Kept forgetting it was on! Repeat (a proper one on a terrestrial channel, no digital nonsense) please! Saw the last one, the story of Mary J and the scaary interview with the divine miss K and her sidekicks/minions; very interesting but it did seem like whole chunks of the story from the late seventies to the early 2000s had gone AWOL ... also, couldn't they have done with a bit more of a critical faculty: Mary J is great but the vast majority of her imitators (who dominate the airwaves much more than she ever did) are just depressing and arguably not really soul / r&b in the tradition of earlier artists ... come to think of it, most of the other episodes were based around male artists, whereas this one was entirely based around female ones ... another series looking at related genres perhaps?
Joseph Crowley

This was by far the best programe I have every seen. It was interesting to see how music has developed, and it was good being able to watch something that was interesting both to myself and my kids. could we have more of the same please!!

This has been the best series on TV for ages. I absolutely love it and PLEASE, PLEASE you have got to bring out a DVD of the series BBC!!!
Donovan D Daniel, Stoke-on-Trent

Having watched the last of the series on Saturday, I just wanted to commend the BBC on this fab series, and say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING OUT A DVD, REALLY YOU HAVE TO, PLEASE YOU WOULD MAKE A MUSIC LOVIN' GAL SO SO HAPPY, PLEEEEEEEEASE! That's all.

Wonderful series. A pity, though, that more as not said about the appropriation of black music by vastly inferior British outfits (the Rolling Stones come immediately to mind), without acknowledgement. It is a bitter irony that the very people who waxed fat from their poor knock-offs of soul records (Rod Stewart?),were the first to cry 'soul is dead' towards the end of the sixties, after Otis Redding's death. Nevertheless the series was superb, and MUST come out on DVD. Many thanks
Andrew Fawcett

An absolutely wonderful series from start to finish. Maybe series 2 is needed, possibly to include Prince and more Bobby Womack. However, a job well done and researched.

GREAT!!!!! Please bring it out on DVD so I can buy it - Just sorry it didnt last longer so much missed out.
Jane Seaborne

I really enjoyed what I saw of the series but missed one or two programmes. PLEASE repeat it soon and a DVD would be brilliant.
val rolls

This was a fabulous series. Each episode tended to focus on one artist. I would like to have seen and heard more about others. In particular I would have liked to see more on Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. It's hard to please everyone. As a Secondary History teacher I would love to have a DVD. Can your Schools section produce an edited version to help teach Civil Rights at GCSE and A level???
Rob Pritchard

PLEASE release the DVD of the TV programs - we need them in the college library so ALL the Music Tech students can use them as a source for uour work!! The CD is great but the DVD off the TV would be excellent.
Ben Binsted

There has got to be a second series. This one barely scratched the surface of soul. I mean; NO EARTH WIND AND FIRE!!??
David Chambers

This series put everything in prospective. Much of the background information was not known to me. Against the political and racial background of the last 50 years, I do admire the achievements made by the blacks in the US. I will cherish my DVD recordings of this series.
Ewald Zandwijken

Great on the early days, weak on the 70's and 80's - and did the producer have a total downer on 'quiet storm' soul.?
Mike Homfray

A very good series, but what a disappointing last episode. Did Mary J Blige bribe the show's makers? She's pretty average really, hardly a James Brown in terms of influence, and yet had more time than he did allocated to her. She should have a mention possibly, but how Whitney Houston gets derided as manufactured pop whilst producers, writers and wardrobe people are shown to have helped out Mary J and yet she comes away as credible is beyond me. Why Alicia Keys didn't get a mention is shocking. She is someone truly worthy of a mention and overlooked in what was a poor finale to an otherwise interesting show.

We definitely need a DVD release of this. Brilliant, best thing on the BBC for ages. The makers must had shed loads of unseen footage as well. have a rethink and add a northern soul episode and load more on hip hop!

