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Señor Coconut Around The World Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

For sixty seconds or so Around The World is amusing. After that it's simply annoying...

Garth Cartwright 2008

Señor Coconut is world music's best-known novelty act. The German-born, Columbia-based DJ and producer has managed to forge a career blending electronic music classics by the likes of Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra with Latin rhythms. The results are aimed at making you grin while you dance.

Señor Coconut, otherwise known as Uwe Schmidt, developed this genre-defying blend after being part of the Frankfurt techno scene across the 1990s. There, the atmosphere was so serious and the people po-faced that he decided to add a dash of sun and fun to the sound. While this was effective in transforming German electro-pioneers Kraftwerk from their chilled Teutonic roots into a summer holiday soundtrack, on Around The World Coconut appears to have run out of ideas.

The album finds him tackling ten pop standards: of 12 tracks the title song is repeated three times, signaling a lack of both material and inspiration. Hits by The Eurythmics, Prince and house music standard, White Horse, are all given the Latin-lite reworking.

Coconut is obviously aware of his project's shortcomings, and so aims this straight at lovers of extreme kitsch: the artwork pays tribute to those 1970s albums of hits covered by anonymous session musicians, with pretty girls in swim suits beckoning from the front cover to attract interest.

For sixty seconds or so Around The World is amusing. After that it's simply annoying. Time for Uwe to retire, Señor Coconut.

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