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Neil Young Living With War Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Living With War is another fist in America’s gut.

Chris Long 2006

Neil Young is no stranger to putting politics in music. He’s spent his entire career offering up the occasional haranguing to sit side-by-side with beautiful songs and his entire last album, Greendale, was a statement on protesting and the environment.

Living With War, as the title suggests, is inspired by America’s involvement in Iraq and the Bush administration in general, and is filled with the dual towers of anger and imagery that have powered him since his rage truly began three decades ago on "Ohio".

That said, his ire does weigh a little too heavily at times, infecting songs that could have done with a moment or two to breathe, instead of being hammered down your throat.

This is the Neil Young of Rust and of Mirrorball. You might not agree with his politics, but when he’s angry, he’s a formidable songwriter. Living With War is another fist in America’s gut.

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