Fantastic programme. Please repeat asap (on BBC 4 ?). Could have done with twice the number of eoisodes to cover everything in depth. DVD is a must ( why not an extended version of each episode) and a second CD featuring Stevie, Marvin, Public Enemy, MJ Blige, Millie Jackson, Gii Scott Heron, Earth Wind & Fire , OJays etc.. In fact why not just do a second series as this is what we pay our licence fee for and not the 80 % dross we normally have to fork out for.
vinnie barrett

Hi Webmaster. Is there still no plans for a DVD Release of the Best BBC Programme ever? James Carr and the Motown part was exceptional but all good. I agree with all the other contributors that the sales of a DVD of the series would surprise the BBC as I think it would be their bestseller ever. It would be Criminal not to release it. Once again well done on a class BBC production.
Denis Truby

Brilliant TV - worth the 12 month TV licence fee by itself. I only wish it will be releasd on DVD eventually ... I know so many people who would buy it.
Phil M, Manchester

Wonderful series. My most favorite music. James Brown, Al Green, Sam & Dave, Aretha, Stevie, Rufus, Otis, .. so much greater artists then The Beatles !
Jan Sempels, Hasselt, belgium

This is the best show that i have ever seen on BBC TV. God, makes paying the tv licence worthwhile for jems like this. This should be a hour show every week just dealing with one or two artists a week...People would watch it! I went to Amsterdam in May but still found the time to watch from my hotel room. BBC, for once listen to the people. make sure this show comes back on our screens
Robert Nicholson

I have to congratulate the people that have doen this series. The research done was very good in my opinon and it help me to learn a lot more about music (which I'm studying). I wish the series were longer. Thanks.
David Calvo

great program except what happed to the last 30 years of soul music ?
Paul O'Brien

Overall the series was good, the first 5 parts were on point. However how could you do a series on Soul and not mention the Isleys or Earth Wind and Fire? There was also big gaps on the last part, is it some kind of wind up that neo-soul was'nt mention? how could you do a programme on soul and not mention the likes of D'Angelo, Badu, Maxwell,Mica or Omar? Its like doing a programme on footballing greats and failing to mention Pele or Maradona.
e aka

Excellent series - could have covered more but what it did cover in the time available made for great viewing. I am now a convert to Mary J Blige - never gave her any attention as I dismissed her as modern R&B - most of which is pap - but MJB is class and what a life story!
Michael Kilpatrick

excellent series-its covered all aspects of soul music from the early years through to modern day r'n'b.i do think that the last episode with mary j.blidge was brilliant and shows how what a impact she has on todays r&b stars .i am glad to see r&b is at the front of world music especially the black musicians.
Derrick Wardally

Excellent programme excpet for two things - how can you have an episode about the history of funk and not include Prince?!?! And D'Angelo is the one who carried the neo-soul / hiphop soul torch and has more talent in his little finger than Mary J Blige will ever have

Superb _ loved the footage of Sam n Dave in London and Otis on stage...
Dave Taylor

The whole series was fantastic. Why not repeat but double the epsiodes. Surely, there's enough material. Then release a DVD.
Richard Prygodzicz

I knew little, if anything about “Sam Cooke” prior to the programme but a wonderfully presented episode truly enlightened my soul to an inspiring individual. Hearing “A change is gonna come” for the first time brought me to tears.
Adam - Birmingham

Absolutely superb. Well written, well shot, well edited. You HAVE to bring out a DVD - please!
S Biswas

Lucien van Frederikslust

The advertisement for the very 1st show of soul deep showed Ray Charles singing please don't go, but i have searched everywhere for Ray singing this song, i'd be very grateful for your help in sourcing this song as this was a great show and showed Ray at his best. thanks.
John McC, Belfast

It would be great to do a programme on lesser known artists from the golden era such as Billy Stewart, Lee Dorsey, Tony Clarke, The Radiants, Sugar Pie Desanto etc. Many of these people's stories have never been told on British television.
Jak Ripley (Levenshulme, Manchester)

