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Elephant Man Log On Review

Album. Released 13 November 2001.  

BBC Review

"Warrior Cause" featuring Spragga Benz, is a superb tag team effort where Elephant...

Keysha Davis 2002

Elephant Man unquestionably holds the title of artist of the moment! Just by glancing at the eye-catching CD cover will confirm that this Kingston born DJ has his eyes set firmly on stardom and intends to distance himself apart from the run of the mill artist. Born O'Neil Bryan, Elephant Man quickly cut his teeth under the tutelage of Bounty Killer who along with co-founders created the dynamic force of 'The Scare Dem Crew' a Jamaican based posse of entertainers whose predilection for garish clothes and hairstyles were legendary. Lyrically, his style is unmistakable: part potent / part soft lilt with barely audible and sometimes comical lisp.

His new offering, Log On is a respectable entry into the dancehall arena, which will guarantee a place in the crates of any self-respecting club DJ. The title track, already a massive tune this summer, is the first in a total of 22 and what a stomper it is. With a classic organ intro, the song gains momentum with the contagious repetitions of 'Log On' uttered throughout the chorus. The contemporary feel of the album is heightened by the insert of "The Bombing" a timely tribute to the victims of the September 11th events. Although the sentiments are inherent, this song comes across as quite clumsy and staccato - a strange departure from his usual fluid flow. Collaborations are aplenty on this disk with Ky-mani Marley interjecting on the hip - hop influenced "Showdown" and Buju Banton teaming up with Elephant on "X-Rated". However, one of the standout tracks is "Warrior Cause" featuring Spragga Benz, a superb tag team effort where Elephant Man's energetic delivery is counteracted by Spragga's hoarse and commanding tones. "Jamaica" continues the almost obligatory trend of including a patriotic track on an album, with its fanciful boasts of all the positive reasons for residing in the sunshine land. Hijacking the backing track of R-Kelly's, "Fiesta", its Latino tinged rhythm is a firm favourite amongst club-goers and a definite album highlight.

Whether Elephant Man will be a flash in the ever-increasing dancehall pan remains to be seen, his appearance, unique delivery and energetic stage performances display a promising future. And although Log On doesn't smash any new ground musically, the style, tempo and attitude is of the moment, so it should succeed in gathering mammoth record sales.

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