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Fun Lovin' Criminals Welcome To Poppy's Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

The grooves are tight and funky, the musicianship effortless.

Jack Smith 2003

This is the FLC's first release since Loco in 2001 and it's like they never went away. In other words this is a Fun Lovin' Criminals album for people who fear change.

After taking a couple of years out to run a lounge bar and pizzeria, Huey, Fast, and brand new drummer Mark from Leicester have brought us FLC by numbers on their own DiFontaine label.

FLC switch effortlessly between different musical styles. There's the Noo Yoik gangster (ending in er not a) trips of Fun Lovin' Criminals and "Scooby Snacks" mimicked here with "You Got A Problem" and "Stray Bullet". There's the lounge lizard of "Barry White", "Loco" and "Bump" which appears in the guise of "Living On The Streets" and "Friday Night".

Finally, their punk rock side comes out on "Baby". This versatility can be a disadvantage though and Welcome To Poppy's suffers from too many mood swings on its fifteen tracks. Interestingly, the best moments on Poppy's come from less familiar FLC territory. "You Just Can't Have It All" is a fragile ballad while"Beautiful" is verging on the Tom Petty.

The lyrics cover the same ground of New York life, drugs, politics and relationships. The grooves are tight and funky, the musicianship effortless. I guess they all sat down and thought: Well if it ain't broke...but with the exception of "Too Hot", Welcome to Poppy's lacks the killer hooks to make it a great FLC album and if you own their previous albums you already own this one.

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