Although i found the opening 2 programmes in the series entertaining.The startling ingnorance shown to other strands of soul music was philly soul, no gamble and huff, no salsoul for christ sake.I understand the need for cohesion and a central theme which appeared to be poltical ie civil rights,i am furious that you missed so much rich material that is far more political than destinys child and there corporate white record company unit shifting seriously lost the plot and perhaps the people compiling this programme should listen up.And by the way" bling" is just fantasy and the reality facing black people is very different.The shocking amount of young black men locked up, the levels of unemployment in black areas, the amount of black people with mental health issues,poverty, institusional racism. if you ventured outside london once in a while you would see this reality. baba sunny
baba sunny

what harm would it do? please release the DVD ASAP, video failed me on the last episode and i am weighting in anticipation for the series' release.

SOUL DEEP – A critique by Rob Moss. When the news that the BBC were to commission a series on the history and development of Soul music was announced, the sense of anticipation and excitement amongst devotees was palpable. After virtually ignoring this music, as an art form, for over 40 years, the Corporation was finally going to apply their considerable resources, influence and money to the type of ‘in depth’ scrutiny and investigation usually only reserved for so called ‘mainstream’ entertainment. Finally, a major broadcaster would not only have access to information and images long denied to the world, but, more importantly, the will to find, share, expose and document these treasures. A giant void could now be filled – new pages added to the rich mural of musical, sociological and cultural history. Who cared if it had been inspired by a fast food advertising campaign, or that the producers knew little of their subject. Surely, the BBC would get it right. Wouldn’t they? Yes, of course they would – they possess the reputation of being the finest, fairest, most thorough news gathering organisation on the planet. But…sadly, the producers didn’t get it right. And what we got, in the main, was a disjointed, overly simplistic, poorly researched pastiche that was very disappointing, and lacked informed planning, knowledgeable insight, or historical credibility. In hindsight, maybe the title could have provided a clue. ‘SOUL DEEP. The story of black popular music.’ seems to be contradictory and confusing. ‘Soul deep’ implies that the programmes in question would provide a detailed, thorough and exhaustive study of ‘Soul’ music – a term generally and universally understood to refer to the emotionally fuelled genre that emerged from America in the 1960s. In this context, it’s the word ‘deep’ that creates this impression. The sub title then provides a caveat which broadens the landscape to, presumably, include any and all aspects of black music the producers deem fit to include … or, as it transpires, NOT to include. And, therein lies the problem. What emerged was a progression, of sorts, with significant pieces ignored, or not covered in enough depth, and less significant developments overemphasized The use of the word ‘popular’ is interesting in the title too, because the vast bulk of the music featured certainly didn’t make the UK charts on initial release, and much of it only achieved success on the predominantly black driven R&B charts in America at the time. Hardly ‘popular’. It is a sad irony that many of the most memorable songs produced by Soul artists only received extensive attention when they were covered by white pretenders like The Blues Brothers and The Commitments, as well as many others, years later. As you might expect, no attention was given, in any part of this series, to the consistent plagiarism and outright theft inflicted on soul artists through the decades. On the contrary, artists like Big Joe Turner and The Valentinos suffered the ignominy of having their biggest songs shown being performed by white copyists in the programme, as if to prove credibility and popular acceptance - disgraceful. Given the sheer size and geographical diversity of America, it is little wonder that many quite distinct and unique musical styles emerged in different parts of the country throughout the 1950s and 1960s, and that they all contributed to the hybrid sound that became Soul. Soul Deep’ failed to adequately address this variety, choosing instead to focus on a few selected artists and, mistakenly, credit them with far more influence than they actually exerted, within the larger milieu. No one could deny that Ray Charles made a significant contribution to the development of black music, and that he influenced many of his contempories and successors. But to imply that he almost single handedly ‘invented’ Soul music, or even that he could be regarded as a Soul artist at all, as this programme clearly did on many occasions, is preposterous. His conversion to the safer, and more profitable, climes of the popular char
Douglas Hall agreeing with this

thought you knew all you could about SOUL well this series tought me even more!! showing people the roots of modern day music excellent

I enjoyed the last show with mary j i think it was brilliant it made me realise how much more i need to know about black music. Why wasnt Eryka badu mentioned. loved the show. thanks
Alisha john

Brilliant! Loved every minute of it. Its nice to see some history into something I listen to all the time

Overall gr8 coverage of soul from back in the day but last episode a bit poor. Seems to have missed a whole era of music .Not knocking MJ Blige but an awfull whole loads of artists/produces/soongwrites missed out. Seemed a pity not to cover Curtis Mayfield imho extremely talent artist and producer.

