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Alberta Cross The Thief And The Heartbreaker Review

EP. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

Derivative they may be, but Alberta Cross are steadily forging their own path – and...

Zoe Street 2007

Here’s a short, sweet, rootsy debut from nu-folk foursome Alberta Cross, and, as its title suggests, there’s a lingering sense of heartbreak on every sun-drenched corner. And it’s one you’ll want to wallow in.

Laden with vocals ringing with vulnerable androgyny, this London-based bunch offer a glowing treasure chest of quality as opposed to quantity. There’s a lot to be said for leaving ‘em wanting more – and that’s exactly what The Thief And The Heartbreaker does.

Helmed by songwriting duo Petter Ericson Stakee and Terry Wolfers, Alberta Cross are fine purveyors of sun-soaked San Fran sensibilities balanced with a welcome dose of East End edginess – and it’s no surprise they are garnering an ever-growing army of followers.

The shimmering title track is a perfect straw-chewing summer melody, and is by far the strongest song on this self-produced release. ‘'Lucy Rider'’ glitters with darker moods – this and many of the tracks here tipping a hat to The Band and Neil Young.

The album closes with ''The Devil's All You Ever Had'', complete with gospel singers - a perfectly voluminous swansong rounding off a veritable sea of emotions and Americana, a path well-trodden by The Thrills of course.

Derivative they may be, but Alberta Cross are steadily forging their own path – and they know exactly where they’re going.

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