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Big Brovaz Nu Flow Review

Album. Released 2002.  

BBC Review

Homegrown UK hip hop outfit Big Brovaz marry bouncing beats, R&B harmonies and...

Will Sansom 2002

Big Brovaz is a homegrown UK hip-hop outfit and they've just broken through to the big time. They're a tight act whose perseverance has paid off and now they've proven themselves in commercial circles. They broadcast a creed which looks at both sides of anti-social and materialistic behaviour, as well as the importance of honesty in relationships. This is refreshing, this is the Gospel according to Big Brovaz.

The calm and collected messages delivered on this album can tend to sound out of place in the hip hop arena. Yet Lauryn Hill has already successfully broken musical stereotypes with caring rhyme and reason. There is no reason why others shouldn't follow a good example. Having said this, the Brovaz' male contingent definitely play off the ladies' harmonious tones and melodies. "Don't Matter" is filled with plenty of cheeky banter from the boys' corner.

"Nu Flow" is a cracker of a party track which starts this LP off to an energetic yet laid-back start. It is easy to find similarities between the Big Brovaz bouncin beats and Outkast's spoken fluidity. However, their supportive and positive attitudes link them more closely with acts like City High and of course the original hip-hop music aficionados The Fugees.

Another stand-out number comes in the from of "Find a Way". The Brovaz bring to light the problems associated with a far from affluent existence. Filled with feeling, it takes a popular Busta Rhymes type beat and the soul of a Mary J. Blige style vocal. The result is emotionally fuelled. These guys give off enough energy to keep 'em rolling well beyond this album.

Hip-hop has been embraced by wider audiences throughout its evolution. So it's perfectly natural that modern production will incorporate quality blends of R&B, soul and garage with positive results. If you like the bumpin' beats and don't care much for rowdy hip hop banter then you'll feel at home here. Nu Flow is definitely best described as the his and hers of hip-hop albums.

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