This was the BEST programme I have ever seen on the BBC. Congratulations on a fantastic programme...Repeat it again please!
Mick Fuller (Brighton UK)

Please please please release the show on DVD
Paul Casey

You must release the series on DVD

What happened to the rest of the 70s? The funk section was nice, but nothin gof the Philly Sound? No Three Degrees, Stylistics, Barry White? No northern ? Alright, I know it's popularity in this country is disproportionate to its record sales in the states, but it should have merited a mention. A little more Outkast would have been nice too - Mary J seemed to receive a huge amount of airtime, at the expense of other recent artists. But still, despite these minor gripes a great series and always well worth watching.
Steve Bishop

I was disappointed with the first and last episodes. In the first episode, there was no mention of people like Nat King Cole, Louise Armstrong etc. In the last episode, there was also no mention of significant rappers like Will Smith aka Fresh Prince, Run DMC etc. I was disappointed.
Nsabasi Etteh

I regret I missed some of the episodes and would like to know when they might be repeated. Also if they might ever be available on DVD. What I did see was very interesting indeed.
Lucy Allen

i think soul rocks and these episodes were cool!
aimee williame

I agree with lots of people that a DVD is a must! I watched all the episodes and thought it was brill

please release the dvd of the series
bethany ahmed

Great show though the last one was a bit of a let down. How could R&B artists such as Michael Jackson not be netioned, he had so much influence over everything! From his start in motown all the way up to present day. His music changed so much

Why oh why can't we have a DVD? The programme featuring Sly and the Family Stone and the Second Coming of Motown as one writer has called it (i.e Pyschadelic Shack, Cloud Nine, Stevie Living for the City) was so so so good!
Berni Griffin

Cant belive theres no plans to produce a DVD Surely it's possible and dose'nt matter if it dose'nt sell millions you can afford it "due to the way that you uniquely Funded".
Callum Lindsay

Puts the music into context for many younger people who may enjoy learning where r'n'b and hip hop came from. Excellently put together, but it HAS to be released on DVD. Come on BBC - what a great Xmas present it would be!!!
Sue Thompson

Reading through the whole list of comments, it seems prety obvious you need to release a DVD ont his series. Absolutely brilliant with so much information that I kind of knew but have forgotton. The intermingling of bands and groups and how they all seem to 'link together' at some stage in their careers. Great to hear a mention of the Funk Bros. who I got to see at the RFH and Maceo Parker etc., little known names unless you are a dedicated soul/jazz/blues follower. So much info not seen for a long time only int he likes of books such as Alan Betrocks Girl Groups (Story of a Sound) and 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown'. Please, please please release either a book or DVD of the series quickly or at least have a re run so that we can all set up our recorders. Well down BBC.

Excellent series, although there was a lot missing, eg: The influence of Jimmy JAm & Terry Lewis in the 80's with Change & SOS band, also Luther and the 'Glow of Love' album. In fact I was very dissapointed by the fact that the only reference to Luther was in a background track in the final part ('So Amazing' I seem to remember). Also , Alexander O'Neal was not mentioned - his 'what's Missing' track being a classic. I can understand in the current climate the omission of Michael Jackson, but this discounts the influence of Rod Temperton of Heatwave. There was also no mention of the fusion of Jazz & Funk with Earth Wind & Fire, or the success on the dancefloors of Kool & the Gang. I often feel with programs produced for TV that there is a snob/trendiness element with popularity often discounted. Other bands which were not included but have had influence on current artists are: Cameo (Outkast), Fatback, Maze. I hope a future series can be made to reflect these artists.
Will Howlett

