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Youthmovies Good Nature Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

...Underlines the band as one hell of a bright prospect.

Al Fox 2008

It’s never wise to pay too much attention to a press release. They are, by nature, an opus of over-optimistic gushing, regardless of how ghastly the product in question may be.
However, in this instance, even the press release struggles to do justice to the sheer majesty of Good Nature. Strikingly original and refreshingly capricious in style, the Oxford five-piece have crafted something that, while far from immediate, demands attention and admiration. And if you can stomach the four-and-a-half minutes of futile, wistful nothingness that leads into opener Magdalen Bridge, you’ll find the delay is more than worthwhile.

Interestingly, the diversity of Good Nature doesn’t come from the range of tracks – in fact, there's a solid coherence across the album. Rather, each track within itself plays host to a multitude of musical styles. A case in point is Soandso & Soandso, an amalgam of intense electro-noodling over a stratum of jagged horns, all peppered with spiky, fearsome licks. Meanwhile, the inspired Archive It Everywhere instead chooses to leap hazardously from genre to genre throughout its course. Were you to hear six 15-second excerpts from the one song, you’d be convinced you were listening to six different tracks.

But this is the quintessential charm of Good Nature. While there is a definite uniformity, it’s impossible to predict where the next verse or instrumental will take you, let alone the next track. And though the immediate overtones may be feverish and riotous - subtly Middle-Eastern notes entwined with white noise, for instance, or rapid, frenetic drumwork - you’re not required to scratch too far beneath the happy clatter to locate the robust melodies.

Good Nature is a glorious cacophony way ahead of its time, cementing the aptitude, innovation and creativity of Youthmovies – and, assuming the world is ready for it, underlines the band as one hell of a bright prospect.

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