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Michael Jackson Invincible Review

Album. Released 2001.  

BBC Review

This is Michael Jackson as we've come to expect him.

Adam Smith 2002

It's been six years since he last released a new album and a lot has happened since. The Spice Girls have been and gone, Destiny's Child have become the hottest R&B act around, UK Garage and Nu-Metal have both arrived. His 80s colleague Madonna has gone from dwindling sales in the mid-90s to become more credible, successful and respected than ever. So where does that leave Jackson? His answer is the sixteen track - and 77 minute - Invincible. Those expecting a 'Ray of Light' kind of re-invention - forget it. This is Michael Jackson as we've come to expect him.

The album is a mixture of upbeat tracks with his usual yelps - when he does actually sing his voice is still amazing. The best of these are '2000 Watts', 'Whatever Happens' and 'Threatened'. The ballads which make up most of this album cover his usual concerns - his privacy, children and falling in love. Some of them are good, but the others are pure Disney like 'The Lost Children' or 'Speechless'. If you are a big Michael Jackson fan and like what he does there is plenty here to keep you happy. However, if you are just curious to see whether the hype, the wait or the money has been worth the wait - you might just find that there isn't enough here which is fresh or original. It's not a great album and it's not a bad album. It's just not very thrilling.

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