Superb series, more of the same..... DVD definitely a must!!!!! Only three minor criticism.... The Funk episode should have covered the some of the rarer artists and tune more into the underground.... On that thought why not a series on the English Soul scene.... Second, whats up with the BBC!!! The start was moved all over the place!!!! Should repeat mid-week on three!!! Too few episodes, the subject covers a vast arena. Should have been more episodes.... All in all good to the BBC pandering to the decerning music fan for a change...

I wish we had this series here in the United States, it's such as loss to me, that the love and respect, shown for the music & it's artist, by the rest of the world, through shows like this is virtually non-existant here in the's really a shame. Still not ready for prime time in America, still thank you BBC, I wish you were broadcasting here.
Gwell Riley

anyone know where to buy the dvd from

Please please please release this on DVD!
Alexis Rohou

I missed the last episode, so am weighing in with my vote for this excellent series to be published on DVD. Maybe mine will swing it!
Charlene Frater

This is liberating, please do release a DVD of this fabulous work of art.
Muzi Sbasi

This was a fantastic series. I am just looking at it again on my Sky+ - its now September. I can't block up my Ski+ hard-drive forever so please, please release a DVD! This was the best series I have ever seen on TV. Very nostalgic and informative. A fantastic story not only about the best music in the world but also a brilliant history of black struggles, culture, resilience. As a white Brit, this gave me a real insight and filled in a lot of details for me. I am impressed on all counts.
Mokey Owen

Sep 05 -- Still waiting for news of a DVD release. Will keep checking periodically.

Well,,it started out so fine with the 50's and the 60's but then...??? where did Gamble and Huff, disco music, hiphop (it got mentioned in a few sentences) and house music go...?? It felt like at least two episodes were missing...? How come??
P.A Qvick

episodes were an absolute masterpiece very informative showing that the neccesary research was done cant wait for a dvd

This is what I really love; please bring out a dvd so weI can play it wheneverwe feel like it. It's just too much to remember; so on dvd you can always check something later. BBC really creates great music programmes like Deep Soul, No Direction Home about Bob Dylan and Rock Familie Trees. In Holland music programs of this quality do not exist nor is the money available to make them. So thanks BBC!
yvet anna

Absoulutely fantastic the Ray Charles and, Otis Redding and San Cooke programmes were brilliant.
Tony Henry

DVD NOW Please!!!!!!!

Yes, please release a DVD of Soul Deep. For the archive. Or I will copie it on my DVD recorder and release it myself :))
Erik De Vries, Amsterdam

NO SERIOUS PROGRAM ABOUT SOUL MUSIC can be complete without an episode chronicaling the rise of NEO-SOUL, NEW SOUL, or whatever the artists want to call it. The comback of soul from the early 90s til Today must be acknowledged for this series to be complete. Mary J. Blige was a completely justified inclusion, but she's only the tip of the iceberg where new soul artists are concerned. You can talk about Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke all you want, and I know they're important, but if you ignore the following artists, you have not truly talked about Soul Music: ERYKAH BADU, ANTHONY HAMILTON, MUSIQ, VAN HUNT, MAYSA, TONY TONI TONÉ, ANGIE STONE, N'DEA DAVENPORT, JAZZYFATNASTEES, RAHSAAN PATTERSON, D'ANGELO, ME'HELL NDEGEOCELLO, JAGUAR WRIGHT, GOAPELE, FLOETRY, TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY, DONNIE, JILL SCOTT, AMEL LARRIEUX, AMP FIDDLER, JOHN LEGEND, KINDRED THE FAMILY SOUL, MACY GRAY, INDIA ARIE, ANTHONY DAVID, DWELE, AMOS LEE, MAXWELL, RAPHAEL SAADIQ, BILAL, LEELAH JAMES, JEFFREY GAINES, RAUL MIDON, SOULIVE AND EVEN SEAL, ALICIA KEYS AND LIZZ WRIGHT. A message to the BBC - YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED YOUR SERIES YET!!
Keith Fotheringham

Just like to add my plea to all the others for a DVD of the series. I regret missing the first two episodes but thought the rest were outstanding. Use the profits from a DVD to fund more programmes like this!
Alison Morgan

My whole family absolutely loved the series, but are very dissapointed that it will not be released on DVD.
Ceri Roberts

Like cool water to a thirsty soul. More please!

where is the dvd?

