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Chicken Lips Making Faces Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Chicken Lips have come a long way since the muddy raves and their Bizarre Inc guise...

Lewis Dene 2003

Chicken Lips have come a long way since they enticed us to 'get right on one matey', providing the soundtrack to muddy raves under their Bizarre Inc guise back in the 90s.

Not only have they grown, they've rightly blossomed with this, their retro sounding heavily funk and soul influenced third album.

If you're looking for reference points think the Tom Tom Club in the hands of Prince with an equally abstract mishmash of sounds and styles that have a foundation firmly set back in the halcyon days of experimental dance and New York dubbed-out disco.

In turn they're now inspiring the next generation of electro-house producers, but their influences and cues are clear for all to hear: "Sweet Cow" echoes of David Byrne in full stride, there's the Bowie-esque "Hot Love" and the P-funk vibe of "White Dwarf".

Whilst perhaps a little too esoteric for mainstream tastes, there's enough fiercely distorted guitar loops and solid post-punk basslines to propel it to suitably fiery heights and keep the imaginatively named trio on the nation's cooler lips all summer long.

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