Let's get serious. For months the BBC has been receiving tremendous and absolutely justified praise for the magnificent SOUL DEEP series. Almost everyone is demanding that you issue a DVD(s) with the six episodes, your standard response being that "there are no plans at present". Now, the BBC is a public service. How can you keep repeating the same arrogant answer, when the public you are supposed to serve is requesting you to issue the DVD ? What do you need to make you change your "plans" ? Why can't you at least give an explanation ? Is it bad planning, lack of interest, high copyright fees ? If it is a financial issue, I am sure most people would be ready to pay a high price for the DVD to cover expensive copyrighted material. Please, treat the public with courtesy and dignity. We all deserve an explanation, and together we could make the SOUL DEEP DVD(s) a reality. My email (not to be included in the web comments):
Agustin Chicarro

This series aired in Sweden in the summer 2005. I really, really want to buy it on DVD. Please release it!
Anders Hjelm

Hello, I'm a french journalist working on a book about southern soul... I would love to view your Soul Deep serie. I'm ready to travel to London. Where can I go? BBC? Tape library? Help !
bruno sfreddo (

One of the greatest documentaries that the BBC has ever produced! It MUST be made available on DVD!
Roger Cumberbatch

Excellent show! Watched and loved the first 2 episodes and was hoping that the series would be released on DVD so I could catch the rest. Any news on that?

Hi fron Spain. Please, release the DVD asap. It´s one of the best R&B series I´ve ever seen

I'm writing a report and need to know what the target audience demographic where for the soul deep series. If someone can help me with that please.... Thanks

LOVE LOVE LOVE the series. You all have to put out a DVD. I will be the first to buy it.

I thought this was generally a good series, but let's face it, it was two episodes short. What happened to disco/funk and then the rise of rap and hip hop? In essence where where the 1970s and the 1980s. The first five episodes where great, but then jumped from the 60s in number 5 to the 90s in number 6 and, to be quite honest, it didn't make a lot of sense without an analysis of what happened in the missing decades.

This programme was a god send!!Came at the perfect time as i was about to start my research on an essay on the life of Berry Gordy and his musical empire. the programmes were a great help and very insightful!! thanks to BBC!!

Oh dear ! I seem to have opened up a bit of a hornets nest when I mentioned the dreaded Northern Soul thing in my first posting. But the only point I was trying to make was that this genre of soul music should have been included in the poll, due to its enormous following in the UK. And was not in any way suggesting that it should have had it's own dedicated spot in any of the programmes. Which seems to be what some contributors to this forum thought I was moaning about. And thanks for your comment Melba Moore (are you the Melba Moore by the way) ?
Nick Wetton

Please please please, a dvd is a must. I taped all 6 programmes and have just got round to watching them!! Rivetting stuff.

Why are you waiting to issue the DVD or a series of DVD's? We are getting desperate! At the very least give us a repeat and ample warning, we have waited far too long!
Peter Weller Y Fach

Damn, I need this show on DVD!! In the Netherlands this show is still running (ep.4), but I can't wait for the DVD to arrive. A dutch soul music lover.

Cool. series. DVD? Yes please.

Please please please change your mind and make a DVD; the series are really incredible
Anke, Netherlands

Please release a DVD
Ronald Lim (the Netherlands)

The series are great!!! They were broadcasted in Holland recently and i'm really looking forward to buy the series on dvd!

any idea when all six episodes will be repeated? soon? sooner? tomorrow?

this was a treat to see... especially scenes like stevie in the studio, recording innervision... get real... it just aired on dutch television and i didn't get the chance to see all the episodes and want to see the other ones back badly... this needs to be on DVD BCC... for real... help!!
twann, amsterdam

The serie just ended on Dutch Television and I missed the first 4 episodes I hope it will rerun but better I hope it will be released on DVD. I will buy them for certain.

as a southern american, i suppose im closer to the music than some of the producers; still, there's no excuse for not covering key figures like curtis mayfield, syl johnson and HI records, bobby 'blue' bland, ANYBODY from new orleans or the philly sound, and countless others. i understand you can't cover every individual and every moment, but damn! no stylistics, no dramatics, no mention of the mizell brothers. the producers could have gone deeper. plus--to say that ray charles 'invented' soul music is just WRONG factually. i appreciate the series but i'm thoroughly dissapointed.
richard ross

can anyone help me out in one of the episodes a mime artist i think from new york does a dance move thats like slow motion running can anyone tell me the actual name of the move thanks.
a fan

Great series. Now I'm waiting for the DVD.

Great series. Now I'm waiting for the DVD.

This is a very good program for everybody. I Love the Sam Cooke part,the man who invented SOUL music.And the man who said"A change is gonna come" Thank You Sam Cooke and other SOUL,FUNK HIP-HOP,BLUES,R&B musicans. " BLACK music is everywhere.And for everybody".
Tyqueisha Cooper

Soul music becomes a passion and for me its Northern Soul and Motown+stax.
Ron Shaw

I haven't seen one episode but I agree, release it on DVD so we can get it down here. And while your at it where's DANCING IN THE STREETS on DVD. The world really needs these exceptional pieces of music derivation & education.
Dave (Sydney, Aust)

It's now nearly May 2006, a year on from the original broadcasts; please say there are plans to rebroadcast this again!
Adrian Johnson

Best programme I've seen on the bbc in years, absolute classic! Truly gets accross the the joy of soul. Well done people! When's the dvd coming out?!

i thought the show was excellent in that something is out showing black people's music in general , but there is no mention of a pivital " cog " of the music development - Quincy jones - . whether it's commercial music , like MJ or Tevin Campbell or even the influence he has had at motown's inducement....

Okay BBC2. I've had enough! Its been almost a year yet no DVD. I'm starting to get annoyed. Lets have the DVD or else ...
A Frustrated Music Fan

Come on BBC - start distributing the DVD already!!!

GET IT OUT ON DVD NOW!.Not that I in anyway care about BBCs profits but in the UK a soul revolution is beginning and although this series fuelled the fire its DVD release could give it the kick up the backside it needs, as it will fly off the shelves. Admittedly there were huge gaps in the research but it was good enough to get everyone into the genre. The one and only Genre that counts. More could have been said about its links with every single popular music genre since - alongside the blues inception, and that apart from being "The Voice Of Young Black America" it spawned a phenomenal scene in the uk opitomised by the creation of Acid Jazz records in the late 80's. Anyway, mustn't grumble. Still a job well done.
Hewy - The Spheres

Soul Deep.. the title says it all. I was blown away by some of the fantastic footage.. Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye programmes were highlights for me personally. This is probably beginning to sound like a broken record but.. when is this series going to be repeated or better still released on dvd.. cmon bbc.. we need our soul fix??
Pav Hunjan

Congratulation BBC, well done!!! When this series comes out on DVD I will buy them.
Ólafur Torfason

Great series with lots of nice footage. I especially liked the Sam Cooke episode and the part about the P-funk. But how can you tell the story of black popular music without even mentioning Prince? I also think there should have been much more on hiphop and less on Mary J. Blige...

I'm glad that the BBC are repeating this's the best thing the corporation have done in many, many years. But why still no plans to release it as a DVD? Come on BBC...get it together!
Roger Cumberbatch

Soul Deep A classic series from the Beeb Def a DVD would be a winner and a money spinner
Keith Leyland

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